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  1. 100% on this. I'd say if you want to cite that game last Friday, the two most glaring things were: Fields routinely had to go thru 2+ reads, and throws all over the field accurately. Lawrence locks in on one guy, struggles past a first or second read, and throws mostly to half the field. Ability to go thru reads with pocket presence is #1 for me if arm strength and accuracy are there. Bonus: Fields is a tough SOB.
  2. I’ve given it a good chance to hope Darnold is the one. He’s not. Here’s why. Mental mistakes. Here are a few REPEAT occur aces of instances Sam can not correct. - Not throwing the ball away when scrambling out of bounds. Instead, he runs out and loses yards. - Flinging they ball up under duress. Result, interception. Like today against the bills. - Time management. Does not get plays off when they need to beat the clock. See today prior to 2 min warning. - Makes wrong reads. Less today I suppose, but he doesn’t see the rare open guy a lot, and will pass to guys double covered all the time. I believe good quarterbacks can avoid these mental mistakes, especially at year 3. Bad ones see these mistakes occur over and over, and here we are with Sam. Next.
  3. I think the OL moves have been good, not great, so far. I agree with several on here about needing a very good left tackle that is ready to start. However, the one thing I'm most concerned about is getting Sam a receiver with a wide catch radius that can also go up and get the damn ball. In addition, I'd want one that can step in and start right away. Historically, rookie receivers have a tough time acclimating to the NFL (article source below). Very few have reached 1000 yards. It also takes a long time for most to gain the trust of the QB, so a throw can be made before the receiver makes his break. That confidence is tough to come by, and seldom happens for a QB with a rookie receiver. Now that Robbie is gone, the only proven, reliable asset for Sam is Crowder. He's been very good for us, a solid underneath guy and obvious chemistry with Sam. Griffin flashed until getting injured, who knows what's going to go on with Enunwa this year, and hopefully Herndon bounces back. No one else on the roster is worth mentioning for this conversation. But we still want that guy who is a 6'+ WR and can be the better player vs a defender on any given throw. Even if we draft WR at 11, the chances are stacked against that guy being a #1 receiver for us this year. Unfortunately there are no options in free agency to step in like this. I'd certainly be open for a trade here, but not for draft picks. Stick with the plan, draft a lot of OL, a future receiver, maybe an OLB. My main point is we shouldn't expect #1 WR output from the draft this year. https://fansided.com/2019/05/30/rooke-receivers-fantasy-football-nkeal-harry/
  4. This. Romo is a goof, but a football-smart goof, and that’s his schtick. But love that or not, he provides a middle level of insight that is neither too vanilla, nor too intricate for the average fan. I find it a breath of fresh air. Not sure how anyone could call him bias today, since he spent a fair amount of time pumping up certain jets. I’m pretty happy when Romo is on a Jets game.
  5. I don’t recall seeing any rolling pockets or bootlegs today?? Shouldn’t be called every play, but maybe sprinkle some in since Darnold throws well on the run..
  6. It has stopped and working fine now with no redirects for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi, the site on my iPhone 8 with Safari is unusable due to the constant redirects - most currently to spreediscount.com for an "Amazon Rewards Event." Works fine on my laptop. Redirects occur with wifi and cellular, and I've adjusted relevant settings on my phone to Block Pop ups, reset cache/history, etc. to no avail. This has been occurring consistently for the last week. *Disclaimer in case it matters, I'm a very long time lurker here and love the site/forums. Not trying to be a new rando coming in and b*tching about site, just relaying some info..
  8. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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