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  1. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Draft Trade Rumors

    If we got a 2nd rounder for Lee I'll dance naked on my desk at work the day after the draft!
  2. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Mini Camp Thread

    You're not the only one.. I cant stand that POS
  3. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    Pats fans call it the biwonderhead test.
  4. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    My wife says my wonderlick is like off the charts.... way better than 20.....
  5. Yes but he took the hundred dollar bill taped to the back of the playbook! Sent from my SM-G960U using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Lets hope that Mac can pull a Sunny Weaver out his as* and we have a draft-day-esque haul
  7. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Frank Clark

    I said it earlier in this post but I wouldnt have a problem swapping them 3 for 21 and clark. Otherwise, I wouldnt do it.
  8. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Frank Clark

    Agree with this completely! Sent from my SM-G960U using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. The thing that pisses me off is they think that were "whining" when we bitch about their cheating. I guess we can add rub and tuggs to the list of illegal activity they participate in.
  10. All the male Pats fans probably have an icon on the home screen of their smart phone that's a shortcut to their hidden "spank it" list folder with the leaked Kraft videos.
  11. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Hate the Cheetos thread

    I personally like them. Those Patriot fans are a bunch of jagoffs on that forum though...Just a reminder of how much I hate the Pats.
  12. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Hate the Cheetos thread

    How about we get a hate the cheetos thread started... I was trolling a few other teams forums to see their reaction to our uniforms and as I looked at those threads in the "Jets Suck thread" I felt the hate inside me growing stronger and I started turning to the dark side. What a bunch of douche nozzles!
  13. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Frank Clark

    So what if we swapped 3 for 21 and took Clark. Drafted our O-Lineman with 21.
  14. JetsMetsDevilsPA

    Frank Clark

    Truth! Cant hide the problems by covering them up!

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