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  1. Yeah you sound like you have experience at being one of those brave internet insult guys.... Tell your story walkin' pal. The real problem is you don't "understand" what I'm saying.
  2. Hey new guy... thanks for coming in with your ears pinned with your Deep Thoughts!? But not really. Do a little more listening, and a lot less talking and definitely zero thinking on your part. Thanks in advance.... All of us.
  3. It's a Pats/ Bucs Superbowl- The fix is in ...write it down, you heard it here first! With Roger Goodell as the puppeteer, it's the NFL's biggest season ever! Don't think I'm the only guy who noticed that they've been promoting that all year? So what would be bigger than Brady vs. Belichick!? Nothing. It's a business thing man. This is the only matchup that can actually recoup all of the money they lost last year. Pats will beat the Bills tonight.
  4. Looking forward for Bart Scott mispronouncing words and Willie Colon looking like he's ready to kill somebody- Yay Sundays!!!!
  5. Men's shoe is a great backup to have on your team the guy can definitely come out and win and juice up the offense in a spot. I lobbied for him and it's on record. Saleh has high character guys on this team they're gonna get their s*** together.
  6. I think the offense is playing really well the defense is getting run over Non-Stop!! It's like they're letting the runners and receivers take the ball and then chasing them? Wtf!? Try hitting somebody.. square up and hit a MF!!!!
  7. Okay where are ya? I never hesitate to help a Jets fan out of his misery LMFAO
  8. Heads up imo everybody's been saying that this is a passing League now so we go out and get a bunch of strong safeties to be linebackers and they're all 212 lb? That's why they're running it down our throat despite the fact that they have the third best rushing team in the league..smh.
  9. Btw Keshman is built like my daughter and she's 8 years old! We got rid of Amendola for this guy?
  10. Okay so I just got back from the store what did I miss!? How are we looking besides our new kicker needing to be hung!?
  11. Like Parcells used to say your best ability is availability. At this point I wonder if Becton returning would only Hinder the team? He's way behind now. Obviously he's a mountain of a man. Just his physical presence is flat out scary, but the offensive line works together and needs to gel more than any other unit on the team. You can plug and play WR''s, RB's, Nickelbacks and Slot Receivers, but not Left Tackles. Fant and Moses are holding down the fort, I say leave em' out there.
  12. Seriously though on Mims, he dropped for a reason. You don't have to look much further than his very first interview as he was drafted. To me he immediately appeared to be a malcontent. I initially thought he was angry cuz he dropped further than he should have or so he thought. To me he seemed to give off a negative vibe, and obviously hasn't had a good start to his career. Obviously he was the biggest name at his position where we took him but there were better wide receivers still on the board. I think JD may have slipped up a little bit looking at the big picture of "his" draft? I have nothing personal against the kid and hope he works out, if not trade bait City-
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