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  1. Gase is always applauding Darnold on how he does in practice!!! IMO that is practice it isn't the same as playing a real game!!!! Defenses dial it up a knotch to hit the QB or ruin the play!!!! Of course he is going to look good in practice because there is no pressure on him at all!!! I honestly believe his problems are mainly reading defenses. I notice he doesn't make adjustments on the line or calls enough audibles to change the play. Peyton Manning was coached by Gase and Manning constantly change the play at the line because he read the defense. Manning knew how to read defenses and always did something on his audibles which made him very successful. I believe that is one of his problems and reason for the many mental mistakes.
  2. People on this board think by firing Gase and bringing in a new head coach that they are going to the playoffs the following year!!! People should remember that this team has a bunch of holes and in one or two years you can fix the problem. Who ever comes in will be inheriting this mess of a team that has NO FOUNDATION!!!! GM Joe Douglas has a lot of work to do now never mind next year with the injury bug. Finding the right coach and offensive system for Darnold is going to be hard work alone. Also building this team the right way is top priority in order to attract not only players but coaches. Remember Tannenbaum, Idzik and Maccagnan never had a plan of rebuilding they only neglected the area of need. So far this is year #1 of GM Joe Douglas's plan to rebuild, I say by year #3 or #4, we will see the results barring any interference from ownership. Getting a new coach will be a huge problem because the team itself isn't that attractive at all. No respected coach will want to come here especially when they are rebuilding!!!! These coaches want results and a finished product mainly a QB especially one that doesn't make mental mistakes during games.
  3. If the Johnsons bring back Rex, then say goodbye to GM Joe Douglas. Rex will want to draft the players himself like he did when he was here and in Buffalo. Rex will want a say in everything that is happening from drafting to free agent signing, Joe Douglas rebuilding plan will be in the garbage and will resign.
  4. The media is hyping up Trevor Lawrence, the same way Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Sam Darnold were in college hyped up. In the end once the Jets drafted them and the safety blanket came off everyone saw the faults of these QBs which were failures!!! Jets fans are falling for the same with Lawrence, and notice also nobody mentions any of the other QBs coming out of college. The same can be said with the likes of Mahomes, Dak Prescott and Jackson, none were hyped up when they were in college and were drafted and are successful starters. Look at the coincidence Sam Darnold was hyped up as being the best QB all year round. Darnold came out of good college program in USC and won games and bowl games. He was hyped before the draft as having a good combine. The Jets traded up to get him and look at what they got, a QB that makes mental mistakes constantly. Its the same thing all over again but with Trevor Lawrence!!!! People do your homework before anointing Trevor Lawrence as the answer!!!! Remember there are other QBs coming out that haven't been mentioned or even hyped up. Right now Trevor Lawrence sounds like another Sam Darnold coming out of college.
  5. The Jets have two first round picks in 2021 draft!!!! Remember it isn't going to take one year to fix this team or even one person or even a head coach!!!! This team needs to build the talent and give the head coach the players he needs to run his system. As of right now the Jets need to add to the oline (right tackle, guard, and center); OLB (edge rusher), ILB, WR(a #1 WR), DB, 1) If the Jets get the #1 pick they should trade it and add more picks to keep building this team. 2) With their picks they can go any route they want. But IMO, they need to keep building that offensive line. Sure they drafted Becton for one of the tackle spots, but he isn't enough. He needs additional help on that oline to help protect the QB and open the run. With there second they need to add a edge rusher, which is a must!!!! They have been needing a edge rusher since John Abraham left and no GM has even tried to fix this problem. With those picks of an olineman and edge rush, they are both area of needs on offense and defense. After that Joe Douglas will have to work his magic again by picking the right players to form some what of a team.
