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  1. The Jets need a lot of areas to fill this year!!! The main weak points are the oline, RB and a pass rushing OLB, these points need to be addressed either through free agency or the draft. But first up is free agency in March. This is a site with a list of every free agent https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/
  2. The Jets don't need any distractions!!! They had enough of it when Rex Ryan was around, they definitely don't need it now. There is a whole new coaching staff and the players need the time to learn the systems. The team don't need to be distracted by a camera crew and their cameras.
  3. The Jets chances of winning the division aren't that good at all. There are a few things going against them and one of them is their schedule. The other thing its the coaching staff's first year with the Jets and the players have to learn a new system on both offense and defense. The players have to adapt to the new system and the coaching staff that comes with the new system. The Jets as a team isn't ready talent wise and having over $100 million in spending will not put them in the playoffs.
  4. AL047

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    I believe there will be more players that will be on that free agent list that we don't know of yet. Most of those players are cut for salary cap reasons. This is a big opportunity for the Jets to find a Olineman and a Dlineman in that group. Currently, we are hearing news on these prospects that are either good or bad. But these prospects still have to go through the combine later this month. Lets see who drops from the top and who moves up the draft boards after the combine. Only problem here is a lot of the top prospects don't perform at this combine, they mostly perform at their Pro Day. Some of these prospects that do perform, do miserably and have a chance to make it up at their Pro Day. I believe we will be hearing and reading a lot of news on these prospects. I don't get my hopes up or down on certain prospects over some news or rumor they say about them. The combine is there to help these prospects to show their physical skills and their mental aptitude during that time. These scouts, GM's and coach's make their evaluations not only on game film but their combine results.
  5. AL047

    Macc's biggest flub

    I can't put the full blame on Maccagnan for the oline or the lack of a pass rusher, remember he inherited the problem. The ones to blame is ex GMs Tannenbaum and Idzik, they are the ones to blame. Everyone only remembers how Tannenbaum drafted Mangold and Ferguson but forget how he neglected the oline and got Chad Pennington hurt. People forgot also the Jets last pass rusher was John Abraham, Tannenbaum could of addressed in his term as GM and nothing. Maccagnan huge mistake is drafting Hackenberg, he tried giving him the chance to win the starting position during training camp. But he saw what every GM saw and knew that he couldn't QB at all.
  6. AL047

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    I can't consider him a genius because he hasn't accomplished what other coaches have accomplished. He didn't win the Super Bowl and his future as a coach is still young. A lot of coaches wish they can get to the Super Bowl in two years like McVay. The hard part now is to try and repeat the next season!!! Bill Belicheck, I consider a genius because since he took over the Patriots he's been winning every season. He's done what no current coach has done and win a total of 6 Super Bowls with one team. The only way you can call McVay overrated is if he can't reach the playoffs with a stacked team. A lot of coaches are given a stacked team and still can't make the playoffs. If they make the playoffs they don't go farther because its either bad coaching or the players effort might not be enough. This would make the team overrated!!!
  7. Trading away Leo would be another long line of mistakes the Jets have committed. They can't just give up on him because of his performance with Bowles. I believe letting him play under Gregg Williams it will make a big difference on how he plays. Leo will get plenty opportunities under WIlliams to get better and make those around him better.
  8. AL047

    Patriots Draft Situation For 2019

    The Patriots usually trades out of the first round and get more picks for next year. But if they need to fill a position they would use that pick for what they need. As for the rest of the rounds, they usually are trading up or down in the draft for what they need. This is one of the reasons why the Patriots are never active in the free agent market or sign big contracts to free agents. They are usually replacing players through the draft.
  9. IMO, I believe Brian Flores stepped into a mess that will doom his head coaching career. The Dolphins are a complete mess created by none other than ex Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. He created the mess with the Jets and now with the Dolphins. Everything from drafting to free agent signings led to teams losing their foundation because of him. Flores has inherited a team with no QB and that's beginning to rebuild. His head coaching career will be short in Miami.
  10. The Patriot Dynasty will end when both Belicheck and Brady retire!!! Both practically run the team and the Patriots need both to run things. Brady runs the offense and Belicheck runs the team by picking the personnel and the players. No other QB or HC will be able to accomplish what they both did in their reign.
  11. AL047

    Why did bill leave the jets

    I think the reason both Bill's left the Jets is because of owner Woody Johnson. They both know something the we don't know. I always believed Woody had something to do with Bill Parcells leaving before his contract is up. Yes he had to complete his contract obligation and find a coach because Belicheck turned downed the Jets head coaching job. Remember Parcells claim that he was tired of coaching and then he goes and takes the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job instead of staying with the Jets. I believe Parcells and Belicheck talk during their time with the Giants and Jets. I believe they shared their information both and agreed on things weren't going to go right with the Jets. I believe both Bill's wanted to rebuild the Jets and Woody had other ideas or plans. IMO, Belicheck checked his options, he checked in with Kraft first to see what they are offering and during that conversation Belicheck told him of building a team for the playoffs and for the future and Taft was sold on the idea and hired Belicheck. Since he took over, the team has made a total of 11 Super Bowl appearances and won 5 total in his tenure. Both Bills were given a chance to stay and coach and both turned it down. One left to coach one last time, while the other went on to build a dynasty. I believe and ask yourself do you think Belicheck would of been able to do what he has done to the Patriots with the Jets? No, because Woody Johnson has a win now mentality; Look at how long it took him to accept that this team needed to be rebuilt. If anyone noticed since Metlife stadium was built the only thing he cares about is selling PSL's and when the Jets lose, people don't want to buy the PSLs or don't want to renew. Woody wouldn't give Belicheck full control of the team like he has with the Patriots. Belicheck has his own people in place in the front office and he picks his own coaching staff and players that he wants on his team. Woody Johnson is the reason IMO!!!
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-senior-bowl-penny-hart-overshadows-andy-isabella-on-thursday-l-j-collier-dalton-risner-shine/ More draft prospects on the rise at the Senior Bowl
  13. AL047

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    That free agent list will be getting bigger with teams cutting players to get under the salary cap. There will be more names added to that list that we don't know of yet. All we need to do is wait when teams start cutting down.
  14. AL047

    You're running the Jets

    That's not true at all, there have been a lot of great players drafted late in the first round and in the later rounds. Look up how many great players were drafted in the later rounds for every team. At #7 you can do one more trade and it will not hurt especially when you are rebuilding or replacing players. If you believe trading down or having more picks means nothing because the players aren't any good, that only means you have bad scouts and bad player personnel in picking those type of players.
  15. AL047

    You're running the Jets

    If I make the trade for Jacksonville's #7 pick and their second rounder, I would make another trade. I would trade the #7 pick again for more picks. I would be asking for next years first rounder or another second and third rounder for this years draft. This is the chance for the Jets to help themselves by gaining more draft picks to build any area they need.

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