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  1. I think Becton falls more into the dancing bear category than Bell if you want to be accurate.
  2. Better idea, how about not altering any tweets that make injuries look any worse than they already are?
  3. I sure wish he had Kelechi Osemele playing next to him though...
  4. I'm asking the same about Jordan Jenkins. QW had plenty of snaps. Where was Jenkins today? It's like I never saw him.
  5. Maybe I missed it but I heard zero mentions of Huff during camp.
  6. From my experience, 99.9% of illegal streams suck. And I'm all over Reddit.
  7. I find it's almost impossible to not hear the score unless you live under a rock. Plus it's not just the Jets score you have avoid, it's the entire NFL. It's also a long wait until the end of the Sunday night game to watch the Jets. Other than that, GamePass is great.
  8. True. But Gase answer was childish. Maybe I haven't watched enough of his pressers. Obviously, there is some bad blood between him and Cimini. It's not that he didn't want to answer the question. He just wanted to stick it to Cimini.
  9. Funny. I keep looking through my Ourlads guide when we drafted Wesco and was shocked I couldn't find him. Ourlads guide is deep. Finally, I realized they listed him as a FB.
  10. I watched the video of the Cimini vs. Gase interchange. I'm not sure why Gase got so bent out of shape. Asking what day you plan to scrimmage is pretty benign question. I'm going to take Cimini's side in this. Gase came off like a d***.
  11. Connor Hughes has some interesting reporting on the Becton vs. Jordan TC battles. He says Becton will always ask Jordan for feedback when he gets beat. It's show the rookie is open to criticism and wants to be great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgeWq1gvTI8
  12. This would be a huge negative as players won't have time to recovery even with a shorted season 1.

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