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  1. I believe the trade value for that #3 pick is so great. They can stockpile draft picks for their future and continue building the team. Which team is willing to move up in the draft?
  2. I don't believe a cleaning house is necessary, I believe with the right coaching staff a lot of these players will be useful. I just hope Gase hires the right people to run things.
  3. AL047

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    The Miami Dolphin collapse is Tannenbaum's fault!!! He was to blame for the Jets mess for trading draft pics and bad free agent signing and neglecting a lot of team needs. Can't say if it won't happen with the Jets because Maccagnan is still in a work in progress. This is Maccagnan second chance to fix things with Gase. Its Gase' second chance to correct the mistakes he made with the Dolphins. They have a chance now to do something right!!! They both need to get on the right page and there are no more second chances!!!
  4. AL047

    Who would Woody hire?

    Woody would still be going through interviews and second interviews
  5. If Arians health issues flairs up in his tenure as head coach of the Bucs and he has to step down. Don't be surprise if Bowles takes over for him.
  6. If Rhule is hired start up the revolving door because he isn't going to last to see his next contract. They are adding another coach to the pile of coaches that have failed.
  7. AL047

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    There are reasons why Mangini hasn't been hired by any team. He failed with both the Jets and Browns because he tried being Belicheck and no team is willing to give him a chance.
  8. I would wait after they go through the combine in February. There you will see who really are the top players coming out and also see players that no one have heard of climb the draft boards. I don't get too excited with these bowl games but it does help putting their names out there for the NFL scouts to see. The next step now is the Senior Bowl and the Hula Bowl and then for whoever is entering the draft gets an invite to the combine. After the combine its their Pro Day at their respective schools. Lets see how who climbs the draft board and who is falling? Who are this years sleepers?
  9. The reason the likes of Wilkerson, Richardson and Williams failed is because when you put them up against a real good oline they couldn't do anything at all. They needed a pass rushing OLB to take the pressure off the dline!!! Plus if anyone remember Wilkerson signed his contract and did nothing, he took off plays; Sheldon Richardson was moved around the dline and at LB he did nothing; Williams they put him at DT/DE and did nothing. They did nothing because they faced good olines and Rodgers the DC didn't put them to succeed. Out of the three, Williams is the only one left and now the question is to trade him or not? The Jets have the #3 pick and the predictions on mock drafts have them picking a DE or DT. If they don't trade Williams that pick can help him, in fact he can compliment him and rebuild the dline . If they do trade Williams, that pick will be replacing him and how is he helping the dline? He will be facing the same thing Williams faced like a good oline and when people see the same production like Williams had they will claim he's a bust. I don't consider Leonard Williams to be a bust at all!!! The reason for it is because he doesn't have the support around him and the coaching hasn't put him to succeed on that defense. He's only ONE player when he faces a good oline he can't do anything, he is taken out. If they trade him to another team, the odds of him succeeding on the other team is great. Now if the Jets pick a DT or DE at #3, the Jets aren't improving anything at all on the dline. Keeping Williams improves the defense and you are building at the same time.
  10. I don't see anyone trading for Flacco but when he hits free agency I can see the Washington Redskins signing him. With Alex Smith out with the broken leg, the Redskins need to replace him.
  11. AL047

    Head Coach Hiring Has Begun

    Remember Bowles and Arians talked during the season and probably in those discussions Bowles said things about the Jets that probably turned off Arians. It could be many things from GM Maccagnan to the Johnson brothers.
  12. I'm surprised at a name no one has mentioned as a candidate and I think he is qualified its the New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael. He's been the coordinator for almost 10 years and has worked with QB Drew Brees. He should of been one of the first people to interview for the Jets HC position. I wonder if he will be interviewed???
  13. Denver wants Harbaugh because of his experience and the rest of the candidates have no NFL head coaching experience. John Elway went the route of hiring an inexperience coach and failed and he doesn't want to go through the same thing again.
  14. If he's not interested it could be because of these things: 1) How many years he wants to coach the Jets 2) He wants to be involved in the selecting of players (Draft and Free Agency) with the GM 3) Even though they have QB Darnold,, he sees the Jets as a project and doesn't want to rebuild
  15. If he does sit out the season, what teams are going to be looking for a new head next year? I am also curious as to why, he wants to sit out the season?
  16. AL047

    Should the Jets Sign Le’Veon Bell?

