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  1. I am very surprised that Douglas hasn't started looking at replacements at the oline position? I feel that both Winters and Beachum should both be benched or let go by now. I'm tired of both of them causing penalties and getting the QB sacked.
  2. How is Darnold or any QB is going to succeed with this oline and WRs? How????? This oline is a mess and they can't protect anyone or block. They need to add WRs because Enunwa is done and Anderson can't carry this team or get open when needed. Darnold won't have the season that everyone here had hoped.
  3. IMO, this team needs a lot of players for a lot of positions and it won't take one year to fix or two. I myself can't put a timeframe when this team will make the playoffs because this team is a total mess. We all have seen it on here how bad drafting has set this team back as well as bad coaching. I hate to say it but this team is looking a lot like the Cleveland Browns of old. Right now what's killing this team is the oline!!! What's going to happen in the offseason the Jets will need to replace the whole oline not one of those players on the oline now is worth keeping. The Jets will need to either draft and sign them through free agency to solidify the oline, That there alone will set them back and they will be needing a WR, (Enunwa and Anderson not going to be kept), a pass rushing OLB, CB's, DE, and ILB. Another thing this team needs is depth at a lot of positions because this team currently is lacking. At the moment those are the positions that are needed but the Jets have to look at other positions that will need to be addressed in the near future like DT, RB, TE, S and QB by resigning, drafting or free agency. Every year this team needs to address things at a lot of positions and there are always setbacks and bad signing. (I believe most of the players are in their rookie contracts and are waiting for their contracts to end, so they can move on to other teams.) The Jets ownership can't keep hiring and firing GMs and coaches because this is one of the reason this team gets setback every year. Each GM and coach have their own plan or system of building or rebuilding this team but they can't go through or finish what they started. They need to hire someone to oversee their football operations because the owners don't know what they are doing. Lets hope this GM that was hired gets this team on the right path or its back to the drawing board for the ownership again in hiring again. Isn't it time for this team to get their act straight? We have seen a lot of teams rebuild made the playoffs and won the Super Bowl, isn't it time for the Jets to make the same type of move? Can't they build for the long term? I don't see a playoff team and I don't see them in the playoffs if they don't fix this team.
  4. When is Douglas the GM going to send a message to the coach and players??? Its about time he tells Gase or warns him that his players aren't responding and need some type of motivation of sorts. The oline is a complete mess its about time somethings should be done. Most of those players should be benched or cut by now but nothing is being done. Gase is calling out his players because he needs some type of reaction from them and so far nothing. Supposedly, Darnold is coming back in two weeks? How is he going to fix this oline when they can't block??? I don't want to see a dead man walking!!! Douglas should be looking at replacements now because its only 4 weeks and he has plenty of time to fix this oline. In the meantime Gase should start benching these players and use his bench. Right now the current oline isn't cutting it and something needs to be done!!!!!
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-mock-draft-four-quarterbacks-go-in-the-first-round-but-none-to-the-dolphins/ Andrew Thomas OT Georgia • Jr • 6'5" / 320 lbs In this case, it was not the offensive line's fault Darnold is missing games. New York has made a big investment in their quarterback and Darnold looks every bit the part of a franchise quarterback despite struggling in Week 1. Thomas is capable of playing tackle or guard at the next level and the Jets could use him regardless. Rushing for more than 3.4 yards per carry is probably something that intrigues Le'Veon Bell. Has anyone seen any of the 2020 NFL mock drafts? In this one the Jets are drafting a olineman a tackle with the 5th pick in the first round. Yes, they do need a olineman as well as a pass rushing OLB, a CB, a ILB, a WR and a DE. All these positions are a dire need for the Jets and they need depth at certain positions. Douglas the GM has his hands full this off season when making decisions. He has to cut players on this team and he will have to get players thru free agency to fill in the gaps that Maccagnan left undone. He is seeing first hand at all the problems the Jets have and none of it is Gase's fault or Greg Williams. Gase's offense can't function without a working oline that can block and protect Darnold and Williams can't find a OLB that can get to the QB or CB's that can cover opposing WRs and TE. Right now this team is falling apart and it shows that Maccagnan did a poor job selecting players from the draft and free agency. The Jets should forget about the season and the playoffs and concentrate on rebuilding. Darnold and whoever is the backup QB will not survive the entire season and the defense will get exposed every day.
