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  1. I think it's cool the Vikings have a Fullback on the roster.
  2. I agree. But I'm too lazy to see how many LT's were drafted 1-10 overall in the last 5 or 6 drafts. I know the Bengals took one last year.
  3. My point is, teams who get a top ten first round draft pick are teams that take high impact players out of desperation. By the way, it's usually the same teams year after year who pick in the top ten. The teams that go to the playoffs every year draft later in round 1 and they take the offensive linemen. It's not a difficult formula.
  4. Let's lose all our games so we get a high draft pick, then draft somebody who sucks! We can do it over and over, year after year! Yeah boy!
  5. I've seen more positives than negatives. Talent wise are the Jets THAT MUCH better than the Dolphins or Bengals? No, not really so... I'm not going to use those losses as the yardstick by which the measure the coaching staff. However, beating the Steelers who needed a win to make the playoffs is. I doubt the Bengals or Dolphins would have won that game. I think if Gase really wanted to beat the Bengals, he would have gave Bell about 25-30 carries.
  6. He really did do a great job. I hope he doesn't get a HC offer.
  7. Let's just stick to the facts. FACT: Getting rid of Leonard Williams was a good move
  8. I think I predicted 7-9 or 6-10. They improved as the season went on. I definitely see no reason why next year they cant be a legitimate playoff team.
  9. And they all will want to take an offensive linemen with a top ten pick. Just like the Jets did the past.... 5 years?
  10. Why? You were hoping to draft another Defensive Linemen with the 4th or 5th pick? Drafting 13 means there will be Wide Receiver or Offensive Lineman who didn't warrant a top ten pick BUT is exactly what the Jets need.
  11. Yeah, because those high draft picks have paid off for the Jets in the last.... you tell me. You seem to have this all figured out. How far you wanna go back? Keyshawn? Blair Thomas? LMAO **** the ******* Steelers. I'm glad the Jets knocked them out of the playoffs.
  12. Good job, stepping up defense. Looks like kicking the FG was a no brainer by Gase.
  13. Just putting this out there now because I was just thinking it--- the most improved unit on this team since week 1 is the Offensive Line. I think Harrison has done an outstanding job at Center.

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