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    We’re good, luv.

    Cousins still can't beat teams with over .500 records. The Jets are better off without him!!! I believe Cousins sees the Jets are building a nice team with the Jets signing of Bell and other free agents. With those signings it caught his attention and now he's probably rethinking.
  2. Tomorrow Monday at 4:00 PM eastern time the free agent signing period begins. So the Jets can talk to all the free agents they have in their radar and start offering them contracts but the signing won't become official until 4:00 PM. This week is important and the Jets should be in the headlines all this week signing free agents. Lets see how many teams besides the Jets want Bell? Lets hope the Jets make a move on the first day?
  3. AL047

    Vince Young Fired after DUI

    I'm very surprised how Vince Young career has fallen. This guy had talent and he ruined it himself, that no team would touch him. Now, he lost his coaching job because of his stupidity.
  4. No one has mentioned Clay Matthews and he is a free agent an edge rusher. Only problem is that he's 33 years old but he can still play. I would take a chance an sign him to a 2 year contract with an option for a third.
  5. AL047

    Antonio Brown to Raiders

    Brown got what he wanted and asked, He got traded to the Raiders and they reworked his contract thanks to the free press that he got. But now he will have to perform and show Gruden and the rest of the Raider nation that he's worth the trade and money. Remember he is use to his surroundings in Pittsburgh and the mentality of playing for the playoffs. Brown doesn't know what he's getting into and he better realize Tomlin isn't his coach anymore and the talent level with the Raiders isn't like the Steelers. How long will it be when he throws the QB and Gruden under the bus? Lets see when he starts throwing tantrums when the ball doesn't go to him?
  6. AB was talking about playing in sunny California for either the 49ers or Raiders. Now he will be playing in snowy Buffalo next season. What's funny AB could threaten that he will retire, he is going to try and do a Bell by sitting out one season. But he forgets he is signed for 3 years, so if this trade stands, he will be Buffalos property for the next three years. He says he will retire let him, only surprise here is if he sits out like Bell, and unretires, he still will be Buffalos property. AB can't pick and choose where he wants to go, and the Steelers are not going to accommodate him as everyone can see. AB wanted out and the Steelers obliged, but it wasn't where he wanted to or expected to go.
  7. AL047

    Debate - Bell vs Coleman

    My only problem with Bell is that he was out for a whole year, how good of shape is he in? That is my only question. If I were the GM for the Jets I believe Bell should take a physical before signing any type of contract. Remember, he was inactive for one year and you have to wonder how long will it take for him to be in football shape? Reason, I am saying this is because he can get hurt immediately and Bell becomes useless and a bad signing.
  8. If teams begin to have doubts with Kyle Murray, he still has his Pro Day to go through and he might have to go through a few private workouts before the draft.
  9. Here's the biggest question, why are the Cards trading Rosen? He was their #1 pick last year!!! This guy was suppose to be their future QB last year!!! Why the change of heart now? This GM doesn't realize but he can get fired and no team will ever touch him. If Rosen gets traded and succeeds with the other team and Kyle Murray fails, he will definitely get fired. What are the reasons Rosen is being traded?
  10. I believe a few things will have to go in the Jets favor in order for them to win the division. 1) Signing the right people during free agency which is key. 2) Drafting the right people will help. 3) The Jets need a favorable schedule not like the past years. Right now the Patriots are the team to beat, no matter how many players they lose to free agency they are still the team to beat. They always have replacements they either draft someone or sign a free agent. They always have a replacement in place for that player or a plan of who they will sign or trade for if such occasion occurs. That's why the Patriot organization is so great and they are very organized. Notice every year they lose players and they are able to replace them and continue winning.
  11. What good is having a good Dline, when a very good Oline can easily take them out of the game? Against good teams with a very good Oline the Jets Dline will be taken out of games and the secondary gets picked apart. Against those strong teams with a strong Oline, the Dline will be worn out by the 4th quarter. Against weak teams with a weak Oline the Dline will flourish. The Jets need a pass rushing OLB to take the pressure off the Dline. That has been the problem for years, there has been no pass rush from the OLB's position since John Abraham. The Jets need a edge rusher they haven't had one in years. Building the Dline doesn't take away the need for an edge rusher. You need one to compliment the other!!!
  12. So far DeMarcus Lawrence, Dee Ford, Frank Clark, and Jadeveon Clowney have been tagged by their respective teams.
  13. AL047

    Raiders shopping Carr?

