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  1. We finally have a QB after 50 years..lets now get him a Coach that gets it.....
  2. GaryM

    But Sammy it's cold outside

    The kid can play,, whats next Sammy its windy outside? Cmon man...he can play, thats all that matters!
  3. GaryM

    LET’S SAY WE ARE 6-9....

    The thought of Bowles being retained is absolutely farcical. This entire thread is ludicrous. Bowles has to be gone and every Jets fan understands that. Stop the nonsense!
  4. GaryM


    That is the only issue I was worried about with a Jet win. I was so happy to see Sam win and play well, I just hope it doesn't give the Johnson's a reason to keep this buffoon of a coach.
  5. GaryM

    Lee Suspended

    Happen under Blowes?,,,he is probably handing out the roids!!!
  6. That's just another reason that McCagnon should be gone, we need a strong man as the GM. It is obvious that both Rex Ryan before and Bowles now have had a major part in selecting the players brought in to this team. If the GM allows the HC to influence his draft selections, then he is still responsible if they fail, even more so. The entire scouting department needs retooling also. It does no good to keep anyone that has created this debacle. We need to hire strong personalities moving forward and lets have a real plan!!
  7. GaryM

    Darnold Practiced Fully Today

    This head coach is an absolute embarrassment to this franchise. Never answers obvious questions, and for what reason? I can only imagine what the other teams in the NFL think of his press conferences, its like a comedy show. How does a man with his lack of skills actually get hired as an NFL head coach, and given 4 years to wreck this franchise for years to come. I hope the people who actually chose this buffoon are not in this next choice.
  8. Hi, I just moved to Florida from NY and stream the games at 9livestream.com. Im near Ft Lauderdale, Tamarac, and was wondering if anyone new any Jet bars around here. thanks
  9. MaCagnon is paid to get players and Bowles is paid to win games. They both are horrible in every aspect. They have had 4 years here with absolutely no improvement, in fact it has gotten worse. McCagnon brought all these players in, he should be held responsible, and Bowles hasn't gotten them to play so he is responsible. They both should be shown the door, the sooner the better!
  10. I have heard enough of Adams talking. I hope he is saying the same thing in the locker room as he does in public and to the front office. To say that Bowles is blameless in all this mess is ridiculous. Doesn't he see week in and week out what we see. This is exactly why these incompetent owners should have fired Bowles after the Buffalo game. The players are now turning on each other. The locker room is getting hotter and hotter and it is only a matter of time before someone blows up. Four years of this buffoon is too much...
  11. I would be ecstatic to see Sam win games as long as it doesn't cause Bowles to be brought back next year. That's a fear that I have seen too many times happen with this team. I will look forward to Sam winning a lot next year with a competent HC brought in to fix this 4 year old mess.
  12. And hope it works? Yeah, lets all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! that will fix everything. It doesn't matter who you pick to coach the last 5 weeks, it does Bowles no good to keep his job. The locker room is hostile, did you hear the players after the game yesterday. It is embarrassing what is going on with this team. Bowles should have been fired after the Miami and Buffalo games, pick an assistant coach to finish out the year.
  13. You are correct, but this organization does not care about their fans. The owners allow this HC to go out there every week and embarrass the franchise. If they had any inkling to help this franchise to win they would have fired Bowles on the Bye week. Us fans are being treated like a babies diaper the way the owners run this organization. It is the same thing every year and nothing ever changes....Every one who knows anything about football knows that Bowles should have been gone by now,, not saying that McCagnon shouldn't be gone too..time to clean hours and find competent people to run this team
  14. GaryM

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    Are you crazy,,is he a good head coach in the NFL? Nice guy just in the wrong profession, why should the entire organization suffer because a nice guy can not do the job. It is a business and if someone can't do the job you move on,, especially in this business...and by the way..I agree both the Gm and the HC should go, but iIalso believe that the picks the GM made were the result of the HC.
  15. Its the same thing every year with this team. Play like crap and fall out of the playoff race early, then come the end of the year win a couple of games to screw up the good draft pick and give the owners a reason to keep this clueless coach. This guy should have been let go at the bye week and we should be looking at the younger players and evaluate them for the future. That's not going to happen with this buffoon they call a coach. I can't watch this team like this anymore, with this no expression buffoon standing on the sidelines doing nothing. I had such great hope when the finally got a QB and this coach is ruining him already,,the game where every single snap was bad was unacceptable, one snap actually went over his head and Bowles left him in. How is a rookie QB supposed to thrive under those conditions. I have been a lifelong fan of this team, over 50 years and I am actually thinking of giving up if they keep Bowles.

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