  6. 1) Mark Sanchez - 1st round trade - retired - GM Mike Tannenbaum 2) Geno Smith - 2nd round trade - Seattle backup - GM John Idzik 3) Bryce Petty - 4th round pick - Out of NFL - GM Mike Maccagnan 4) Christian Hackenberg - 2nd round pick - Out of NFL - GM Mike Maccagnan 5) Sam Darnold - 1st round trade - Jets starter - GM Mike Maccagnan All these QBs have come in and have failed miserably!!!!! Look at Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Sam Darnold all came from a well respected program and careers in college. One thing they have in common besides being drafted by the Jets, is that they were all super hyped by the media!!!!!! Everyone were wanting the Jets to draft these players!!! Nobody saw there faults but they came from winning programs in college and went to the Bowl games. Once they got here, that is when everything began to fall apart!!!!! We saw the layer that the media didn't let us see, the makeup and the mentality of a player. All three mental makeup is what has failed them with the Jets!!!!! Sure Sanchez made the playoffs twice in his first two years after that what happened??? Geno Smith (Idzik thought he found his version of Russel Wilson), he wanted to leave the draft after not being picked in the first round; He was brought in to make people forget about Mark Sanchez; but his turnovers kept on coming and bad decision making with them, He's a backup in Seattle??? Sam Darnold in his third year with the Jets is making the same mistakes a rookie would make. In his first two seasons he did miss games but the mental mistakes kept coming but fans kept claiming that the Jets got the best QB!!! Now look at this season, what has changed? NOTHING!!!!! He is still making those bad mistakes during games, and now fans are not impressed with him. Fan aren't claiming anymore that he's the best QB in the division, or the best that was drafted!!!!! Why did these three QB's fail??? Is it because they should of been holding a clipboard, instead of starting in their first year? Is it because of the head coach failure to bring in a qualified offensive coordinator to teach these QBs? Most QB's in this league were groomed to be starters, while most have that fire to put teams on their shoulders and lead in their first year. What happen here with the Jets is any bodies guess? Now its happening all over again, the media has gotten to the Jets fans with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence!!!! Again he is being hyped up and the fans are hoping the Jets land the #1 pick in the draft. Trevor Lawrence is only a Junior this year, he is 6 foot 6 inches 220 lbs and he hasn't declared if he's leaving college or not. What I do know is that he comes from a good college program in Clemson and the media is making him out to be the best QB. Where are all the other QB's coming out of college!!! How come the media aren't dropping there names. Look at players like Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Dak Prescott, they weren't hyped up coming out of college at all!!!! Look at them now those guys were drafted but in college they weren't hyped up at all. They went to the combine and performed like all others being sought out. My point Jets fans shouldn't get hyped up by what the media says of Trevor Lawrence!!!! Its not even sure or guarantee he will be entering the draft? They should look at every QB coming out before deciding on him as your #1 pick!!!! Remember once he gets here, the cover or safety blanket from the media comes off and you are back to square one again looking for another QB.
  7. What the Jets need is a Bill Parcells type that can bring order to this team!!!! But the problem is and people don't be ridiculous with your answer, but all the good coaches are either retired or taken by teams with winning programs. Right now the Jets are not a team that makes a good coach want to come here!!!!! This team has no foundation and no respected coach will come here especially when they are rebuilding. They need a coach to shake the very foundation if they have anything!!!! The coach has to give Darnold some tough love like if you throw another interception or make any type of boneheaded mistake you are benched!!!!! That will be a start, I will have the GM get rid of Bell and give the rookie and Gore the chance to run the ball. Bell is too much of a prima donna and the Jets right now need leaders in that locker not players who are into themselves!!!!! Eric Bienemy is not the answer!!!! Urban Meyer isn't the answer!!!! Gregg Williams isn't the answer!!!! Rex Ryan isn't the answer!!!! Where are they going to find their next coach????
