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  1. When the trade was first announced before the draft even came around I thought it was a brilliant tactical move. I understand based on reading the post here a lot of people do not like the GM and think he lucked into Darnold. Even if I did not like a GM and he made that trade I would think that was a brilliant move simply because it is a mathematical chess move. Sure there is risk but that was obviously weighed out. I would not even care if he had Darnold or Baker ranked higher or even Allen but there is little doubt that moving up to three gave the Jets significant advantage over other quarterback-needy teams. The Browns just sucked enough to not have to worry about it but had they been in the Jets position at 6 I would have been thrilled with them moving up to 3 knowing that the logic behind it. When people started laughing at the Jets overpaying I was thinking why is it called overpaying when they are trying to secure the hardest position in football to secure. Screw any draft chart I can promise you any quarterback-needy team would give up picks knowing how 2018 played out for any of those 3 quarterbacks. I guess what I'm saying is the Bills, the Dolphins, the Cardinals and likely a few other teams not mentioned would have easily given up that much if they knew how the quarterbacks would play their rookie year. So while some might feel like the Jets overpaid and others might feel the GM lucked into getting Darnold I feel that was a brilliant move and there is no such thing as over paying if you land your franchise quarterback
  2. As for Hunt.....a lot of Cle fans are not happy for obvious reasons. I really dont know how remorseful Hunt truly is and as a person I can say I dont think he is an upstanding person but the NFL has allowed the likes of Jim Brown to play and turned a blind eye to it for years. The NFL is a business though and Dorsey made a calculated low risk business move much the same way Cincy did with Mixon and other teams have done over the years. I dont have daughters and so my logic may be viewed as bias because I truly want a good product. I just hope Dorsey is right that Hunt is not going to repeat this behavior. I know his family is basically a posterchild for setting dictates character but people do rise above that all the time. I pray he hilds Hunt accountable and wont hesitate to release him at the first sign of reverting to that behavior. The reason I believe Hunt chose Cleveland and at such a team friendly deal is because thats where he is from and wanted to play and also because of his relationship with Dorsey prior. This is just an educated guess based off the small amount of information out there.
  3. Really like your thought process. I find it really exciting to see all this young talent enter the NFL over the last few years. I feel qb play specifically was really lacking outside of a few exceptions for years. Id say since 2016 the qbs drafted are really fun to watch. Nothing wrong with Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Roethlisberger and perhaps a few others but the product overall was lackluster. The haves and have nots appear to be changing minus Indy who lucked (no pun intended) into a great situation without dealing with time of bad or mediocre qb play. We dont know how the 2018 class will fare yet but it looks very promising. Goff, Wentz, Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen (I believe in him) and Jackson are really exciting to think about in terms of the near future of the NFL. Just my .02
  4. Perhaps I came across brash. That was not my intent. I did read the post I quoted and honestly was not able to infer what you claim it said 100 times (thats a lot of times I missed in that singular post). What I did infer is that you felt the reasoning of douche was not a logical one and therefore assumed it must mean he actually prefers Mayfield but is instead creating a narrative to justify not preferring him. I get it. My comprehension level is at least on par with the average 5th grader. I just dont understand why you feel a person cannot use personality as a logical reason to prefer one player over another. I imagine teams weigh this aspect when drafting as the poster did with his belief. Mayfield isnt for everyone. I apologize if I came across as petulant in my first post. Personally I like All the 1st round qbs a lot and think they are special, including Rosen.
  5. browns fan. just stop. i dont get how you can accurately project how a fanbase would feel about a hypothetical situation. i personally think all the teams outside of Arizona who drafted a qb in the 1st love who they have and Rosen being undetermined due to the circumstances being so rookie unfriendly. we can all play the what if game but if life has taught me anything its that one factor changing leads to another. in other words Baker may not have had the same success or Darnold or Allen ....well maybe Rosen would like a mulligan. i think Jets fans are very happy with Darnold and Bills fans with Allen just like Browns fans are with Mayfield.. Let the kids play and take over the league. its exciting to see all this qb talent over the last few years.
  6. Most of that improvement is due to philosophy change with kitchen as OC. the time baker holds the ball is shortened as is his dropback steps. before the change baker was being hit at an alarmingly high rate.
  7. Admittedly I came on this forum to see what Jets fans thought of the Browns after the game for a different perspective. As i started sifting through related threads i found that most of the threads were about disappointment. It makes sense after a loss. Most Browns fans I know are so used to it that we are numb to it and find solice in believing one day it will change.....it has to. One game is absolutely no indictment one way or the other but is encouraging. The reason im posting is to give you a different perspective on your team. Im not trolling at all. 1. I noticed the defensive front you guys have is pretty strong and has the ability to control the pocket against weaker or greener offensive linemen. Very promising. 2. Jamal Adams has solid tackling and impressive 3rd gear. 3. Crow has some power. His dumb celebration was selfish and likely triggered by a few fans heckling him in the endzone. Seemed scripted and again selfish. 4. Trumaine is playing like he forgot he is a top cb. Rapid decline or disinterest? Not sure which. 5. Some playcalling was questionable after Browns changed QBs. Its as if the Jets felt Tuhrod (I know) couldnt beat them so they dialed up nonstop blitzes and a heavy front with mostly man coverage. It worked. Baker comes in and after 2 attempts of doing the same without success, they pull safeties back and start playing more of a prevent style with some underneath cushion. Not the reason for the L entirely but definitely aided in the momentum shift. 6. Sam is getting happy feet and showing some habits that he showed in college. He still showed some nice ability. He is going to improve greatly year over year as the comfort of the NFL speed isnt there yet but I believe game over game it is going to improve. Same goes for his decision making against zone. 7. The running game was excellent going to the outside with the blocking. Went to the well a bit too often in a short amount of time in the same formation was a recipe for disaster. Coaching adjustments made there are going to be huge. Keep doing it till it doesnt work but then try masking it and make a defense have to figure it out (dont give a tell) or try the other side. 8. Darnold isnt as good as that Lions game would indicate (at least yet) but certainly not as bad as the Browns game would indicate either. Somewhere in the middle is who Darnold is right now. Whats exciting is the fact that he came out of the gate showing some things. Baker falls in the same umbrella currently. Very exciting first game but he will also have some bad ones. They are rookies adjusting to the game that is now played MUCH faster with much more complex information to absorb. I truly think as long as Darnold gets eased in (as he has been) he is going to get comfy and take more shots. 9. This game is likely disheartening because of a few things, none of which are really a big issue in a developing year. One is the tale of two different teams based on a qb change. Another is tgat the top 2 rookie qbs had a chance to face off and Baker fared better. That hurts simply because everyone wants to believe they got "the best" qb in the draft and this game favored Baker. I get it It would suck if Darnold balled out while Baker struggled. Its one game and Baker was not gameplanned for. They both look good and have rookie moments. Darnild is 21 and 2 years younger than Baker. He will be just fine. In summary I love your defense when aggressive and really like Sam a lot as well as Enunwa (that kid has fantastic vision and soft hands and a heck of a blocker). I also think your special teams is top 10. Coach gad some blunders but i think Bowles will be solid. I dont know if Id say playoffs this year.....but not sure I wouldnt. Oh .....i would have aTrumaine in my office after that game asking him if he wants to be here. His play is not acceptable. He knows how to play at a high level. Thats it. Good luck going forward.
  8. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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