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  1. Lets play this hypothetical game, first of all, Mac, didn't make the trade for Sam, and he would have been stuck with Rosen or Mayfield if the Browns didn't f up. I hope Sam wins several titles because I am a Jets fan. So all of these hypos are nothing but bullsh*t. MacCagnon was a piece of sh*t who was the worst GM we have had. To try to justify his career here only shows your true colors.
  2. I am sure he will do that....when he gets a team. He has not had one for two years, but I think he did good with what he had. This year with an improved roster he will take another good leap. His last two seasons he has been going to a gun fight with a knife.
  3. 100%, you cited that some coaches are suited to be just coordinators. I will never forget the Bruce Coslet hire, a hot offensive coordinator who once he was a head coach turned into a complete opposite, every 3rd and long he'd call a draw play. A total failure. What I don't understand is how these coaches get through the interview process and still get hired.
  4. Man, you need some serious help, you are delusional and need to get your nose out of Adams ass. Try meditation or some mind altering drugs, because you really aren't making any sense. I'll give credit, you are the last Jamal fan standing, but it's time to give it up.
  5. Glad to see you back into the Jamal conversations, you've been awol for quite some time,,, Except for up voting the one or two people on here who still have the audacity to continue to have his back. I just would absolutely like to hear your explanation as to why this generational talent isn't making 20 million this year as you so eloquently averred in many past posts, and blaming JD for this supposed salary upgrade he would get, because he waited to long to trade him.
  6. The kid had a high ankle injury in the first game last year that really impacted him all year. Lets hope he is 100% this year and l believe that he will surprise a lot of people.
  7. With all the new changes to the team, and this pandemic wreaking havoc like never before, no one even knows what is going to happen. If the season does happen to start no one knows how long it's going to last. I just would like to see the team to show improvement and begin to gel. If it leads to a possible playoff spot, that would be better than expected due to having a brutal schedule. I think that JD with another off season and draft would definitely be a playoff or bust year, as far as this year, with everything up in the air l have my doubts
  8. And having you,,, the dumbest, comment on me is absolutely priceless , you are a complete a$$hole who cannot defend himself against all he preached with the Adams issue. You are a complete fraud and troll, and I am glad to expose that here.
  9. You are a fool who is obviously delusional. There was no way that he was going to be on this team this year. Put the bottle or the pipe down and think rationally . You are doing nothing but making an ass of yourself.
  10. That makes sense now, Trolly McTrollface is his agent! That is why he hasn't been around lately.
  11. What a team Adams and Mehta make. In one article they get to bash the coach, the GM and basically the entire organization. Adams has already said he wants the owner gone too. Who knows if any of this is true, I think he just wants to get JD to have to come out and address the situation. Adams has to go, preferably to the best offer from a bad team. I personally could not stand to see him on a winning playoff team. As far as Mehta, the organization should just shun him, open no doors for him, he does no good to this team, ever.
  12. At at least our leader of the moral majority Jamal Adams is speaking up on this now he's ripping the owner down now, I guess he does wanna be traded. Jamal Adams may have found a way to expedite the execution of his trade demand. In response to a story reporting that Jets owner Woody Johnson was investigated by the State Department inspector general after allegedly making racist and sexist remarks as US ambassador to the United Kingdom, Adams made his anger toward Johnson known, writing, “We need the right people at the top” on Twitter. “Right is right. Wrong is wrong! If u don’t think this is wrong you’re part of the problem not the solution,” Adams wrote.
  13. Any part of the DL has to include Joe Klecko, an All Pro at the 3 positions .
  14. Al Atkinson, he and Grantham led the linebackers the Super Bowl year.

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