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  1. I believe Zack Wilson will finally grow into the system that is installed and surprise everyone. Besides Corey Grave, Mims and Moore will step up and lead the offense. Even with Becton back, the oline will still be a work in progress. The secondary will begin intercepting the ball more, JD will try to get an 'EDGE' rusher to take the pressure off the dline.
  2. Both Saleh and LaFleur need to have a sit down with Wilson and find out what is going on and watch the film. The commentators in yesterday's game kept saying and insisting that he has a problem throwing the easy passes that are called by the coach but not the hard passes that are called. That needs to be corrected because its hurting the team in the first half because they have to come from behind every time. Hopefully, after the bye week Wilson will be alot better and confident at getting the ball to his WRs
  3. 19 of 35 for 160 yards for Wilson Look at the stats, you will see Wilson threw more passes to Davis which is 10 passes and caught 5 of them. Look at the stats New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos Box Score, Summary, and Team Stats - September 26, 2021 Gametracker - CBSSports.com
  4. I am disappointed in this team!!!! The head coach needs to shake things up on both the offense and defense!!! I am getting tired of the oline committing the same mistakes over and over again!!! Wilson needs time to throw the ball not run for his dear life!!! Another thing that annoys me the most is Zack Wilson has this infatuation with Corey Davis the WR,. Wilson threw the ball to Davis about 10 times in the entire game, while the rest of the WR's and TE's got 2 or three passes each!!!! The head coach needs to get on Wilson and get him to throw the ball to the other WR's and TE's in
  5. After two games this season, I will say that the Jets have a long way to go!!!! Offensively, the Jets are a work in progress!!!! Everyone has to understand and realize that QB Zack Wilson is a rookie and is learning to read defenses!!!! He has not had any experience seeing this type of rush from defenses in college at all!!!! Belicheck proved that yesterday, by giving him different looks on defense and eliminating his #1 weapon WR Corey Davis throughout the game. Watch the game again and you will see that Davis was a nonfactor and TE Croft also was a nonfactor. But what upset me the most
  6. I don't like listening to these analysts, because most are wrong with there predictions. IMO, don't sleep on the Jets!!!! Yes they are a young team with a rookie QB at the helm and a rookie coach to lead them. But this team will open eyes during the season, I am not saying they are playoff bound. I believe they will win 7 or 8 games during the season. This Jets team will push teams harder because they will take this team lightly. The Jets coach will be pushing the button for the Jets to keep going no matter what!!! The Jets are not a finished product and they are young!!!! That is s
  7. Mangini - a Belicheck wannabe, did everything Belicheck did as a coach and lost his job twice, one with the Jets and then the Browns. Hasn't been hired as a head coach since!!!! Rex Ryan - came in with a huge ego that he will not be kissing Belicheck's hand at all. The man only cared for his defense and whatever backpage headline he can muster up every week. Another fired twice one with the Jets and Bills and nobody wants to hire an ego for a head coach!!! Gase - a walking disaster, who had only one accomplishment and thats being Peyton Manning's offensive coordinator. After that he
  8. Its funny because it's happening to Seattle, but before he was traded Jamal Adams was the Jets property!!!! We can all laugh now because we traded him to Seattle but if we did not make that trade, Jamal Adams would of been a pain to sign. This organization would of been cash strapped every season until Adams again wants another contract. What Jamal Adams is doing is the same thing Darrel Revis did to the Jets in his first contract with them. The Jets had everything going for them that year and they basically bowed to his demands. During the ending of his second contract, Revis demanded h
  9. Everyone should remember that the Jets are running the West Coast offense this year not Gase's offense!!! He needs time to adjust to this system, that's another reason Zack Wilson was pick as QB because they ran a similar offense at BYU.
  10. This is hard to call!!! All players have to prove something and not everyone is a guarantee a roster spot on this team. I believe alot of players especially veterans need to prove to the coaching staff that they still worth alot to this team. I will wait for the final cut downs, and see who is gone!!! Right now I can't predict anything because this is mostly players learning the new system that is installed. I say by training camp and preseason we will see who stays or goes.
  11. No a couple years back it was the Jets vs Bills (Rex was coaching), I went with my brother in law and saw the ambulance tailgating. It was amazing seeing it
  12. I have been watching a lot of the video feeds on Youtube of the Jets mini camp. I will say this, this is not the same team like last year at all!!! All the players currently are actually worried about losing a spot and they all are out to impress the new coaching staff. The rookies are actually pushing the veterans out of their positions. This is what the team has been missing for some years now!!!! The last time I saw competition like this is when Bill Parcells coached this team. All the players showed up to camp and practice because they knew Parcells will get rid of them if they didn'
  13. I always believed a very good oline can stop a good dline!!! Why? Because if you have no linebackers taking pressure off the dline by rushing the QB, then the QB can sit all day picking apart the secondary. Its very necessary to have a top secondary and linebackers against these top offensive QBs!!!! One compliments the other and takes the pressure off each other and are not burned out in the final quarter.
  14. I can't wait to see QB Zack Wilson run the West Coast offense this year. I haven't seen it run since Chad Pennington was QB!!! I want to see Wilson throw and scramble on the field. I want to see Saleh's defense especially the LB's make play's on the RB's when they go up the middle. Also the DB's get hit when opposing WRs or RB go up the middle for a catch.
  15. If Tim Tebow win a spot on the team as a TE, how long will the fans be screaming for him to be the starting QB over Trevor Lawrence?
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