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  1. Everyone should remember that the Jets are running the West Coast offense this year not Gase's offense!!! He needs time to adjust to this system, that's another reason Zack Wilson was pick as QB because they ran a similar offense at BYU.
  2. This is hard to call!!! All players have to prove something and not everyone is a guarantee a roster spot on this team. I believe alot of players especially veterans need to prove to the coaching staff that they still worth alot to this team. I will wait for the final cut downs, and see who is gone!!! Right now I can't predict anything because this is mostly players learning the new system that is installed. I say by training camp and preseason we will see who stays or goes.
  3. No a couple years back it was the Jets vs Bills (Rex was coaching), I went with my brother in law and saw the ambulance tailgating. It was amazing seeing it
  4. I have been watching a lot of the video feeds on Youtube of the Jets mini camp. I will say this, this is not the same team like last year at all!!! All the players currently are actually worried about losing a spot and they all are out to impress the new coaching staff. The rookies are actually pushing the veterans out of their positions. This is what the team has been missing for some years now!!!! The last time I saw competition like this is when Bill Parcells coached this team. All the players showed up to camp and practice because they knew Parcells will get rid of them if they didn'
  5. I always believed a very good oline can stop a good dline!!! Why? Because if you have no linebackers taking pressure off the dline by rushing the QB, then the QB can sit all day picking apart the secondary. Its very necessary to have a top secondary and linebackers against these top offensive QBs!!!! One compliments the other and takes the pressure off each other and are not burned out in the final quarter.
  6. I can't wait to see QB Zack Wilson run the West Coast offense this year. I haven't seen it run since Chad Pennington was QB!!! I want to see Wilson throw and scramble on the field. I want to see Saleh's defense especially the LB's make play's on the RB's when they go up the middle. Also the DB's get hit when opposing WRs or RB go up the middle for a catch.
  7. If Tim Tebow win a spot on the team as a TE, how long will the fans be screaming for him to be the starting QB over Trevor Lawrence?
  8. I believe this is a first step for this team with a new coach and new QB at the helm. The players have a lot to prove to this coaching staff and QB Zack Wilson wants to prove everyone that he can lead and be better than Lawrence and Fields. This coach reminds me of Bill Cowher and that he will challenge his players if they want to play or not. He also want his coaches to be responsible of their duties with the players. This is the first time players and coaches are on the same page!!!!
  9. The future is bright with this team!!! Douglas is building a foundation of young players, which has been missing for years!!! Its also obvious that Douglas has a plan and isn't taking any shortcuts at all with his plan!!! Just hoping now that the Johnson brothers don't interfere and let Douglas do his job!!!
  10. I don't like to predict the season until I have a copy of the schedule!!! Lets all wait until after the draft and checkout the schedule because we have a new coach and staff. Having a new coach and staff brings in a new attitude and could surprise a lot of us here. Remember the players are on notice and they will be fighting for a position now!!!!
  11. One week from today the NFL Draft begins!!!!! Let all the rumors and trade talk begin!!!! Lets see what players move up the draft boards and which one's will fall???
  12. Besides drafting Revis, Ferguson and Mangold what about the rest of his draft picks? How many picks did he trade away? He was the main reason why Chad Pennington went under the knife a second time because of neglecting the oline. Remember he traded two draft picks for Tebow and gave Mark Sanchez a undeserved extension in his contract. In the end the whole team was a complete laughing stock and was stuck in salary cap hell because of Tannenbaum. After a few years away he was hired by Miami and he left the team in shambles the same way he left the Jets in salary cap hell!!! I would take wha
  13. Its a shame a player like him being a first round pick ending up as a journeyman!!!!
  14. Its amazing back in November of last year everyone was hyping both Lawrence and Fields as the best QBs coming out of college. Trey Lance, Zack Wilson and Mac Jones were an after thought after that month. Then in January for the playoffs Fields surpassed Lawrence and beat Clemson. Leading to Fields to face Mac Jones in the championship and Jones blew out Ohio State and Fields out of the water. Look at the things now Fields has been dropping from #2 to #5!!! Main issue that has everyone talking about is his work issue that's one of the main things that is bothering people and his ability to
  15. This team needs a lot still to be considered a playoff caliber team and this upcoming draft will not make them or take them to the playoffs!!! This team still has way too many needs and also they have a rookie QB that has to still learn the offense and read defenses. The main priority is getting a offensive line because Becton doesn't solidify the offense, he is only one player. Remember you need five guys to run an offensive line not one player!!! They also need to add a RB, TE and WR for weapons that Wilson can use at his disposal. Defensively, they still need an edge rusher and CB
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