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  1. I believe there should be 2 people to blame not just one. Woody Johnson is the owner and one to be blamed. He absolutely has no clue at all about running a team. The only thing he does care about is if the Jets make the playoffs, so he can sell PSL's. Woody has no knowledge of football that he had to hire people from outside to choose the candidates for head coach and GM. All owners have people within the organization with a list of candidates, they never hire someone from outside to select their candidates. His mistake was hiring both GM and HC at the same time through Casserly and Wolfe. Instead of hiring the GM first and letting him pick the head coach, Woody hired the head coach without the GM's opinion. The plan is they both report Woody, so there wouldn't be any problems like Idzik/Ryan. Woody first order to Maccagnan wasn't to rebuild this team, it was to resign Revis and spend the money on free agent. Woody's plan was to go to the playoffs to sell seats. nothing about rebuilding. Can't blame Maccagnan the GM, he inherited a bad situation because the Jets talent was very bad because the previous two GM's(Tannenbaum and Idzik) destroyed this team with bad drafting and bad free agent signings. In his first two years as Jets GM, he was ordered to sign Revis and fill the rest of the roster with free agents. There was NO rebuilding plan in Maccagnan's first two years as GM. In the third year is when they decided to rebuild that's when they decided to dump Revis and the bad contracts, they also got rid of the bad locker room element. This year the Jets were of the same like last year with the rebuilding. Sure Maccagnan's drafting hasn't been of spectacular but he inherited a team with no foundation or a QB. Everyone thinks or expects with one draft and free agent signings this team will be in the playoffs. The rebuilding process should of started the first day Maccagnan started as GM but Woody Johnson had other plans that weren't rebuilding. Todd Bowles should get most of the blame because his problem is not getting on the players or his coaching staff. As a coach he has to get his players on the same page and make sure they don't commit the same mistakes. Well as a coach, he has failed because the players keep committing the same penalties over and over. He hasn't gotten on his coaching staff to correct these mistake or even on those players. His job is to put these players in a position to win.
  2. You do know that QB Sam Darnold is hopefully the future of this franchise. If or when your hired what kind of offensive system will you be implementing? Who do you have in mind of hiring to be your offensive coordinator and QB coach? On defense, what kind of style or defense will you be using? Who do you have in mind in hiring to be your defensive coordinator?
  3. Yes, GM Maccagnan did pick and signed all these players, but I believe its Bowles fault because its his job to put them in position to succeed and win. I do believe its Bowles fault as a head coach because he didn't do his job as a coach to push his staff or players. Remember one thing that everyone has forgotten, when Bowles took over as the Jets head coach job with no experience. Bowles only experience was as a Defensive Coordinator and he had to learn to be a HC on the job. Here's a reminder, when Maccagnan took over the position as GM, the Jets had money to spend because they were below the salary cap. Woody Johnson wasn't thinking of rebuilding, he was only thinking of making the playoffs and Maccagnan's order from Woody was to sign Revis. Sure Maccagnan spent that money alright and the Jets missed the playoffs by one game. In the second year, the Jets weren't thinking of rebuilding, they were thinking of going to the playoffs with the same unit and they failed horribly. In Maccagnan's third year is when they decided to rebuild this team by cutting bad contracts and dumping the locker room problem. That is when Maccagnan started to work by drafting and bringing in people to fill the roster. The team still finished in last place but showed flashes of improvement during the season, but not enough to have a winning record. This year Maccagnan found the Jets future QB in Sam Darnold, but still not enough. The talent on this team is still lacking!!! Its been only 4 years for Maccagnan and the last 2 years he has spent rebuilding this team. When Maccagnan took over, this team was lacking talent because the last two GM's never bothered replacing or fixing the problem areas making this team unattractive to any experienced coach to hire. After this season, the Jets will be either looking for a head coach or both a head coach and a GM. If the Jets do go on firing both coach and GM; its going to be back to the drawing board on rebuilding this team or use the money to build this team by the GM and we will think or lie to ourselves that the team is going to the playoffs. Meanwhile if the Jets hire a rookie head coach with no head coaching experience, they are doomed again because he will have to learn on the job which is bad. When hiring a head coach its not about hiring a offensive or defensive coach, to me its about hiring someone with head coaching experience which they need to do IMO. If the Jets hire a rookie head coach, the Jets will be back looking for another head coach in about 2-3 years. This team doesn't need a coaching carousel or even a GM carousel!!!
  4. I know a lot are upset with GM Mike MacCagnan and want him gone as well as Bowles. We all know the coaching candidates to replace Bowles, but who are the GM candidates to replace MacCagnan as GM? If the Jets do decide to depart with MacCagnan, they need a GM that was involved in player personnel and drafting. People should realize that this team has a long way to go and one draft or a mass free agent signing because they have $100 million in cap space will not put this team in the playoffs. This team not only needs players but they also need a head coach and coaching staff that can put these players in a best position to win. This team should be left alone and rebuild, they should take a page from the LA Rams. Look how long it took them to get their players and to get to where they are now?
  5. Its a shame for the Jets, I personally didn't expect them to make a playoff run. This team has way too many holes and it will take more than one year to fix. But I did expect more from this team especially from the coaching staff. I believe Bowles hurt himself by not getting on his players for their penalties and mistakes and getting on his coaching staff. Another thing is his inability to make adjustments when needed during games. Now at the end of the season, he will be gone and the search begins!!!! Everyone here is yelling for a offensive minded coach and others yell for the need of a defensive minded coach!!! Currently, if anyone has notice almost all the candidates have "NO" prior head coaching experience. Those candidates only experience is as coordinators or coaches for offenses and defenses. There are other candidates that are coming out of the college ranks that are head coaches in their program and have no NFL head coaching experience. Those college head coaches only experience in the NFL are as coordinators and coaches. Don't think because he is a head coach in college that its going to translate to success in the NFL. Remember, Jets fans will not put up for mistakes or losing and they will not wait for a coach to learn on the job. The Jets need an NFL experienced coach not a "rookie" coach to lead this team!!! The problem the Jets have is that all the good coaches are taken or retired and those in college don't want to coach in the NFL or millionaires with attitudes. I believe the next head coach that comes in, needs to address the offense and defense. The next coach that comes in need to pick the right people to run his team. He need to make his staff responsible for the job that they are doing. Now that the Jets have Darnold, he needs to find a offensive system and a coach with experience in developing their QB. The current issue now is the OC has no experience in developing a QB or creating a game plan that works and can make adjustments on the fly. The same can be said about the defense, they need a system that can put pressure on the QB and a coach that can adjust on a fly. So we can throw every coaches name but can they be the head coach for this team? Remember the Jets do not have a playoff roster and the coach that gets hired needs to work with the GM. The GM needs to get the head coach the players that he needs for both offense and defense. It will be an utter failure if both the coach and GM aren't on the same page. Everyone knows the Jets head coaching position isn't a attractive job that everyone is knocking the door down to get. Who ever takes the Jets head coaching job? Better be prepared because he is inheriting the baggage that comes with the job!!!
  6. AL047

