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  1. This team isn't ready to take the division maybe a wild card if they are lucky? This team isn't ready at all, because they are still missing a few pieces that need to be addressed. Just because the Jets have Darnold and signed Bell off of free agency it doesn't mean the team is going to take over the Patriots this year. There are a few questions going into the season on the offense mainly the oline. Can the oline protect Darnold and open holes for Bell? Can Harrison be a reliable center on the Oline? Can the oline last the whole season without any major injury? Can Quincy Enunwa stay healthy as well as the WR's? Then you have the defense with its own questions as well. Did they find the edge rusher they've been looking for in Polite? Will they find a suitable CB? The final issue the Jets don't have a favorable schedule!!! The Jets need to play smart football, What still kills the Jets is the mistakes like the penalties by both the offense and defense. Every penalty either knocks them out of scoring or kill drives. This has been a major problem and it was never corrected by the previous coaches. Right now at best, the Jets are a .500 team 8-8, with a few holes that still need to be addressed.
  2. If Douglas does get hired, I wonder what major changes he has in store for the front office? They said that he is bringing in his own people. He must know or have some sort of plan of what he wants to do to improve this organization.
  3. Its sad he had all the talent and he basically threw it all away!!! What a waste and if anyone noticed, he is still a free agent, no one has signed him. Now with this arrest no team will want to sign him and if they do he will definitely be suspended by the league for 4 games.
  4. The media will always have something to write about the Jets, whether positive or mostly negative. The problem is the Jets put themselves in that situation for years with bad decision making and bad playing. Remember the saying, "Same Old Jets", its a yearly thing hearing that statement every year. This organization is dysfunctional ownership is somewhat responsible for this and it trickles down to the GM and the coaches. One of the ways to get rid of that aura or mantra of negativity is by winning not only for this year but every year. They also need to stop giving the media negative reports about the team. One thing that is missed was Bill Parcells rule to his coaches and players. Parcells never let anyone in his coaching staff talk to the media and he warned players of talking and giving opposing teams material through the media. Right now the only negative report coming out of the Jets organization is the GM situation and how it was handle. Was it a surprise that Maccagnan was fired, I don't believe so, I was surprised of when they did it. The reason why it was done is being questioned because the head coach (Gase) could of been involved. But in the end its a negative for the organization!!!! What's done can't be changed but corrected for the future!!! The Jets need to hire the right GM and move on from the past and move forward!!! They need to start winning!!! The Jets will always be the underdog no matter what and winning is the only thing that will solve the problem.
  5. The media calls it a circus, because of how it was done but this was expected to happen. It was a matter of when it was going to happen. We all expected at the end of the season, but never this early. Chris Johnson made a statement and enough is enough and a change needed to happen quick. I hope they have someone in mind to replace Maccagnan now. I hope it doesn't take a month in their search.
  6. I believe that no team is built perfect and every year you need to fix or replace players at certain positions. Nobody can put a timeline on how long the construction will take to finish. Today, the Jets needed an oline, edge rusher and a RB, what will they need tomorrow? Remember, they had the money to spend this year but next year will be a different story the money won't be there like it was. This team isn't built to win now or playoff ready!!! They don't have a favorable schedule!!! The team will be going through its growing pains this year with the new coaching staff and players. If this is the last year for Maccagnan as GM, they will need to look for an experienced GM with player personnel history.
  7. Playing mistake free football!!! Too many times penalties killed drives and the head coach did nothing to correct this at all. Another is cutting down the turnovers which is another way that killed drives. Bowles did nothing to fix these problems now a new regime comes in and has to fix these problems.
  8. His job in my opinion is to disrupt the offense in any way possible. It doesn't have to be by sacking the QB but by hitting him from time to time, letting him know he is there and watch out. Defending against the running game by pushing them back. He should also be the team leader with Jamal Adams pushing the players Those are my expectations of Williams!!!
  9. He also took it apart by releasing the likes of Dave Szott and Al Faneca and he got Chad Pennington hurt because of the oline,
  10. Tannenbaum is the one that destroyed this teams foundation with his bad trades and free agent signings. He also put this team in cap hell. He put this team in a bad situation!!! Not worth signing or thinking or hiring!!!! Look at what he did in Miami!!! He did the same thing, that he did with the Jets. Now they are rebuilding the whole team!!!
  11. I believe that no team is ever built perfect and every year you need to replace or fix a position. The Jets will be needing like in the article a WR , CB, OL mainly center. But one thing the article left out was the need for depth at each position!!! I believe the need for a good backup is necessary especially when someone goes down during a game.
  12. I don't see him starting at tackle because of his size (6 foot 3), he fits more at the guard position. He can replace Winters next year,
  13. I was not impressed, Maccagnan could of and should of done better!!!! Most of the picks have a history of injury, a maturity problem plus an undersized tackle on offense. I believe the team didn't make enough improvement through the draft. Yes, they drafted what they needed but if you look at each player drafted there is something that may hurt the team. Out of the six picks, one will be starting the season maybe two. I believe this was Maccagnan's last draft!!!!
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001028811/article/top-undrafted-rookie-free-agents-following-the-2019-nfl-draft
  15. On paper right now it looks good adding Quinnen Williams to the Dline with Leo Williams and Henry Anderson. But there is a problem with the dline, when facing a good offensive line the dline becomes a non factor in a game. It has happened with the likes of Wilkerson, Richardson and Williams who were suppose to wreck havoc in the backfield and pressure the QB. But against a good oline the defense line was non a factor an was worn out by the fourth quarter. The same will happen again!!! To avoid this problem the Jets need an edge rusher to take the pressure off the dline!!! But again the Jets will go another year without an edge rusher!!!
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