  6. Laugh now but remember when he keeps missing games because he will be demanding a new contract. Everyone here will be demanding to sign him. Also remember he hasn't proven anything since he has been drafted and everyone better realize what he did in preseason he hasn't done it when it matters.
  7. Did anyone on here notice that this is the second time Sam Darnold can't complete a whole season. Last season he missed games because he got hurt and now he's missing games because he contracted Mono. That's two years in a row that he misses games!!! I'm sorry there are no excuses, he is our QB and shouldn't be missing games in any manner. He was drafted to be our future QB and so far he is missing games in two seasons. It was said that he won't be back until after the bye week. If Sam Darnold misses games another season, they better look at drafting another QB!!!
  8. The whole offense needs to step up mainly the oline and wide outs!!!!
  9. I think it will be a close game but the Jets are very weak on defense and can lose this game. With no pass rush or defenders in the secondary Mayfield can torch the Jets. Gregg Williams will have to make it difficult by making his defense difficult for Mayfield to read. On offense Darnold can't give up on opportunities like he had against the Bills. He has to score every chance he gets and often. The oline needs to start protecting Darnold and give him the opportunities and open up holes for Bell. The wideouts need to get open because they weren't against the Bills. Gase's offense can't get conservative anymore and he needs to open it up more.
  10. Where are those Quinnen Williams fans that kept insisting that he was going to roll over the opposing teams offenses??? In one game he played 3 quarters, no stats at all and he hurt himself, so much hype for the #3 pick in the first round and nothing. This team needed a pass rushing OLB not a DT to pressure the QB.
  11. Nothing can be fixed in one year or two!!! This team needs about 4 or 5 years to be fixed with draft picks and free agents. Gase and Williams should just get on their players get the best out of them because they aren't going to the playoffs.
  12. This team will be exposed badly all season long because the team has oline issues and no pass rush or defenders. I can't lay the blame on Gase or Douglas or Gregg Williams, they inherited a problem and tried fixing it. But they need a lot of time, a lot of draft picks and free agent money to fix every problem this team has and needs,
  13. This team looked really bad today!!! I can't blame all of it on the coaching staff, I blame this loss on the players themselves!!!! 1) Where are those Darnold fans that were posting that he is going to be the difference maker? The guy was giver 4 turnovers and one time they scored a touchdown!!! This wasn't the coaching staffs fault its his fault. Where are his WRs, TE and RBs? They all have to step up and catch the ball. The oline was horrible they couldn't give Darnold time to throw or even run block. 2) The defense was horrendous!!!! The team has no pass rush at all from the dline or the OLB. The secondary will be an issue all season long!!! They couldn't cover throughout the game. The defense has to learn to make adjustments and if one gets injured the others have to step up. Where's Quinnen Williams? If you look at his #'s at the end of the game, what did he do? He had no numbers!!! Where are the people that said he was going to roll over this league? 3) Penalties are one thing that keeps hurting this team!!! It happened with Bowles and now with Gase!!! This is the only thing I blame the coaching staff!!!! There needs to be a change or punishment that will keep them from doing the same crap. People have to stop being delusional and look at this team!!!! This team is not a playoff team and winning 10 games will not happen with these players!!! This teams depth is bad because of bad drafting by Maccagnan. This team has a lot of holes and this team will be exposed throughout the season!!! Start thinking about next year because this team needs a miracle.
  14. https://nypost.com/2019/08/29/jadeveon-clowney-isnt-the-answer-to-jets-edge-rush-woes/ Miami has a better chance of getting Clowney than the Jets!!! The Jets can't afford signing him for one year and he won't come down on his asking price.
  15. I believe the Jets defense isn't that dominant yet. People keep thinking Quinnen Williams is this great player that will go through every offense, but he's not. The Jets dline is not dominant against a good oline and there is no pass rushing OLB that will help the dline. The CB is very weak in passing situation!!! The secondary will be picked apart by QBs with a strong oline. Teams with a very good offense will have a field day picking apart this defense. Its preseason and I don't believe what I'm seeing until the season begins.

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