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  1. The Jets are currently picking #8 in the draft for now, but it may change. The Jets needs are as follows: 1) A whole new offensive line - 2 tackles, 1 guard and 1 center; they also need depth behind the starting line. 2) CB's is a need and was a major weakness for the defense. 3) Pass rushing OLB a weakness on defense which wasn't addressed since John Abraham was traded. 4) WR is a need because Darnold needs his weapons. Enunwa is damaged goods and Anderson is questionable because its not sure if they will sign him or not? 5) MLB - Williamson is damaged goods and Mosely is questionable because of his health. They need to get younger at that position and need depth. What should be the first pick of there's in the 2020 draft? We definitely know they need a Olineman, CB and a pass rushing OLB. (those are major needs} The Jets have 7 picks in the 2020 draft, what do you think they may draft? I also believe they will make a few trades during the draft to add a few picks to either the 2020 draft or 2021.
  2. Jerry needs to step down and let his head coach do his job. He's been undermining his coaches since Jimmy Johnson left. Jerry has a humungous ego and want to win the Super Bowl so he can be credited in NFL history as the first owner/GM to pick the players and coach to win the Super Bowl. He wants recognition something, he didn't get when Jimmy Johnson won those Super Bowls.
  3. Does OBJ have talent? Yes he does!!! Is OBJ a head case? Yes he is!!!! The Jets do need his talent but not the attitude that comes with it!!! That is the problem here, the Jets could use those numbers but its his attitude that kills everything. The Giants grew tired of his attitude and traded him after giving him a rich contract. Now it looks like the Browns are growing tired of him and are looking to trade him. It looks like OBJ comes with a warning tag when acquiring him!!! He isn't worth a first round pick or a third round pick. With that attitude no team wants to deal with him and the Jets should do the same, just walk away.
  4. Rex wants to comeback to the Jets and Woody is very fond of him. It wouldn't be a surprise if Woody hires him again. But I think it would be the last time we see Joe Douglas as GM for the Jets. Joe wants to rebuild this team but Rex wants to call the shots like the last time. Rex also only cares about his defense while the offense falls apart. IMO, it would be a big mistake bringing Rex back as head coach!!! His ego is too big and its always about himself!!! There are reasons why teams stayed away from him and don't want to give him control of the team. Harbough is a very good coach when he was with the 49ers. The players love to play for him and his coaching staff was hand picked by him. When he left the 49ers the team fell apart a lot of players retired or demanded trades because he left. As a college coach it was different, he didn't have the success like in the pro's but it looked like his recruiting wasn't successful. IMO, I believe he would sit a year to clear his head and see what team would be best for him. If the Jets pick him, he comes at a hefty price. Joe Douglas will be demoted or gone because he brings in his own people for the front office and to the coaching staff. He is very tough on his players and isn't afraid to get in their face. The question is will both dumb co-owners the Johnson's will sign the right person to coach.
  5. Signing FA olinemen doesn't solve the problem with this oline!!! This oline needs to be rebuilt completely!!! Signing FA's isn't solving the problem its only making it worse. Almost all the current players on the Jets oline couldn't cut it on their very own team that drafted them. Which means they aren't any good or worth resigning!!! Also those player that were mentioned, Schreff, Conklin. Castnzo etc there is no guarantee that they want to sign with the Jets. We can throw all the money there way but there is absolutely no guarantee that they want to sign with the Jets. The Jets are not an attractive team and this team can't be fixed in one or two years. This team needs to build through the draft to get better!!! Look at playoff teams or teams that are in the playoff because they built through the draft. Look at the Patriots they dominate every year because they make smart moves they don't overspend and they are drafting players to one day takeover. What have the Jets done??? The Jets management need to be smart including the ownership!!! Ownership has to let GM Joe Douglas do his job and build this team the right way!!!!