    It starts with talent

    This team lacks a foundation and talent for years of bad drafting and bad free agent signings by the likes of Tannenbaum and Idzik. Those two GM's created the problem not McCaganan, he has been trying to fix things. This team can't be fixed in one year and one draft won't ever fix this team. This team needed a overhaul and McCagnan did that by getting rid of all the bad contracts. This team still needs more work, now that he drafted Darnold, his work is now beginning. He has to now build a oline to protect him and get him the proper weapons that he needs like WRs. Darnold needs a RB to take the pressure off of him when not passing. On defense they need an a pass rushing OLB, ILB, another DE to compliment Williams, NT and a DB to replace Skrine and Claibourne. All these needs can't be fixed in one year!!!
  7. I believe Bowles is getting fired tomorrow and Chris Johnson will have him finish the season
  8. Everyone here is saying hiring a defensive guy is bad!!!! Well even hiring a offensive guy is bad!!!! Right now everyone is throwing out names but no one here is thinking!!! Look at all the candidates that everyone is throwing out, not one of those candidates have head coaching experience not one. All of these coaches are coordinators or some type of coach but none with head coaching experience. What you are hiring is a "rookie" coach, who is learning to be a head coach. With that you are going to get a lot of mistakes, and the Jets fans are not going to put up with mistakes. The Jets don't need another inexperienced coach taking over this team. What they need to do is hire someone with head coaching experience like one of the Harbaugh's . They both have had success being head coach in the NFL level. Both are strict and demand a lot from their players. It will take a lot to get either of them to coach the Jets. I believe money won't be the issue but total control will be the issue. I would take a chance on experience than hiring inexperience!!!!
  9. This team doesn't need another "rookie" coordinator (offense or defense) as a head coach!!!! This teams needs an experienced head coach to lead this team. Everyone is claiming the Jets need a offensive minded coach because its a passing league; The Jets need a defensive minded coach because defense wins championships. When you hire a "rookie" as a head coach, you get a lot of mistakes and Jets fans don't have the patients to put up with mistakes. The next thing that happens is the beginning of another coaching carousel!!!! You can throw out all the names you want to coach the Jets but always remember just because you hired coach this team is not going to the Super Bowl!!!! This team is not a year away of making the playoff and having a lot of salary cap will not make this team a playoff contender. This team has way too many holes, just because they have their QB in Darnold doesn't make this team playoff or Super Bowl contenders. This team still needs work and it won't take one year to fix. This team needs one of the Harbaugh's to coach this team!!! To get them not only its about money, but they will want to bring in their own people and they will want to run things. The Johnson's should consider hiring and giving them full control of the Jets.

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