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  1. Pitiful! When I switched earlier in the year to being a Pats fan during the Bills game, remember when they did nothing with 4 turnovers and we watched Bills march down field untouched to win game...anyway I digress, I never thought it was this bad! The words complete rebuild comes to mind.....Gase is the worst in a long line of terrible Jets coaches.
  2. Don’t want it both ways....50 plus years being a Jets fan, hard to break the psychosis that kept me coming back all those years...it’s over....
  3. Hate to say I told you so but if you saw my post back on 9/9 when I mentioned I didn’t want to part of a losing organization anymore and adopted my new team, the Pats, I switched because of games like last night. Not because of the outcome but because they never had a chance to win, futile....I actually made the journey to the stadium last night, great night, incredible fans and environment, that’s the good part. Spent about 700 for two tickets, parking, a Bell jersey for my son (black jersey, not a fan) and food and drink, for my first game as a Pats fan in enemy territory. Honestly, deep down like everyone else I was hoping Jets would not only win but would crush them. After first drive it was over. The season is over. The organization has invested in a few decent players, coaching is horrendous, evidenced by their inability to manufacture one scoring drive. Anyway it’s Monday, we won, no delusions no depression, no gloating here, but the Jets organization is still making feel bad, the Jets need to invest in their fans the way the Fans invest in them, team doesn’t deserve the fan base.
  4. A few weeks ago when it was obvious how bad this team is, after the Bills loss, I jumped ship to the Pats. A lot of people gave me static about not being a real fan. I am a real fan, one that could not stand by this fraud of an organization one minute longer that has spiraled in no time to looking like a high school team but worse the coach (offensive genius?!?) has no answers. 0-12 on 3rd down? No game plan and worse when camera went belichick who was winning he was feverishly studying pictures of plays and writing things down while Gase has nothing in his hands, slumped shoulders and dazed face....I feel sorry for Bell, you all are welcome in NE....winning.
  5. Season ticket holder for past 52 years, not moving anywhere and your synopsis of the Pats is why I am no longer supporting this joke of a franchise. It is not bad luck, its Gates and Bowles and....a complete lack of caring about winning or having the right group to do something about it and me making a conscious choice to suffer and continue to watch and support this mediocrity, Honestly, the NFL is rife with it, only a few teams have skilled players, coaching, front office and ownership working together, to WIN baby. Its not WTF, lets go Pats!!!!
  6. Something to be said about not needing to explain why a team can't do what it is supposed to do, after it wins. You take your pick at why the Jets lost yesterday, million reasons and all valid. Simple put they did nothing to prove they are not losers. Handed a victory, gift wrapped, they were extremely poorly prepared to play at a high level as a team. Not prepared to win. I am done with the two day depressions, wasting incredible emotional and physical energy and money on a team that has no opportunity to win because they have BAD leadership (i.e coaching) not capable of winning... Look forward to winning with my new team, the Pats! So long Jets.
  7. Can't take one more game with this horrible excuse for an offense which can't seem to throw the ball more than 2 yards, cant pass protect, has a QB that holds the ball for too long and cant get out of the pocket to throw a ball out of bounds when being pressured. Not to mention the D-fense that always, always, always seems to forget how to stop teams from coming from behind. My former fellow Jets fans, this is BAD COACHING (see FG kicker...) which ultimately no amount of talent can overcome. Completely unprepared to compete, terrible game plan (see Patriots...). I am happy to admit that I am finally done. I am now a Patriots fan, I cannot deal with the depression, wasted energy, disbelief that I keep putting myself in the same position every year every Sunday afternoon. I mean cmon, you came up with Adam Gates???? Ahhhhh, Bill and Tom and now Antonio.

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