    Yes the Jets do need a RB, but Bell is too risky and his contract demands will hurt the Jets in the long run. How many times he will have to restructure his contract to get the Jets below the salary cap to sign free agents in the future? Nobody can guarantee that he will be in football shape? The Jets have other needs more important like an oline, a pass rushing OLB, WRs, to name a few. I do believe Bell will use the Jets like QB Kirk Cousins did to get the largest contract and he will go to another team instead of the Jets.
  17. Maccagnan and Chris Johnson should have at least someone in mind they would like to hire or an idea. There are a lot of candidates that will be interviewed but theirs a problem that every coach will be facing. The Jets head coaching job is a lot like a revolving door!!! Is the Jets head coaching job a attractive job? IMO, No its not a attractive job, having a QB doesn't mean anything when he doesn't have a supporting cast on offense (RB, WRs and OL). I believe a few of the potential candidates will ask to be taken off the Jets list and the Jets have to ask permission to interview these candidates and those teams will most likely deny them. Plus the Jets have competition with other teams looking for coaches. We all have thrown out names of potential HC candidates, but we all have to be realistic who ever they hire, we all be questioning the coach and the hiring.
  18. AL047

    Realistically, how long?

    I hope they don't rush hiring a coach or wait hiring a coach until after the Super Bowl. They need to hire the right coach and give him the time necessary to select his coaching staff.
  19. If I was Maccagnan, I would look back at every coach hired after Parcells as to why they have failed including Bowles!!! All were defensive coaches with NO prior head coaching experience!!! This team needs a candidate with head coaching experience NOT a coach who is learning on the job!!! The head coach to be hired should have some type of background with offense. The head coach should be able to hire his own staff and mainly a qualified offensive coordinator that can develop Sam Darnold.
  20. AL047

    ESPN ranks HC candidates

    Why isn't Chuck Pagano being mentioned??? He recently was interviewed by Green Bay
  21. I would consult first with the new head coach first and whoever is his defensive coordinator to see what plans they have for him in their defensive system. It would be unfair if I go trade someone on the team without consulting him first. Its important to get on the same page as your coach if their plans is building a defense. I believe if I trade someone for a draft pick, I believe in replacing him with someone better at his position or make another position that is weak, strong again.
  22. AL047

    Why does our D suck so badly?

    The problem with the defense is they are short on talent!!! The dline is good but not that good because Leonard Williams needs help. He needs someone else to compliment him on the dline because he can't do it all by himself. But a very good oline can take out your dline easily because the Jets need and have been needing a pass rushing OLB for years. Having zero pressure from the outside gives the QB plenty of time to pick the secondary apart. The other problem is the defensive coach doesn't put the players in position to create plays. He has no imagination to create blitz packages to pressure the QB.
  23. AL047

    2019 And Beyond

    There are a lot of holes on this team that need to be filled. But I will say this you can't get rid of the likes of Leo. Why would you trade him away? Leo's problem that there is no other talent on the dline to take the pressure off of him or a pass rushing OLB to take the pressure off the dline. The top priority for 2019 and beyond, is surrounding Sam Darnold with offensive talent. That is top priority IMO!!! Its time to build an offense!!! First thing is fixing the oline and I will spend some of that $100 million on the oline first.
  24. AL047

    O, Tannenbaum

    Tannenbaum was a horrible GM and he left this team with no talent at all!!! His drafting was horrible and he traded most of the Jets draft picks away. Everyone talks how he built the oline, why doesn't everyone remember how he neglected the oline? Chad Pennington was hurt because of the oline was a mess!!! Or how about how Tannenbaum neglected surrounding QB Mark Sanchez with talent!!! Tannenbaum was the Jets capologist as well and he left the team in a salary cap mess with all the bad contracts he made. It was going to be time until the Dolphins got rid of him!!!!
  25. Rex was a good defensive coordinator but as a head coach his ego got in the way!!! He came to the Jets with an arrogance that he won't kiss Belicheck's rings and that the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl. The first two years he got the Jets close to the Super Bowl, but the following years the team fell apart because of his ego. He was obsessed with his defense and only cared about his defense, he didn't care about the offense at all. Every week Rex gave the media something to talk about and he also made a lot of bad coaching decisions during games. Right now Rex is not coaching, but he would like to be back not as a coordinator but as a head coach!!!

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