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  1. I like what the Colts did, acquiring Matt Ryan for a 3rd round pick. That's what the Browns SHOULD HAVE DONE. Alas, Marcus Mariota and the Falcons will probably have a better season than the Browns.
  2. A year or so ago, certain Jets fans were suggesting that the Jets were a bigger fiasco of an organization than the Browns. Maybe they were, but henceforth they are not. This will be an epic train wreck along the proportions of the Vikings trade for Herschell Walker.
  3. I just want to see new blood in the SB. Go Rams. Go Bills.
  4. In honor of the great, late, Ronnie Spector It's a Heartache (Ronnie Spector) - YouTube The Jets beat both of them in 2021. Both damn good, teams.
  5. Back in the day, Bullies jumped the shark after graduating HS. Today, they have an endless supply of anonymous social media through which they can carry out their pathology long into and beyond joining the AARP.
  6. Quite a few surprises. I'm happy Tennessee gets homefield advantage.
  7. I like the Titans and Indy. I definitely don't want the Buc's or the Chiefs.
  8. I'm not kidding. This looks like a game being played by two teams with players who put money on the other team.
  9. I can't help but think how much gambling has to do with this. Keep it close, but we know who's really going to win.
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