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  1. Mark78

    Revis throws shade at Bowles?

    Fits just threw those balls up for grabs. It is amazing that he didn't have 40 interceptions. You are absolutely correct. Decker & Marshall saved his ass because of their aggressiveness.
  2. Keep him in the walking boot until the end of the season.😉
  3. Loser - Beck "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me"
  4. Any defense is underrated when they play us.
  5. His heart is 2 sizes too small
  6. Let's not jump to "rash decisions"
  7. Still can't believe Bowles is still the coach. Embarrassment!
  8. We had Rex and Bowles for 8 years and you guys are complaining about Harbaugh.
  9. My only real concern is; will he be a cancer?
  10. Shouldn't have to prepare for him. Just have to play with some effing effort!
  11. Is anyone else sick of reading about this team?
  12. Which young player shows progress except Adams??????
  13. LIVID!!! Thanks This has to be a joke
  14. "Team fought"? Are you a mental patient? Someone put him in straight jacket now!

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