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  1. If you were a gm, and they said you could have: Josh Allen/Leo Vic Beasley/Q Williams Which duo are you taking?
  2. 100% facts. I was pumped when we got Trumaine(not his contract lol), and all the hype of the offseason, but that back fired on me like 99.9% of things the Jets do. But all things eventually have to come to an end right? I mean we're now in the age where the CLEVELAND BROWNS are the favorites in the north.
  3. Agreed. I think he was very out of the norm for a Buckeye QB. Will be a very great face of a franchise wherever he's drafted.
  4. Only a few of us out here I feel like. Off-topic question, how do you feel about Haskins not getting as much hype as Murray?
  5. Exactly, it would be a dream if we doubled down on oline in the draft. I def won't be mad if we stay put and get a blue chip at 3. Regardless of which one it is, I think Gregg Williams will pull out the potential in them.
  6. Sorry about that boss, must of totally missed it! But that's the same way I'm thinking about the whole direction of everything new. I want to trade back so bad just to get more quality starting players to keep filling around what we have, but I'm terrified of Mac drafting, especially because the farther back we go the harder it'll be for him to do his BPA method and he'll actually have to find talent.
  7. Just wanted to get away from the uniform/draft talks for a bit. Whether you like all the change from this off-season or not, this team will be different from what we've been used to watching. And one thing I think all Jets fans can agree on is you can't get much worse than Todd Bowles, and his evil henchman Jeremy Bates. https://youtu.be/7eZUBJgoQms
  8. Really wish they'd take out the New York above the numbers, and fix the logo on the helmet. But other than that I think these are nice. I really like the green they used.

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