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  1. We can all agree the we don't know what the JD is picking in the draft and the media are always making predictions but its more of a guessing game. What I laughed the most was last year they had Mike Tannenbaum to predict what JD would do in the 2021 draft. It should of been what Tannenbaum would of done at the draft. Everything he said was about trading draft picks nothing more. I like it that the GM isn't predictable at all, like the previous GM's. So far JD has assembled a team it took time to do it but now its up to the coaches.
  2. I never forget a few years after Barry Sanders retired, when he went off on the Detroit Lions front office of not getting him help, Then a few years later after his his retirement "Megatron" Calvin Johnson also ripped into the Lions front office. That's two ex players who are in the Hall of Fame, ripping the front office apart for their neglect of building a championship caliber team!!! Players that get drafted leave after their contracts up because there is no chemistry and no desire from the front office to restructure this team. Stafford is a perfect example of player who left a bad team going nowhere and he went to a better team. What he couldn't do in Detroit he did it with the Rams. This Super Bowl sends a message to the owners of the Lions and they better open their eyes because how many players now want to go to another team?
  3. OBJ is a baby when he doesn't get his way!!!!! Remember with the Giants the temper tantrums he displayed when he faced a real good DB that can cover him. Remember also on the sidelines he showed his displeasure of being covered by sitting out and getting confronted by the coaching staff and players. The Giants got rid of him because they didn't need these childish antics of his to cost them games. Remember in Cleveland, how he played!!! He was never into the games at all and you can he was asking opposing players to get him out of Cleveland!!! At the end he did what he wanted and was to get thrown off the team. With two teams, he threw the QB and the organization under the bus because he didn't get what he wanted!!! Now he went to the Los Angeles Rams and won a championship!!! Yes OBJ got his ring and name in the NFL Super Bowl books but now he is now a free agent. What team will sign him??? Right now, he will say all the right things to get a contract!!! But then what will happen? Will he go back to being a jerk or the player he was with the Rams??? Remember one thing OBJ is going to be looking for a big payday now that he won a Super Bowl. I wish the team all the luck, who signs him!!! The Jet do not need him at all!!!! They cleaned out the whole locker room of all the malcontents and bad contracts. Let another team sign him and put up with his antics.
  4. Predicting is so hard these days especially with the Jets!!!! I will not say this team will be fixed in one year because it won't be at all. This team is starting to finally look like a team little by little, but they need to address other holes this team has still in order to get to the next level. The way Joe Douglas has approached this team is a way nobody expected to happen or to be. I believe in two year this team will get to the next level!!!! After this draft which they have a total of 9 picks, they can address some of the needs. Its the following year that they will have addressed every need and this will be a young team with a low salary cap.
  5. After these bowl games and the combine come the pro player workouts we will see some of these players coming out doing personal workouts for the GM and scouts. Right there we will see which player rises and falls during the draft. Some fall because they are out of shape, failed a drug test or physical while other rises because they performed well at the combine and pro player workout. Lets see which are the risers and fallers in this draft. Right now we can all guess what players are going where but reality, some of these guys have to prove themselves to the coaches, gm, and scouts that they are worth picking.
  6. Let's wait and see what is in the free agent market first? The reason is because there are free agents that contracts expire and then there are free agents that are there because they got cut to get below the salary cap. So lets see what players can be signed out of that group. Next month will be interesting because the NFL combine begins and after that the pro player workout for each school that has more than one player coming out in the draft. We get to see the highly touted players on a lot of draft boards go up or down leading to the draft. Lets see which player surprises everyone on the draft boards
  7. I'm not quite sold on the oline the only reason it ranked #11 is because QB Zack Wilson running for his life. If Wilson didn't run for his life that number would be alot lower than #11. Its time for the right side of the oline to be rebuilt!!! We still need Becton to get healthy ASAP now!!! He now has plenty of time to get himself in shape and ready for next season. If he shows up out of shape and back on the DL then he is a bust.
