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  1. Mark78

    Would you take a chance on Dez Bryant?

    You do not say no when living in North Korea!!! You say no and they cut your balls off.
  2. Mark78

    Would you take a chance on Dez Bryant?

    Me love you long time!
  3. Mark78

    Would you take a chance on Dez Bryant?

    So what's your answer?
  4. Kentucky's Allen says he's the draft's best player LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Kentucky Wildcatspass rusher Josh Allen, who chased down a lot of quarterbacks in the fall, might not be able to close the gap on Oklahoma's Kyler Murray -- widely projected as the top pick in next month's draft. But Allen still believes he's the "best overall player." "You can just watch the film, watch the games," Allen told ESPN on Friday at the Kentucky pro day. "If you're talking about stats, I mean, I finished second in the nation in sacks, playing in the SEC, which doesn't throw the ball as much as other conferences. "I'm physical. I played the whole season. I played every game. I'm healthy. I just think I'm the best edge rusher, the best pass rusher, the best overall player in this draft." Josh Allen is scheduled to visit several teams over the next few weeks, including the 49ers, Raiders and Giants. Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports Allen decided not to work out at the school's pro day, opting to stand on his scouting-combine workout. Allen will visit several teams in the coming weeks, including the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Detroit Lions, according to the NFL Network. He told ESPN he expects the New York Jets to be on his list of pre-draft stops. Allen, who recorded 17 sacks in his senior season, is considered a likely top-5 pick. The 49ers, Jets, Raiders, Bucs and Giants own the second to sixth picks, respectively. The Kentucky pro day drew talent evaluators from every NFL team. One head coach was in attendance, Mike Zimmer of the Minnesota Vikings. Two general managers were present -- Rick Spielman (Vikings) and Mike Mayock (Raiders). It's possible that some top decision-makers decided to skip it because they knew Allen wasn't planning to work out. Allen, who grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, spent time chatting with Giants scouts. It would be a homecoming if he were drafted by the Giants or Jets. His family's home is about 15 miles from the two facilities. "I'm from there and I know the areas, so I wouldn't have to get introduced as much," he said. "It would mean a lot, being back home in my old stomping grounds. I didn't grow up a Giants or Jets fan, but I wouldn't mind being a fan now."
  5. Mark78

    Houston to the Colts

    How come Jamal stopped recruiting players??
  6. What?!? You are saying we can throw on 1st down?
  7. Mark78

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Freaking out because we're greedy and want everything now! We are the millennials of team fans
  8. Mark78

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Or was trading Odell for Eli because Odell was not happy with him?
  9. Mark78

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I'm curious about the Quinnen hype compared to the Leo hype? Were/are the expectations the same? If so, I'll pass.
  10. Mark78

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Sweat has a heart condition
  11. Mark78

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Leo Williams...omg what a catch!!
  12. Are Giants allowed to trade their whole team?

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