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  1. At least this tweet is somewhat sports related.
  2. Rams 3rd string TE is better than any of our starters.
  3. Woody's move from center to tackle was probably the most impressive. Few centers have the feet to handle tackle.
  4. We will need to draft Thibodeaux, Dean, Hamilton, and Stingley to stop Josh Allen.
  5. We need snow, not rain. Much easier to play in snow.
  6. If Quinnen played as hard as Quincy, he would be an All-Pro.
  7. Only trade Crowder if means getting a RG to replace GVR.
  8. Outside of the 99%, you may find one Snacks Harrison.
  9. He already mentioned his recent 40 times in a previous video (4.58-4.60).
  10. 4.58-4.60 according to Zach (@10:50)
  11. Not true. Scouts have always mentioned that seeing a QB throw in person provides insights you can't see on film.
  12. Confirmed in a video that he's at 215lb now.
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