  8. Jets GM Joe Douglas will have a first glimpse of every position the Jets need to improve. The Jets will have a total of four picks in the first two rounds in the draft!!! These are the area of concern for the Jets going into next season, they need a C, RG, RT, WR, TE, MLB, Edge, Safety and CB. Those are areas of main concern right now that needs to be addressed!!!! This is the best opportunity to see them up close before the combine and individual workouts after the combine.
  9. The Jets need to keep improving the Oline!!!! The Jets can't be satisfied with the current state of the Oline? They only had one player rush for over 100 yards this year and that was against Jacksonville. Also add on the sacks the team has given up and that will tell you that the oline needs more work done. The Jets currently need a Center, Right Guard and Right Tackle to solidify the Oline. They need to give Zack Wilson as much time as possible when it comes to passing. The line will give the running game a big jolt by opening huge holes. Hopefully, we can keep building through the draft
  10. I cannot label Zack Wilson a bust after one year as the starting QB. Let look at the facts so far: 1) The whole offensive line has been shaky (Becton out all season and Van Roten was a turnstile at right guard) Wilson has been running for his life when passing. 2) Only two WR's (Davis and Moore) have played good though the season. But the others have not stepped up when needed!!!! I have seen way too many passes dropped and when needed they can't get opened. If Douglas fixes those areas, Wilson will succeed on this team!!!!
  11. I remember last year most on this board wanted the Jets to hire Urban Meyer to coach this team. Well Urban Meyer can coach but ONLY in college not in the NFL. In college he is not coaching millionaires or attitudes in the NFL. Also Meyer recruited the players in college in the NFL is inheriting a lot of those players and those players are playing for money not like in college. Meyer was like a fish without water!!! That is why there are not that many coaches from the college ranks in the NFL. Look at Chip Kelly, Steve Spurrior, Bobby Petrino, Nick Saban and now Urban Meyer they had success in the college ranks but couldn't adapt to the NFL. Only one that adapted to the NFL and won also was Jimmy Johnson!!!! He came from the University of Miami The Hurricanes, he won a college championship there, went to the NFL and within 3 years he took the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl and won. Not one coach who came from the college ranks has had that type of success like Jimmy Johnson.
  12. There is a problem Becton won't be traded because he is considered damaged goods because of the knee injury. If he gets traded the Jets will not get a first or second round pick for him. They will get a late round pick for him nothing much for him because of his injury. I believe its smart holding Becton out until he is 100% better and if they bring him in they don't want him to get hurt again. Becton needs to put a better effort this offseason in the weightroom and stay in shape. Becton needs to stay in shape and learn the offense better for next season.
  13. These are the area of needs (not in specific order): RT, C, TE, Edge, ILB, CB, and Safety The Jets have two first round picks in the top 5 right now!!! 1) I think they continue to solidify the oline mainly the RT position. Its and area of need now and protects Wilson when he drops back to throw. 2) I believe they would go defense with this pick, they have been needing a edge rusher for some years. This has been a need and it is obvious and it takes a lot of pressure off the dline when it comes to pressuring the QB.
  14. Defensively, this team needs "Linebackers", Mosely looks good but you can see him getting beat at times with the blocking. They are in dire need of an edge rusher at the OLB position. Too many times the QB sits back there and takes his time finding his WRs. They need a OLB, badly because the dline can do so much and a good oline will take them out altogether. Without the LBs, the secondary are, sitting ducks getting picked apart. Offensively, besides the need of QB Zack Wilson stepping up; The Jets need to continue to build the oline of theirs!!! The Jets need a TE that not only is a blocking threat but can constantly pose a threat for the LB's and Safety on defense. I believe the offense is coming along but they are a few players short. You cannot blame GM Joe Douglas, this team cannot be fixed in one year. He is finally building a foundation on this team!!! He still needs to do more work to finish whatever he is building.
  15. One trade everyone fails to mention was GM Mike Tannenbaums trade to the Denver Broncos for Tim Tebow!!!! He traded draft picks for Tebow and those picks gave the Broncos the Super Bowl. Mike Tannenbaum traded away a lot of draft picks in his term as GM of the Jets!!!!
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