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  1. My biggest concern in signing Jamal to a new contract is how much the salary cap could drop in 2021. If it is the projected 70-80 mil decrease, it's too risky to extend him now. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/4/22/21230404/nfl-2020-season-covid-19-adam-schefter-2021-salary-cap
  2. FYI, https://sports.yahoo.com/california-gov-gavin-newsom-says-pro-sports-may-open-up-in-his-state-by-early-june-194238939.html Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has expressed doubt about when sports would return. On Monday, he had a statement that provides some hope for sports fans. Newsom said professional sports could return in California by the first week of June, but without fans. Considering how many teams call California home, that’s significant. It also is big news for the three NFL teams in California that are still hopeful to start their season on time.
  3. I'm pretty sure that applied to start of training camps.
  4. My whole opinion on bounties changed when Bart Scott admitted that bounties were common during the Rex years. Apparently it's more widespread than we expected but maybe not the extent of GW at NO.
  5. I would prefer a white hemet but it won't work with the new logo and obviously the black jersey.
  6. I'm hoping the Jets sign Ryan but I find it a little strange that a B level FA gets to promote that he is "open for business" on a national sports show. I understand that they are hurting for content but Ryan is only making himself weaker from a negotiating standpoint.
  7. Chiefs, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams. Yeah, cakewalk.
  8. If Gore can help in short yardage situations he's worth the signing.
  9. This is one signing by JD that I don't get. 9.5 sacks in three years isn't that impressive. He goes 6'0 227lbs which is pretty small of a ILB. He's about the same size a Jamal. I haven't heard any mentions of his pass coverage skills so I assume that he is below average. Looks like a back up to me.
  10. Over. Fant can be a weapon in the passing game. Sincerely, Jumbo Elliott
  11. I expect the economic pressure to mount on the Governor of CA with tax revenue loss being to great to lose both the NFL and the Pac-12.
  12. I know it's only a one game breakdown of Zuniga but I'm surprised how much he plays with his hands down as I thought he was mostly an OLB. He also seems to be a good run defender.
  13. Very impressive detail by giving us three "other" WR options. Let's hope that at least some of those guys are better than unknowns. Doctson, Smith, Cager for me.

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