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  1. I believe someone just called up to WFAN and direct quoted this post.
  2. I agree although I did think Gase would be a good hire. I can see the change. I think the only one that doesn't see the change are the CHEATo's fans. Every once in a while I check out one of their forums to hear how their trashing us and couldn't believe the sh*t I saw. People can say whatever they want about fans from NY or PA (except for the Philly fans). Those New England fans are a bunch of douche nozzles.
  3. I am personally going to stop drinking... My liver cant take much more of the sh*t the jets have put the little guy through!
  4. We are. But for fuc*s sake I think were finally getting our shi* together! Sent from my SM-G960U using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. I hope by the time I go to bed tomorrow that there is an announcement of Douglas as GM and they name his staff. LGJ !
  6. Something I have not had the pleasure of learning. Im a Ramrod. Period.
  7. Hopefully they have all 3 in the building today and tonight we get the announcement that Joe D was hired and a Press conference will be held tomorrow morning introducing his new staff.
  8. I heard it live this morning... Agree 100%. A guy with a set of Stones.
  9. Something for Jets fans to genuinely be excited about: The Jets have now permanently closed the doors on beat writer Manish Mehta. --XitedJetsFan (@XitedJetsFan) May 24, 2019
  10. Yea.... 476. I do believe they play the first week in October... I was planning on going to that one but I will be away at my hunting cabin for work weekend.
  11. Im right off the Mahoning Valley exit of the NE Turnpike...
  12. Jordan Morgan is a big dude... Kutztown is about 30 minutes from my place and he played with my wife's cousin there. Hope things work out for him, Id love to see him on the J-E-T-S.
  13. Gase "our fans care if we win or lose, nobody is going to remember this ......"
  14. I personally love it. Gase is straight up with the reporters... finally a guy that can speak and magically boomerang the sh*t they are slinging back in their faces.
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