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  1. Regardless of what side of the Gase/Mac/Chris controversy your are on, It's refreshing to hear a coach with a clear train of thought post-Bowles.
  2. Fatukasi was a run stuffing beast in college. How he was never rotated with McLendon I could never understand. I hope he gets his chance with our new DC.
  3. I would have preferred if they keep the white helmets with the new logo.
  4. Not only do I not like it but I hate the green helmets. Getting rid of the white helmets was the worse decision.
  5. I was hoping those rumors of Rex coaching the U at Miami were true. He would be perfect for college and have a chance to rebuild his career. No way he shouldn't have a D coordinator job in the NFL.
  6. I would say the combine is having little effect on the Jet's drafting options. What would have helped, would have been a franchize left tackle and a strong QB class. There is neither in this year's draft.
  7. What I don't get is three years in Miami and not a word about his eyes. Day one in NY and it's out of control.
  8. Seemed to be the heir apparent to Helton at USC so I'm surprised he would consider the Jets. All I heard was great things about his playcalling.
  9. I like the pick. You can start him at RT while Shell rehabs. I have a feeling that there will be a big dropoff in OL talent past round one. I doubt we will have many options in FA at LT so why not get someone who can play both sides.
  10. He has an unusual stride. It seems as if he isn't moving very fast yet he is. I hope he continues to improve.
  11. You may want to watch this video on his throwing mechanics. I would say that there are no issues. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000928548/Soul-Science-Darnold-showcases-incredibly-explosive-release
  12. Don't forget about the O-line coach Rick Dennison. This guy has a ton of experience and if it wasn't for Bates, he probably would not be here.
  13. Hope you are right. They have OT, OG and OC all rated as average. Say what you want about Ourlads but they have been scouting the draft longer than anyone. The good news is the last few drafts they have rated as below average for OL.
  14. What's the deal bad drafts for OL? Ourlads top 32 has only three: 1.) Greg Little, OT. 2.) Jonah Williams, OG. 3.) Trey Adams, OT. Will the Jets have to go defense again in round one?

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