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    There are quite a few but seeing Namath in a Rams uniform and trying to play with two bad knees on a muddy field at the end of his career was tough
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  1. Would love to see Marco Columbo as O Line coach. He was involved in making the Dallas line pretty dominant both as an assistant and head coach of that unit
  2. If true do you trade Darnold for Garrapolo
  3. CSNY

    Covid vaccines

    36 hours later just a little soreness at the injection site. So I would say all clear. on a personal note please get the shot so we can all start the process of getting some normalcy back in our lives and going to see the Jets live and in person in September. As I workin a hospital don’t ever again want to see the refrigerator trailers parked up and down Madison and 5 Th avenue since the morgue was overrun
  4. CSNY

    Covid vaccines

    12 hours later feeling fine. Still a bit tired and had a slight headache that three Tylenol extra strength took care of but all in all feel good.
  5. CSNY

    Covid vaccines

    got my 1st Moderna shot at 8:00 am Sunday 1/10. Nothing to report except for some tiredness. Will see how the rest of the day goes
  6. Keeping in the spirit of this thread about cornerbacks and Seeing The Jets need a shutdown corner how many of you would like to see if JD can keep the first round picks we already have in the first round , maneuver to get another first rounder so we can draft Patrick Surtain Mac Jones and an interior lineman in this draft even though we would pass on the top three QB’s and stick with Sam for another year hoping a new coaching staff can realize his potential
  7. As of now he is playing lights out. My question Is he this good or a product of a great team and system. Based on his play this year and half of last I would trade down amass more picks and take this kid
  8. No way Jets are rebuilding and this makes no sense to bring a guy wrong side of thirty with recent injury concerns and a hefty salary. 5 million is fine for a year or two but 23 mil per for two years pass
  9. All these announcers talk too dam muchabout absolutely nothing Wish we still had Marty Glickman, Charlie Jones , Brookshier, Al DeRogotus etc etc etc Those were announcers, clear and concise. Not the noise the announcers peddle now full of meaningless stats. Sometimes think they get paid by the word
  10. 🤣🤣 Kinda think that a nice set of **** and the old saying “ Happy Wife Happy Life” takes precedence
  11. Yes but it’s in Jacksonville not NYC and his wife is an avid Jets fan from what I understand.
  12. Disagree and I will explain why. If Cowher is interested in coming back to the sidelines I think this is the place he can be successful as I believe ( and this is just my opinion ) he respects JD and believes in the JD’s vision of building a consistent successful franchise through the draft of which we have plenty of draft picks adding prize free agents where necessary since there is a lot of money under the cap building a dominant o line excellent defense young moldable talent that is here already this a very attractive job. If Cowher and JD can work together and get it right he not only cements his legacy he would be the toast of NYC never have to pay for another meal or drink and be revered by the fan base as he would have Namath status.
  13. My opinion is this is a great opportunity for a head coach Respected and knowledgeable GM Some young talented players Plethora of draft picks most money to spend for Pro Bowl caliber talent can make this team turn from laughing stock to contender very quickly

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