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  1. IMO, its only one interview today, there is plenty of more interviews to go!!!! I would get excited when the candidates get a second interview not one interview. With the second interview we get to see up close who the real candidates are going to be the next head coach. We might not like that candidate but there is a reason or why he was offered a second interview. I believe it will be a long process to finally find a head coach to lead this team.
  2. If Christopher Johnson has the final say, this team is doomed!!!! I would write down the names of every coach that was interviewed by this Jets team and hired by other teams. The reason for this is to see and compare their winning records against the Jets record. It wouldn't surprise me at all if already Christopher Johnson has someone in mind for the head coaching position. Let's also see how many candidates drop out of the running to be the Jets head coach.
  3. Last night was a very important game between Clemson vs Ohio State or Lawrence vs Fields to some. But in the end Ohio State beat Clemson badly and advances Ohio State vs Alabama for the Championship. Justin Fields out did Trevor Lawrence last night Fields - 22 of 28 passes 385 yards with 6 TDS: 8 carries 42 yards Lawrence - 33 of 48 passes 400 yards with 2 TDS 1 INT: 10 carries minus 8 yards 1 TD Fields has the championship game against Alabama to prove that he deserves to be the #1 pick. Meanwhile Lawrence will now have to be ready for the All Star bowl games later this month, then the NFL combine next month and the pro day. Both have to do a great showing at the combine's and pro day to be considered #1 or #2 QB in the draft. Jacksonville is on the clock from now until draft day to make a decision!!!! Its not over yet, this is just the beginning!!!!
  4. We all know officially that Gase is gone on "Black Monday", this is huge coming from Charles Johnson who once claimed that Gase was an offensive genius. Supposedly GM Joe Douglas is in charge of the hiring of the next head coach. I'm wondering who does he have in mind to replace Gase? Remember the Jets have to conform to the "Rooney Rule', they have to interview a minority. The question still stands and there is no hint of who he likes or wants to coach the Jets. We all threw names of who the Jets should interview or hire as head coach not one time have we heard from Joe Douglas of who he wants to coach the Jets? I just hope its a coach who will be bringing in a offensive and defensive coordinator, I also don't want him in charge of either and let them call the plays. This is Joe Douglas's time to shine now!!!! He needs to make the right hire for the future of this organization!!!
  5. We can't say what teams are interested in moving because we don't know at all!!! But what we do know the Jets are in good position in the draft at #2 in the first round and there are teams that will be interested in getting that spot. Right now we can only guess which teams are interested, but we will find out on the day of the draft, The Jets phone will be ringing with offers for that pick and Joe Douglas has to be smart about it. I believe after the combine and pro day's we will see which players will be climbing and falling on the draft boards. That will give us some sort of idea what teams might be picking or players they might want on their roster. The Jets will indeed will be listening to offers for their #2 pick, which can land them a lot of picks for the future. I believe this part is going to be an ongoing chess match when the month of April comes because we will hear a lot of rumors and players moving up and down draft boards going to the draft April 29. The Jets have to be smart and how it will benefit them in the end.
  6. See the Johnson's will look real bad firing GM Joe Douglas, when he is trying to rebuild this team now. Right now this team has NO foundation to build on for the future. They already lost the fans because no fan will go see a team that loses every year. The only thing the Johnson's want is a quick rebuild to make the fans think the team is ready and they buy the only thing they care about is there beloved PSL's. 1) Remember how the Woody Johnson influenced GM Tannenbaum by trading for Tim Tebow only to sell seats. He knew Tebow had a religious following and knew if the Jets got him, they can sell seats. 2) Remember also after Revis got traded to the Buccaneers by Idzik and later signed a one year deal with the Patriots and won a Super Bowl. Woody demanded that Maccagnan's first act as GM to sign Revis and he did. Douglas came in with a plan to rebuild this team in 6 years, he also knew that he wasn't going to be able to fix this team in one year.. He so far has gutted this team and gotten rid of contracts and players that don't belong on this team. He also made trades to gain picks for future drafts something the previous GM's never did. So far lets see what next season will happen with the FA signings and draft picks. Let's see how far off this team will be after next year!!! I believe that Douglas won't finish his 6 year contract with the Jets. I believe the Johnson's will make a move thinking the team is ready as is and instead of moving forward they will step backwards again. This type of meddling is why the organization can't get a break and win!!!!
  7. Forget about the record or getting the #1 for QB Trevor Lawrence for the moment!!!! If the Jets played like this all season long especially Sam Darnold at QB, the Jets would have a chance at the playoffs!!! I will admit they came in with a fire to win!!!! This team has a fire to win games the last few games, look at the team from the beginning of the year until now, a lot are gone mostly contracts and disgruntle players (Adams and Bell). Look at the players that are left, on this team, most are players that are fighting for a position next year or a contract from some other team. This was a well earned win by these players, we can say that now for most are still angry that the Jets lost the #1 pick to draft Lawrence. The Rams were surprised by these Jets and their no quit attitude and IMO they were manhandled because they didn't take them serious enough. In the end the Rams were outcoached and outplayed by a Jets team that is suppose to be dead. Remember that most of those players on this roster won't be back next year because who ever ends up coaching this team will mostly cut these players and want to bring in his own or select his own players. Remember most on this team don't want or care about getting the #1 pick or drafting QB Trevor Lawrence or Fields. They are thinking about this season and in their mind is that they have a QB in Sam Darnold. In their minds they only want to win getting that one win might inspire them more as a unit not as individuals.