  6. IMO, I believe there needs to a change at the head coaching position!!! But there are two problems that nobody including myself never thought about until now. 1) Who is going to take over as head coach? We can throw out all the names of who we want to coach this team, but the problem still exists. The problem is the team itself as a whole the team needs to be worked on meaning they need a lot of work and it will not take one year to fix. What coach will want to take a work in progress??? 2) If a new coach is hired, he will be bringing his own system to the team. That is going to be the third offensive system that Sam Darnold will have to learn!!! Darnold needs one offensive system to workout of not three because that will hurt him eventually like QB Alex Smith when he was with the 49ers, That's what is lingering at the moment with this organization!!!! This team isn't going anywhere and fixing this team will not take one year to fix!!!! This team needs no interference from ownership at all and let GM Joe Douglas do his work!!! Who is going to be the head coach is the biggest question of all??? Whoever is hired better be able to get on his players and coaching staff!!!!
  7. I believe a message was sent to all the players that they are all tradeable!!! Since its going to take more than one year to fix this team, I wouldn't be surprised if Jamal Adams and Bell get traded in the off season. Douglas today tried to make trades and he did shake some of the foundation on this team. He wants to bring in his own players!!! I also seen the Michael Kay show and he mentioned that ownership is partly at fault because Idzik was hired to rebuild this team and they wouldn't let him fire Rex. Once Idzik cleaned house they fired him and Rex and hired Maccagnan as GM, they then hired Bowles. Maccagnan in his first year was told to spend not to rebuild and his first order by ownership (Woody) was to get Revis..After they collapsed in their second year, Woody went back to rebuilding and getting rid of Revis. Now Bowles is fired and Gase was hired but Maccagnan was replaced after the Jets spent $168 million free agency and the draft. Then ownership fires Maccagnan after the draft and hands Gase the power to do the GM hiring. Gase goes and hire Douglas who inherits a team that is falling apart. Douglas is now in charge of rebuilding this team and he was given a 6 year contract. How long is it going to take to build his team? The reason I bring this up is because ownership (Woody and Christopher) don't have the patient to stick with rebuilding. Its been 9 years of rebuilding and where is the progress??? I believe next offseason Adams and Bell will be gone!!!! Douglas will do everything to build this team including trading his best assets!!! I believe no one is safe!!!! I also don't believe its going to take one year to fix!!!!
  8. This team doesn't have the salary cap like last year. Remember Cousins the Jets threw a lot of money at him and he chose the Vikings over the Jets. The question isn't about money, the question is where is this team going and right now this team needs more than one year to be fixed.
  9. How long will it be or take when the fans will be calling for his head and fans will be yelling to hire a offensive minded coach!!! Nobody can guarantee who will succeed as head coach!!! We all know Gregg Williams can coach but is he the answer???
  10. Do you think the Jets will be able to sign Scherff , Castonzo or AB? There is 31 teams that they have to compete against to sign those players. You have to ask yourself this question are these players willing to sign with the Jets? The Jets are not an attractive team that players are knocking at the door to sign with them,
  11. If Gase gets fired like everyone here wants, who will be the head coach for the future??? Who is going to be the future head coach? Gregg Williams isn't the answer because the problem will still be there no oline, no WRs to get open or step up.
  12. It won't take one year to fix this team!!!! This team needs to overhaul the oline and get WRs that don't get hurt or take off plays. Don't believe what you see during the preseason or make predictions about the playoffs or how Darnold looks in the preseason!!!
  13. I'm sorry but during the preseason all I heard is how Darnold looks good and that the Jets are going to the playoffs and will look better than Mayfield. Darnold doesn't look good at all and I can't blame all of it on Gase!!! What people saw in preseason was a total aberration!!! Darnold also hasn't played a full season!!! This team is a total mess no oline, no WRs or TEs that's on offense only!!!! I can't put all the blame on Gase because he inherited this team from Todd Bowles. Gase needs more time with Darnold and needs a brand new oline and WRs. We need to stop making excuses and blaming Gase. If Darnold continues to struggle on this offense and even if they get him a brand new oline and WRs, its not the head coach but the QB himself.
  14. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/new-york-jets/ These are the free agents for the Jets in 2020. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/ These are the available free agents around the league. Lets see Douglas get his hands dirty.
  15. I am very surprised that Douglas hasn't started looking at replacements at the oline position? I feel that both Winters and Beachum should both be benched or let go by now. I'm tired of both of them causing penalties and getting the QB sacked.

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