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  1. They are all Tyrion compared to the Giants.
  2. Mark78

    Where is Jeremy Bates?

    Bates is 'bating!
  3. Mark78

    40 Yards of Gold; Robby Anderson

    Don't pull a hammy doing this!
  4. Mark78

    Gase and Darnolds start looks good

    Yeah, but Rex did not have a decent QB
  5. Mark78

    Merge please

    Let's play...submit your own picture...let's go
  6. Anyone with the name Champ I would just hire. Who cares about his resume!
  7. Mark78

    Gase and Darnolds start looks good

    Could you imagine the difference of having a coach who is a wet noodle to a coach who has some fire inside (no Game of Thrones pun intended).
  8. Mark78

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    Gases brother is standing in the back of the room. They flew him over from Sicily.
  9. Mark78

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    I'm not sold on your post on why you're not sold on Joe Douglass
  10. Mark78

    Gase Speaks

    You don't like tacos? Wtf

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