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  1. Who the $&@“ are these Jet fans that want our enemies to heal quickly when we have a sh!t load of injuries? Someone explain this BS to me.
  2. Hopefully it’s deafening…we will be loud!
  3. Could be meniscus tear
  4. Let Zach do designed runs…don’t care if he gets hurt at this point
  5. Sorry, I tried to be optimistic, but have 0 faith in Zach
  6. They are just trolling…no worries
  7. Everyone should be voting at least 30 times
  8. Let’s do it again… https://www.nfl.com/voting/rookies/
  9. Can someone pin this so we can remind everyone to vote for him every week? Lmfao…twice in a row!!
  10. Great job JetNation! Best fans ever!
  11. Just get him the ball, even a screen. The first 2 tacklers always misses him. GET HIM THE BALL!
  12. Vote you son of a bitch…that is all.
  13. According to sources… It’s his time of the month
  14. These mfing coaches better step up and stop being stubborn aholes. Play your best players and screw your schemes that do not work. If we lose this, it is on coaches!!!
  15. Think we need more work on the culture of the coaching staff, not the culture of the players.
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