    Gruden signed for 10 years with the Raiders and in his first year he traded away both Mack and Cooper for a bunch of draft picks. Now in his 2nd year it looks like he wants to see the value of his QB Derek Carr. It seems like Gruden wants to build this team with his guys. With those picks, he can do whatever he wants with those picks. He can trade for more picks in future drafts to build his team or pick the players. Gruden has a plan set that he created, is QB Derek Carr part of the plan nobody knows but him. But he will check for Carr's value and see what team's will offer him. How long will it take for Gruden to build his team???
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001020161/article/nfl-combine-winnerslosers-justice-hill-puts-on-a-brief-show Garrett Bradbury is a center and Andre Dillard is a tackle both looked good at the combine and both are 1st rounders. I'm hoping the Jets keep both in mind when draft time comes. Lets see what kind of activity the Jets do in the free agency period. www.nfl.com/combine/tracker#day=friday
  15. AL047

    The Combine Tracker

    http://www.nfl.com/combine/tracker#day=friday Quinnen Williams has a broken finger and won't be able to participate the bench press on Saturday.
  16. AL047

    The Combine Tracker

    They need to go to the combine because if they are entering the draft they need to take a physical of course. The main objective of the combine is to test each individual according to the position they are playing. The things they are tested are their strength, agility, speed, their consistency catching the ball, their ability to jump high. All are necessary to separate themselves from the other at their position. No game film can show GM's and scouts these things and the pro days are to make up if they did bad at the combine or didn't participate because of injury or whatever reason. You also forgot weeks before the draft, teams bring in top draft picks for private workouts and interview for the last time if they are not sure and have questions to be answered.
  17. Yes, I am and I would pick Jordan Howard over Bell. I believe Jordan is a better option than Bell. Bell has been out of football a year, he's hasn't seen any football action and he's out of shape. Why misspend money on Bell when you can use that money on another position? All it will take is a draft pick to get Howard and later you can extend his contract.
  18. I would trade for Jordan Howard, he's what the Jets need. I wonder what the Bears want in exchange.
  19. AL047


    Do the Jets need a pass rusher? Yes they do need a pass rushing OLB that can take the pressure off the dline. The Jets need to rebuild that dline again. They need to find a NT and a DE to compliment Leonard Williams at the other DE position. A good oline will stop a good dline anytime if you don't have a pass rushing OLB wrecking havoc in the backfield or pressuring the QB.
  20. AL047


    The GM at the time was Tannenbaum and in his time with the Jets, he never bothered replacing him through free agency or drafting one.
  21. AL047

    Would AB be worth...

    I believe Pittsburgh is looking for the best offer or package to trade Brown. They don't want to be quick at dealing Brown to any team. So far how many teams are really interested??? I believe not that many teams are interested so far or are they waiting after the combine or during the free agency period to show their interest in him. What is their asking price? In the past whenever Pittsburgh had a problem with a player they trade that player for a lesser draft pick. Example WR Santonio Holmes was traded to the Jets for a 5th round pick in the 2010 draft. Is Antonio Brown selecting where he wants to go and Pittsburgh has to approve it??? If Brown is picking his destination what is he looking for??? Or he already selected a destination and is waiting for Pittsburgh to announce the trade??? Yes the Jets need a #1 WR and Antonio Brown fits the bill. Now can the Jets impress Brown to coming here??? If not then forget him!!!!
  22. The Jets must give Bell a physical before signing him to any type of contract. If he is out of shape like the rumors say I wouldn't take a chance at signing him. Keep these things in mind about Bell, he sat out last year; he had no physical contact and the biggest question is, did he workout in all that time to stay in shape? If Bell is out of shape, signing him will be a big major mistake. How long will it take for him to get back in football shape? Being out of shape can cause a major injury and then you are stuck with a player with a bad contract.
  23. The Jets have a lot of needs both on offense and defense. The major necessity on both sides is a oline and a pass rushing OLB. The Jets have the 3rd pick in the draft, right now they can do a lot of things with that pick. They can trade that pick for more picks or make that selection. If they do make that selection they should take OLB Josh Allen, this fills a need that the Jets were missing for years since John Abraham a pass rushing OLB. The Jets need to pressure the QB and the Dline can't do it by themselves against a team with a good offensive line. It has happened and it will if the Jets don't get the pass rushing OLB that they need. Gregg Williams is not a miracle man that can fix anything and this position is very important, But if the Jets do trade down depending where they land then they should select an offensive lineman. Yes the Jets need to protect Darnold but there is no olineman worth picking in the top 10. Trading down for more picks is the smart thing to do because they can gain more picks for this year and for maybe next year.
  24. If the rumors are true that Bell is fat and out of shape, would you still sign him??? I wouldn't sign him at all and what you are getting by signing him is a bad contract. The guy will take too much time to get in shape. He wouldn't be in "football" shape and the only thing that will come out of it is an injury. Once he gets injured then he gets prone to more injuries and then that contract you gave him is worthless to the team. Bell should have a sign that reads, "Buyer Beware", remember he didn't play a whole year of football. That video of him playing basketball means nothing. Remember a lot of teams that are interested or curious are not going to throw money at him unless he takes some type of physical. Nobody can guarantee that he's in shape!!!
  25. I have concerns with signing Bell 1) He sat out for a whole year, how good of shape can he be? 2) Once signed how long will it take for him to be in football shape? These are concerns because the Jets don't need Bell to show up to training camp out of shape and overweight. Even if he is in shape, he won't be in football shape. By "football shape" I mean he can take a hit in practice or in preseason. The Jets can't afford for him to get hurt because if he does get hurt it would hurt the Jets. How it would hurt the Jets? How long will it take for him to comeback from an injury (remember he didn't play for a whole year)? There is no guarantee that none of this will happen but it can. But if it does the Jets are stuck with a bad contract and everyone here will blame Maccagnan.

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