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  1. I agree with the white helmets. The problem now is they would clash with the all black uniforms. I think the green hemets would be better if they fixed the logo. It needs to be more aggressive.
  2. Sal Pal had his 15 minutes of fame with the Bart Scott "can't wait" interview. Since then he has been irrelevant, hence his stupid takes.
  3. Agreed. White helmet is classic and just reminds me of Namath. Now take the white hemet with the 80s logo, it could be the real deal.
  4. They had limited, neutral color options when they were looking for a third color. Black was probably the safest. I think the 80's helmets on the new uni would be an instant improvement even in black.
  5. I think once they committed to black as being the third color, they were forced to going to the green helmet. Black and green uniforms with a white helmet would never work.
  6. Watch the video I just posted on Gregg's history of Hail Mary defenses. He changed around the middle of his career from prevent to blitzing almost overnight.
  7. What's the point of rating a D-linemen in coverage?
  8. I miss Joe, but I don't miss the show song. "Joe n Evan, Evan n Joe" Put out of it's misery!
  9. I feel worse for X-Factor crew (Sabo,Nania) who have to analyze this garbage.
  10. If Bortles will torch us, what will Mahomes do?

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