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  1. Coaches and GM's are fired for incompetence and being consistently bad at their jobs. You have it backwards, fan pressure is a result of the Coaches or GM's ineptness and failure to successfully bring a team forward.
  2. No NFL team would allow the fans opinions on rosters to dictate their decisions. Look at this site alone, it would be ludicrous for anyone on here to be a GM, unless having 20/20 vision is a requirement. You are right though, businesses that are customer driven, like delivery services, restaurants or auto mechanics, etc.. are customer driven. For instance, if a person wanted a new air filter put in their car and recommended the wrong part, the mechanic wouldn't listen to him and he would put in the right one.
  3. What happens when they trade Sam and draft a QB, and Sam becomes better in a new system and the QB we draft is awful? Any argument can be made using hypotheticals. No NFL franchise makes decisions based on the fans opinions. Our new GM and HC will do whatever they feel is right for this organization, and right now l have faith in the path they choose. Sent from my sp7731e_1h30_native using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. How can a true Jets fan hate another QB more than Tom Brady? Did you just become a fan this year?
  5. So we will take that as 0. Sent from my LM-X410(FG) using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. You are going to be real surprised then when JD keeps him and drafts Sewell. I don't think he is related to Sam either.
  7. Says the man who proclaimed that Mark Sanchez was a better QB than Joe Namath.
  8. A lot of people on here always have great 20/20 vision towards players who leave this team for whatever reason. The same guys who keep saying it was a mistake to let Anderson go would be the same ones to complain if he was resigned for even $1 more than he got from Carolina. The truth is JD offered him the same money per year that he received, just a shorter deal. Anderson as well as Adams wanted off this team, and that is their prerogative. He wasn't even the best receiver on the Panthers, that would be Moore. He had a good year, one which I do not believe he would have had on the Jets, because he would have been construed as the number 1 as well as less talent around him.

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