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  1. It would be funnier if soot still owned the address.
  2. I'm rooting for the Bucs. I hope they win. I hope BB has a stroke.
  3. So who's the next Mangini, Bowles, Gase....
  4. I know the game isn't over, but that cheap shot on the Rams starting QB may have cost his team the game. Very Jetesque.
  5. Oh stop your crying. If any team had a golden opportunity to tank their season for Trevor Lawrence, it was the Patriots. Maybe the guy just aint all that. Don't know, and neither do you. This much I do know and it is a fact: Any QB coming out of college needs a quality coaching staff to give him the best opportunity to succeed. That aint happening right now with the Jets. Past history doesn't guarantee future performance, but we all know the chances of the Jets firing Gase and hiring another Todd Bowles next year are pretty good.
  6. I'm more concerned about the HC than the QB at this point. The Jets have only once hired a SB winning HC (Bill Parcells) that I can recall. Most hires have been rookie HC's or what some call "retreads" which someone pointed out is what Gase is, but I'd like to think a "retread" would be someone who's been in the league for a number of years, coached several teams, but has been mediocre in every place he's coached. Off the top of my head someone like Chan Galley or Rex Ryan. Is McCarthy going to get fired from the Cowboys? I'd consider him a retread, as well. What's worse? A retread who has won a SB or a rookie HC like Bowles or Edwards? Because I can tell you right now, if the Jets don't get a legitimate coaching staff, It won't matter who the QB is.
  7. I think Darnold needs a brand new start with an organization that isn't dysfunctional, like the Jets. Regardless of who the new coach is next year, the Jets should part ways with Sam. I wish him all the best.
  8. Like rooting for draft picks? Because, you know, the Jets have always drafted well, particularly in the first round.
  9. Without looking it up, I'm pretty sure even Richie Kotite's teams beat the Bills 3 out of 4 times his two seasons as the HC (and the Bills went to the SB both those seasons). Teams generally improve as the season progresses, even sh*tty ones. I'm not surprised the Jets won today and I won't be surprised if Jax finishes 3-13.

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