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  1. Only trade Crowder if means getting a RG to replace GVR.
  2. Outside of the 99%, you may find one Snacks Harrison.
  3. He already mentioned his recent 40 times in a previous video (4.58-4.60).
  4. 4.58-4.60 according to Zach (@10:50)
  5. Not true. Scouts have always mentioned that seeing a QB throw in person provides insights you can't see on film.
  6. Confirmed in a video that he's at 215lb now.
  7. Sure. Too bad they didn't ask him about his height and then this controversy would just go away. Hard to imagine the difference in reaction of Jet fans if ZW is 6'2 215 vs. 6'3 220.
  8. We can settle the weight debate as he admitted to being 215lb in a BYU video.
  9. If we are on the subject of Youtube Analyst, I'll take J.T. O'Sullivan.
  10. No NFL team can overcome losing both starting tackles.
  11. I agree with the white helmets. The problem now is they would clash with the all black uniforms. I think the green hemets would be better if they fixed the logo. It needs to be more aggressive.
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