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  1. Hallelujah, Sam has risen! - Jets win Sent from my SM-G960U using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Im not against Cone at all. I know he wants to become a manager because he stated it on MLB tonight or something when he was doing an instructional piece on mechanics. With that being said there is no way they will go with someone who doesnt have experience. BVW said both Thor and Diaz will not be traded and they have control of a few pitchers for next year. There will be an experienced manager and they will go for broke next year. I can tell you one thing, nobody, and I mean NOBODY wanted our Mets to make the playoffs. They were too damn good in the 2nd half. The first half was abysmal and they paid for it in the long run. Could you imagine that lineup if Cespedes and Lowery were in there? Im more of a youth guy (and they have plenty of good youth) but damn, that would be a scary lineup.
  3. This story made national news so I would bet there is some validity. The fact that he is willing to spend his own cash to have samples tested is a testament to his response as well.
  4. Im sure Brady's balls are in Danny's hands more often than not. Tonight will be no different.
  5. Giants may have more offensive yards in the first half than we have had all season... How bad is that?
  6. so Patriots like... blocked punt into the arms of a low life cheater that runs it in the endzone.
  7. Should I cut my throat now? If so would putting a band-aid on it stop the bleeding? I surely thought Chris was more of a football guy but I can certainly say that I think the level of dumbness is pretty equal.
  8. Great Post but you spent way more time on this than I would have. My post would have been more like: Game Observations (PHI) Jets are HORRIBLE.
  9. Hellzzz no. Id like to see Falk succeed but he'll be lucky to be alive after the game.
  10. And you couldn't before??? Im glad Sam is sitting out with this Fuego-esque offensive line. Let my spleen heal or have every bone in my body broken during the Eagles game????
  11. Agree. With that being said, I dont care who the quarterback is, no offense will work when your QB is under duress a millisecond after the ball is snapped. Our offensive line blows, period. Until that is resolved we could have Joe Namath or Patrick Mahomes back there and it wont mean shi*.,

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