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  1. I rolled into one of their fan forums today and saw the same thing.
  2. I don't think the Jets can give GB any picks this year because of his current contract with GB. I think any trade compensation will need to be done from 24 on. I read it somewhere when the explanation was given on how this will shake out.
  3. Truth! I'm not listening to a GD word from anyone but Wingo. He's one of the only ones that had it right. Wingo said it wasn't going to drag our so that's my belief.
  4. I support it. I didn't at first but I changed my mind a while ago.
  5. They also have to carry his cap number the whole time he's a packer. They want to get him off the books.
  6. Wingo knows what's going on. I am just wondering if anyone else is coming with him.
  7. I believe there is a really good chance... unless they somehow bring another player from GB with Rodgers. I think if it is just Rodgers, this years second and a conditional pick from next year will be in play. But honestly, I will most likely look like an ass for saying that if a trade is done.
  8. Lamar's biggest issue with getting a contract is himself. If he actually hired an agent I'd bet he would already be signed.
  9. Agree - best case scenario. Only thing that sucks is re-signing or picking up his 5th year option with the injuries. Only time will tell but it would be huge if he came back better.
  10. A troll eating a tie dye colored mushroom came to me last night while I was on my overnight darkness retreat and told me that by the end of the week there would be a deal in place to bring Rodgers to the Jets. After I laid in the darkness for a few more hours I saw the same troll, only this time he wasn't eating that mushroom..... He approached me yet again and apologized for feeding me bad information. He said he was on his 6th mushroom and there is no way in hell Rodgers was coming to the Jets. Who know but all the procrastinating isn't doing anyone any good.
  11. Drink another one and then get back to work.
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