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  1. VinnyT16

    Just End The Season

    Yea nothing excites the fanbase like watching the likes of Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  2. Never has has that phrase been more relevant. Im ready to put Darnold in bubble wrap until OTAs at this point. Hopefully McCown could get dinged up quickly and Webb could follow Pettys lead and lead them to a top 6 draft pick.
  3. Darnold is just as bad right now.
  4. Everybody knows Darnold gets a free pass this year. With that said he hasnt done anything to make me feel confident hes the answer.
  5. McCown is better than rookie Darnold. Josh saved Bowles job last year.
  6. He looks better than Solomon Thomas, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross, and Hassan Reddick. I hated the Adams pick as much as anyone, but at least hes a helpful player who would start on 32/32 teams in the league.
  7. Yep Bowles will be DC in Cleveland next year.
  8. If Bowles or Bates got fired in season who would replace them? I guess Karl Dorell could be an option at both positions. Thoughts?
  9. VinnyT16

    Jets 8 Point Favorites over Bills

    Season is over. Not sure why anyone is even talking about the Bills.
  10. The positive to come out of this season is that it proved to everyone involved that Bowles and staff needed to go. Had Teddy started and the Jets won 9 games this regime would have been back and Sam would be screwed. At least now the kid might have a shot.
  11. To be fair Sanchez and Geno showed flashes in year 1 as well despite the overall body of work being terrible. Its a tough sitution for the kid. Bowles is going to fall on the sword for him in year 1, but he will start feeling the heat year 2 if he doesnt show significant progress. Considering at the end of year 2 he will be the same age as Baker this year its a tough spot to be in. Darnold could be a cautionary tale for QBs leaving school early.
  12. While I still think he could be OK in the long run I think after yesterdays game as fans we at least need to prepare for that possibility. Darnold was the QB everybody wanted from day 1 last year and this organization recieced universal praise for being aggressive to draft him. If this kid fails is it really his fault? Could the reason all these guys failed is that we entrusted defensive coaches to manage their development?
  13. VinnyT16

    Stop watching & let the Jets know

    Yesterday I checked out of the season, and imagine thet many other fans will do the same.
  14. 21 year old kid obviously not ready for this. Let him have a full offseason with better coaching and see what he looks like next year. If he still sucks next year bring in competition year 3, but too early to write him off. He was younger tham Sanchez and Geno during their rookie year.

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