  8. Its obvious there's going to be a lot of growing pains with this team!!!! There's not one area that this team needs to either build or keep fixing. We all can point fingers all we want and say its only one game all we want. But the truth is this team as is, is not a playoff team at all. Everyone brings up 6-2 from last year, but that was last year this is a new year!!! We have to stop dwelling on the past and move on because teams remember last year and make adjustments during the year. That 6-2 record was wiped and thrown back in our faces. Everyone here was talking about Sam Darnold making throws in practice and bragging that he was the best QB in the division. Well after yesterday Josh Allen looks a lot better these last two years, meanwhile Darnold looks the same no improvement at all and what is funny both Allen and Darnold got drafted the same year!!!! The joke is on us because we are stuck with Darnold like we did with Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. This is a hard pill to swallow but the Jets have no other choice now but to stick with Darnold. How can you correct boneheaded mistakes? How do you teach a QB when to scramble or throw? Is Darnold still the future of this team? Since the beginning of the last year everyone here didn't want Gase as coach of this team!!! Nobody even wanted McCarthy either!!!! But everyone keeps forgetting one major thing, and that all the good coaches are either retired or taken by other teams!!! Most coaches don't even want to come here because the Jets are not an attractive team to coach!!!! Experienced coaches don't want to take over a team that's rebuilding or that has no talent at all!!!! Seriously you get rid of Gase and who will take over??? Any candidate that comes here are inexperienced head coaches who were once offensive and defensive coordinators or coaches themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if their former coaches tell them to stay away from the Jets!!! Realize this who ever comes to coach this team they are not going to the playoffs because what you are seeing as a team that coach is inheriting when he comes. GM Joe Douglas has a lot of work to do with this mess!!!! All GM's in the past have done everything to get to the playoff and win a Super Bowl but "FAILED" miserably!!!! Douglas has come in with a plan that will be taking 6 years and this year was the beginning by drafting players. He building this team mainly through the draft and will stop throwing major contracts at big time free agents. He knows that with one draft, he won't fix everything that is wrong with this team. He knows also that there is no foundation and with no foundation this team won't attract coaches or major free agents. Coaches know that this is where your career as head coach will die and I wouldn't be surprised if they tell their coordinator and coaching staff to not take the Jets job. Douglas knows now that Darnold is not in their future and he knows that the defense needs more work by getting an edge rusher and ILB. He knows that he has work cut out for him and hope that ownership don't interfere or meddle in picking his players. Douglas now has to find a WR, ILB, Edge Rusher, and RB because the Jets have a long season ahead of them and will be needing help to finish this season.
  9. Does anybody realize almost everyone mentioned by you are inexperienced as head coaches!!! Almost every coach are coordinators with no head coaching experience!!!! Urban Meyer will never sign with the Jets and he never signed with any professional team in the past or present!!!! Philly will match the Jets for Pederson any day!!!! The Jets are not a attractive team right now, and he doesn't want to be in a rebuilding mode at all!!! No matter who is brought in its going to be the same. The head coach will face the same problem and the fans will always be critical of what he does. Fans are expecting to reach the playoffs in the first year and doesn't accept that the team is filled with holes and need work.
  10. Everyone here again wanting Gase to be fired!!!! Here's a question for all of you here; Who would you hire to coach this team??? Remember all the good coaches are either retired or have long contracts with winning organizations??? Who would you hire???? Remember this coach is inheriting Darnold and the rest of the funky bunch!!!!
  11. Where was Q Williams??? People on this board kept insisting that he was going to dominate this season!!!! On the stat sheets he only had 3 assists!!!!! I didn't see or hear of him on the field!!!!!
  12. No more excuses!!!! Sam Darnold can't do it at all!!!! Every good QB puts the team on his shoulder and leads but Darnold can't lead!!!!! How many mental mistakes will he keep committing this year??? I'm sorry everyone on this board insisted that this was going to be Darnold's year!!! Darnold is the best QB in the division!!!! Darnold is better than Josh Allen!!!! (Well after today Allen looks a lot better than Darnold!!!!). Please, quit hyping up Darnold, that 6-2 last year, is exactly last year!!!! This is a new year now!!!!!
  13. No more excuses now!!!! Darnold looks bad throwing the ball and his decision making looks even worse!!!!
  14. IMO, I believe what's important isn't just sacking the QB but disrupting the whole offense is what's actually important. Williams has to get in the backfield and takeout the running game as much as possible. Once he does that then QB Josh Allen will be an easy target, but we have to contain him because, he can take off running the ball. The Jets can't afford Allen running with the ball!!!!
  15. Darnold has to look good not just one game but the whole year!!! IMO, the Jets don't have the weapons that a great QB should have at his disposal. Be honest what weapons can we compare on this team with those of playoff bound team or a team that makes the playoff every year? To me that is the key for Darnold to succeed and make the playoffs. Darnold needs to adapt and improvise by using what he has for weapons and win games!!!! Only then will he be able to open peoples eyes. But what's keeping him from succeeding is the boneheaded mistakes and not playing a full season. Darnold needs to do it now not in another season!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

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