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  1. Whoa, whoa...wait until 0-16 before acquiring any talent!
  2. You have to take a defensive lineman...stupid question
  3. Biggest thief in football-disgrace
  4. I’m all in now on trading Sam, starting Morgan/White rest of season, and getting 1st pick
  5. Yes, and start our young Qbs to see what we have in them!!!
  6. Why the hell is everyone angry? Don’t you realize that Douglass, CJ, and Gase want the first pick and don’t give a .... if they are blown out every week. They are done with Sam and see this as a throw away season. Go spend some time with your family and tune in next year!
  7. Flacco on QB sneak with Gore blocking...Good for a 60 yard run every time
  8. Chronic stupidity by Gase! It’s like constantly going for a 65 yard field goal when the kicker’s range is 55 yards.
  9. We already “sucked for Sam”; how many cycles of looking for the franchise QB and rebuilding do we have to go through. Can’t wait just for some stability!

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