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  1. Thank you so much...have a great Thanksgiving!!
  2. Hi,, my buddy gave me tickets for the Raider game, section 305. I am up from Florida for the Holiday. Does anyone have a parking pass for that game, or if not what lot should I buy that will be closest to that section...thanks!
  3. Lol...he looks like he is in good shape....nice clamdiggers
  4. How ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio Believes the Jets Changed the Balance of Power https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/how-espn-s-sal-paolantonio-believes-the-jets-changed-the-balance-of-power Encouraging article for all Jets fans. Can't wait for the draft and then the season to start!
  5. AP NFL rumors: Nick Bosa, Cardinals officials had dinner in Florida It would appear the Arizona Cardinals are enjoying their time in the spotlight as owners of the top pick in the NFL Draft. While many have already penciled them in for quarterback Kyler Murray, the team is meeting with other top prospects, including Ohio State’s Nick Bosa on Friday night Bosa, who Pro Football Focus recently called the “safest prospect” in the entire draft, is commonly considered the best pass rusher available and a consensus top-five selection. While the Cardinals have often been mocked to draft Murray in the top spot, the Cardinals still have Josh Rosen on the roster and have not reportedly made a move yet to trade him to another team. This could mean that, if the Cardinals decide to stick with Rosen, selecting Bosa to add a potentially dynamic playmaker on defense could be on the table.
  6. Happy BDay PK...hope you have a great one!!
  7. I just have one question here,,,If Leonard Williams was # 42 among DT's, checking in at the 39th percentile among NFL counterparts, how in the hell was he the BPA with the #6 pick?
  8. Time for Tomlinson to go, he dropped catches last year that would have been first downs, I have seen enough of him....
  9. I just retired last year and moved to Tamarac. Been streaming the Jets games here. Gonna have to check out Hammerjacks and the SFL Jets fan club! Thanks
  10. We definitely need WR help for Sam. I believe DK will be a monster, but if we can't get him we still need to find a good WR.
  11. The history shouldn't impact the decision, I am only saying that IMHO Bosa is a player that will have more of a positive impact on this team than any one or two players taken later in the draft.
  12. So you want Mac to pass on maybe the best player in the draft to trade down and with his history pick players to help us? Take Bosa if he is there and move on...
  13. Aren't they all about the money? Bosa IMHO is going to be a monster for us. Pressuring the QB without blitzing is how you win games in the NFL.
  14. The bottom line is if you can get pressure on a QB you control what he can do and how fast. That's how the Giants beat the Pats twice, put pressure on Brady. How many times have the Jets lost because their defense gives up big drives late in games when the QB has all day in the pocket. This thread is ridiculous, you don't trade down if Bosa or Allen are there at 3 you grab them and move on. All the people here wanting to trade out of 3 will be very unhappy if these two players become game changers. There are no sure things in the Draft, however picking higher gives you a better chance.

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