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  1. Besides drafting Revis, Ferguson and Mangold what about the rest of his draft picks? How many picks did he trade away? He was the main reason why Chad Pennington went under the knife a second time because of neglecting the oline. Remember he traded two draft picks for Tebow and gave Mark Sanchez a undeserved extension in his contract. In the end the whole team was a complete laughing stock and was stuck in salary cap hell because of Tannenbaum. After a few years away he was hired by Miami and he left the team in shambles the same way he left the Jets in salary cap hell!!! I would take wha
  2. Its a shame a player like him being a first round pick ending up as a journeyman!!!!
  3. Its amazing back in November of last year everyone was hyping both Lawrence and Fields as the best QBs coming out of college. Trey Lance, Zack Wilson and Mac Jones were an after thought after that month. Then in January for the playoffs Fields surpassed Lawrence and beat Clemson. Leading to Fields to face Mac Jones in the championship and Jones blew out Ohio State and Fields out of the water. Look at the things now Fields has been dropping from #2 to #5!!! Main issue that has everyone talking about is his work issue that's one of the main things that is bothering people and his ability to
  4. This team needs a lot still to be considered a playoff caliber team and this upcoming draft will not make them or take them to the playoffs!!! This team still has way too many needs and also they have a rookie QB that has to still learn the offense and read defenses. The main priority is getting a offensive line because Becton doesn't solidify the offense, he is only one player. Remember you need five guys to run an offensive line not one player!!! They also need to add a RB, TE and WR for weapons that Wilson can use at his disposal. Defensively, they still need an edge rusher and CB
  5. 1) Gone is Adam Gase who proved he doesn't belong in the NFL sidelines in his tenure with the Miami and with the Jets. 2) Gone is QB Sam Darnold who has proven that he's not ready to play in the NFL. Will he succeed with Carolina? Time will tell??? (Proof that USC's QB development is faulty) 3) Let the rebuilding continue with the new players from the draft and the new coaching staff
  6. Blame Tannenbaum for letting Rex Ryan decide for him. Rex Ryan had a huge influence on Tannenbaum in drafting a lot of players and reason why the team has no talent, foundation or identity.
  7. You can also put Mike Tannenbaum with the likes of Idzik and Maccagnan. He is also the reason why the Jets drafting has been horrible. Remember he drafted Wilson, Coples, Pryor and Millner
  8. The #1 priority is getting the QB, which is Zack Wilson!!! The second priority is getting or solidifying the offensive line, getting Becton last year does not solidify the line at all. They still need another OT, a Guard and Center to protect the QB and open holes for the RB. What they need is a long term answer not short term and one person doesn't make the whole line. The third priority is getting an edge rusher at OLB, which has been missing for many years, the last was John Abraham. Sure the Jets have a very good Dline but a very good Oline will stop it and once that happens the
  9. Jets have multiple options with draft picks after Zach Wilson (nypost.com) These are what I think the Jets’ biggest needs beyond quarterback will be entering this draft, listed in order: cornerback, guard, linebacker, running back, edge rusher, tight end and wide receiver. With a list that long, there are plenty of different directions in which Douglas can go. This is so true!!! Douglas also has flexibility at both of these spots to trade back. Last year, there were three trades between picks 23-26 on draft night. The Patriots actually dealt pick 23 last year to the Charg
  10. Come the week of the draft, Douglas will getting calls for both picks their #2 and #23. Right now teams are preparing for pro days and setting up there draft boards. He will get offers and we will hear rumors leading up to the draft.
  11. IMO, it does matter!!! Look at the last three GM's Tannenbaum, Idzik and Maccagnan look at their draft history, and look at the team before Douglas came into the picture. This team has NO foundation at all or talent until Douglas took over as GM. With zero talent, there is no playoff appearances at all and plenty of disgruntle fans that stop going to games because of it. Douglas came in with a plan to rebuild this team and give it a foundation. He knew it was going to take more than one year to fix this team as a whole, Douglas doesn't want a one year wonder, he wants to build a team like
  12. I would wait until after the draft, to make any deal because we can find something of value in the draft that might be better than Miller.
  13. With 22 days until the draft the Jets made it obvious who they are picking #2 and its QB Zack Wilson from BYU. After that the Jets will be playing the waiting game until the #23 pick in the first round, while waiting they will see where a lot of players go and they will be fielding offers for their pick. We can look at the first three rounds and the Jets can draft the areas of need that are the OL, DB, and RB. These are the areas that they need to address first IMO, after they can address the TE, WR and LB's. But I believe the Jets will be moving and adding picks in the later rounds like
  14. The Jets will not get first round picks for Sam Darnold, he isn't worth a first round pick!!!!! Sam Darnold is only worth a late 2nd round pick or 3 round pick, not a first round pick!!! The Jets will not get a haul of draft picks for him!!!!
  15. I will always say this a good oline will always stop a good dline!!!! Once the oline stops the dline, where is the pressure coming from??? The Jets have no pass rushing OLB's and the secondary is mediocre at best, The opposing QB will be picking this defense apart because they have no pass rush!!! You always need more than one pass rusher to compliment the other and takes the pressure off the other!!!!
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