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  1. I think this will turn out to be one of the Jets best drafts, ever, in terms of players making the roster.
  2. I don't have great expectations. Just go out there and show 'em we're not a bunch of horses' asses.
  3. Took a minute to look it up--- Cincinnati drafted back to back tackles in round 1 and 2, in 2015 a center in round 1 2018 a guard in round 1 in 2019
  4. I'd keep an eye on who the Giants draft at the 11 and 12 spots.
  5. ROAD TRIP Jets will visit Sam Darnold and Panthers next season (usatoday.com)
  6. You bought a Darnold Jersey? And he didn't say goodbye to you? LOL
  7. I'm curious to see how many Buckeyes are drafted this year in comparison to BYU Cougars. I see so much criticism of Matt Jones in regards to supporting cast, but never see the same criticism of Fields.
  8. The first thing that came to my mind after reading your "point" was that scene in Bad Santa, when that lady with her kid interrupt Billy Bob Thornton when he's eating lunch and she say "I'm going to report you to the manager" and he replies "Lady do you think you can make my life suck any worse? Go ahead, give it a shot."
  9. Deshaun Watson "sterling reputation" LOL I stopped there. Two much wind in the background and OJ's teeth sound like they keep falling out.
  10. It would be funnier if soot still owned the address.
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