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  1. Sounds like we need a poll question here. I'm ok with the black uniforms. The only one combination I HATE is green on green.
  2. I don't know his background. Did he play in college or the pros?
  3. I honestly felt Maye had a better rookie year than Adams so I'm not surprised how well he is playing now.
  4. Great insight on Adams and Maye against Dallas. Even though Adams gets all the props, Maye is no slouch when healthy.
  5. Agree. Leo's arms look like toothpicks! No wonder he skipped the bench at the combine. We know it's not all about upper body strength but Leo's dedication to the weight room is appalling.
  6. Scherff was the one Mac should have drafted instead of Leo so that would be fitting.
  7. I'm in LA so no access to SNY. I'll try the NBCSports app. Thanks.
  8. Is there any way to watch the SNY post game online?
  9. I really enjoy the Sabo breakdowns but he gets little mention on this forum.
  10. Good for Williams having the guts to bench him.
  11. I'm not sure how many listened to hour one of CMB last Friday. Bart had some great insights of the bounty system while he was a Jet and relating it to Greg Williams. Got to about the 11 minute mark. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/maggie-gray-bart-scott/id1330216641?i=1000449670891
  12. Anyone have a link for the post game show? Espn NY is blacked out when your are out of area. Thanks.

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