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  1. BS...keep it effing simple and not some stupid play. Hand it off on first snap to ease nerves. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
  2. Better be...he is extremely well rested
  3. Now wee hav a thred thatt finly maaks cents
  4. __________ ___________ [IOL]
  5. Might end up there too after I bash my head against the wall after the Jets take a defensive player at 23!
  6. My dead grandmother has Lance 1, Jones 2, Wilson 3, Lawrence 4, and Fields 5.
  7. Can everyone wait to be cynical and miserable when we are 0-3?
  8. People say I’m cixelsyD but don’t know what they’re talking about
  9. The pick will be Wilson. JD will draft at least 2 OL and give him a chance to succeed. I am confident that JD will turn this franchise around and we will be a team feared again like back in 2010.
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