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  1. The alternative is another 4-11 season. I'm not "dreaming" I simply want a decent product to watch on Sundays.
  2. Yup. We have to hope one of those QB's (Levis, Richardson et al) falls to 13. Someone will definitely make an offer. If JD wants to improve both lines, he can do that with extra picks in the 3rd round.
  3. Which one? This is like, the 14th "farewell tour". Just watch the youtube concerts from the 70's and save your money.
  4. He's not projected to go in the first two rounds. relax.
  5. Let me break it down for you. I previously posted that the best thing out of this whole episode is I no longer hate my GM or owner. The Jets entered into a good faith bargaining agreement with Green Bay. I get it, We're the wild and wonderful Whites of the NFL and the Packers are some NFL Royalty. Fair enough. But right now, your moral imperative is shot. You can see this, right? You are disrespecting us, because you think you can. I don't care if next year my owner is Woody, my GM is JD, my coach is Saleh, and my QB is Zach. I'll keep my dignity and integrity. Losing aint the end of the world. I don't know how old you are, but you couldn't walk a mile in a Jets fans shoes. You'd turn around and crawl back from whence you came. I'm a good ol' rebel, and I'd rather die with my boots on than live another day kissing Green Bay's ass. Beat it.
  6. Well said. In the Packers, we're obviously dealing with two sheep shaggers who were peter principled into a charmed position of power, taking over a franchise that had two back to back HOF QB's fall into their laps and over the past 30 years, have feasted on crap Bears, Vikings and Lions teams. They don't know what hunger is. Murphy and Gutekunst think you just pin the tail on the donkey and Lo and Behold, our next FQB, Jordan Love. I'm not sure if hubris is the right word to describe them, but arrogance definitely fits. It will give me great pleasure to label them dishonest if it comes to pass that they reneged on an initial deal. Disgrazia!
  7. I'm done with the sheep shaggers. I'm all in for Carson Wentz in 2023. The stars have aligned. It was meant to be.
  8. I just looked up Carson Wentz stats, the guy was sacked 26 times last year in 8 games played!
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