  8. Tannenbaum ruined Chad Pennington with that faulty oline!!! Who care's that Tannenbaum drafted Ferguson and Mangold, that oline was falling apart and it got Pennington hurt. Tannenbaum drafted Mark Sanchez and after the first two years taking the Jets to the AFC Championship, Tannenbaum stopped surrounding Sanchez with talent compare the talent on offense he had in the first two years. Then check the talent after those two years. Its a big difference!!! Idzik drafted Geno Smith because he thought he found the second coming of Russel Wilson. Geno was suppose to make everyone forget about Mark Sanchez but it was worse. Geno inherited the team Sanchez had which had no talent and on top of that Geno made reckless decisions when starting as QB. Idzik was trying to shove Geno in peoples faces including Rex. In the end Geno proved he's not a leader of teams but a backup. McCagnagn drafted Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenburg who ended up being a bust for a second round pick. Petty looked ten times better than Hackenburg. But Maccagnan tried his best to make Hackenburg a starter but nothing can make that happen because he was horrendous.. For his final draft Maccagnan selected Sam Darnold who was suppose to correct the selection of Petty and Hackenburg. Everyone here went gaga when the Jets selected Darnold, but three years later he showed no improvement with two coaches. Gase who was suppose to be this offensive genius ruined him because he keeps making the same mistake constantly. Even Joe Flacco looks better than him when he started games. Something needs to change here because Trevor Lawrence is going to be drafted and he can't come to a team that has ZERO foundation or no talent. If Gase is kept around its "deja vu" all over again and another QB bites the dust. Joe Douglas needs to surround him with a lot of talent for offense and a head coach who can get a offensive coordinator to work with Lawrence.
  9. BYU QB Zach Wilson is charging up 2021 NFL Draft boards (nypost.com) One NFL executive even said they believe that Wilson will ultimately overtake Fields in the coming months ahead of April’s 2021 NFL Draft. Ohio State’s Justin Fields was presumed to be the second-overall pick. But the Buckeyes QB has fallen under a little more scrutiny as the season has gone on. And BYU’s Zach Wilson has emerged as an elite playmaker, who went from a bubble first-round prospect to a potential top-10 pick. One NFL executive even said they believe that Wilson will ultimately overtake Fields in the coming months ahead of April’s 2021 NFL Draft. I'm not sold on Justin Fields, this is one QB that is beginning to show cracks on his armor!!!
  10. I'm all for Bill Cowher coaching the Jets, one of the good things is that he will be aggressive towards the players and coaching staff. This is something that has been missing and that is accountability!!!! Another thing missing is that smash mouth football he brings with him, "Cowher Power"!!!! The only thing that worries me is that Cowher hasn't coached in the NFL for 15 years!!!! I don't know if he will adapt quickly to coaching from being a commentator/analyst. That's the only thing that bothers me!!!!
  11. If the Johnson's fire Adam Gase at the end of the season, do you think they will hire both Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolfe to assist them in hiring a head coach? Nothing would surprise me with the Johnson's
  12. I thought Le"Veon Bell would be on that list, I didn't see him do anything with the Jets and now traded to the Chiefs and still nothing!!! CJ Mosley will be traded in the offseason or cut, its become the Jets are going in another area and I don't see him being in GM Joe Douglas plan for this team.
  13. If the Johnson's decide to keep Adam Gase as head coach, then the stadium will be empty again but not because of the pandemic. Adan Gase will also ruin another young QB Trevor Lawrence the same way he did with Darnold. If the Johnson's don't see that then they will feel it when no one is in the parking lot or in the stadium. I keep saying it the only thing the Johnson's care about is selling those PSL's , I personally know people who cancelled because they are tired of watching this team and the false promises. Every year they get a phone call to try and get them to buy and it always no. They even had management to talk and he blasted then as well.. Demoting or promoting Gase is not the solution to the problem, he will still be there in some capacity hurting the team. The Johnson's have to swallow their pride and fire him!!!!
  14. If this whole coaching staff is retained the Johnson's better look long and hard at the stadium now. Now the stadium is empty because of the pandemic, but if they retain those fools that stadium will look the same only thing is there won't be any pandemic!!!!! Forget about "Black Monday", fire them now!!!!! There's no losing face now just fire them now!!!! If you keep Gase and the rest of the funky bunch, then you are going to see a repeat of the last two seasons. But there is another difference Gase will be ruining another QB along the way. This needs to be done!!!!
  15. He probably doesn't want to deal with rich players with attitudes. A lot of coaches rather stay in the college than deal with rich attitudes in the pro's. Their are few that have made the transition while others never panned out or their system doesn't work in the pros.

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