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  1. Yes but two franchise QBs are more valuable than one franchise QB and a low impact defensive player.
  2. Why not draft him and let him compete with Sam? Let the best man win the job and trade the loser for a first in 2020. Id rather have Haskins than Leonard Willaims or Jamal Adams 2.0
  3. Good safety but as you saw today. Very low impact.
  4. Terrible job by fouts and eagle not calling out The refs on the Anderson play.
  5. Trumaine Johnson....not what you want from your 72Million dollar free agent
  6. I think Sam has had a strong rookie year, but still needs to take that jump in year two before we can know definitively if the Giants made a mistake. Also keep in mind everyone said the 2017 crop of QBs weren’t great, but look at the numbers that Watson, Trubisky, and Mahomes are putting up.
  7. Rex did a great job those two years, but when you build a house of cards you can’t be shocked when it falls apart. The Jets had some foundational pieces with prime years left in Revis, Harris, Brick, and Mangold, but the rest of that team was mercenaries. Unfortunately they ultimately missed on Sanchez and Tannenbaum was two years too late in pulling the plug.
  8. Keep laughing but Dave Gettleman made the right call picking Barkley. Players like him don’t come around often. He also made two great picks later in the draft with BJ Hill and Lorenzo Carter. Locking up OBJ was also intelligent. The Giants can get Haskins or Jones this year and be set for years to come on offense.
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