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  1. Come on now Blaming a GM for drafting a player that has gotten injured who had no previous injury history is pretty sad. What’s next blaming JD and Saleh for hiring Coach Knapp who had no prior history of tragic and fatal accidents May he Rest In Peace
  2. Oh please another hit piece on the Jets. I bet there are a number of HOF receivers and running backs who never had the fastest 40 times but never got caught from behind Cornerback that were never the fastest but shut opponents down Linebackers that were slow but never missed tackles because of the ability to take proper angles to make a sure tackle. Just another kick em when their down article
  3. In my opinion doesn’t matter what your specialty is but who you hire for your staff Parcells had Ron Erhardt Coughlin Weiss Crennell and another defensive coach a guy who will remain nameless. That’s just one example but I am sure you look at Andy Reid Shanahan their staffs where excellent and produced successful head coaches
  4. Of course it can. Getting the doors blown off is by the Texans or Jaguars would be the worst. If that happens I really start to wonder if this regime has what it takes. This coming from a person who was quite optimistic about this season and the organization moving in the right direction
  5. Not ready to call for his head just yet. Many examples of HOF coaches that struggled in their first couple of years
  6. Kotite coached a far more talented team to a 1-15 record. Parcells took essentially the same team to a 9-7 record. Kotite was and always will be the worst coach the Jets ever had. Holtz and Gase included
  7. At this point Guy LaFleur can call a better game but I still hold out hope that as ZACH gets more experience he will be better as well
  8. He did move the chains but they were way behind in the game. Don’t think it’s a true barometer of what LaFluer offense is. Let Johnson start the game and see if the offense gets any better in a 0-0 game
  9. Can’t do it. Always been a Jets, Mets Rangers , Knicks St Johns fan always will
  10. To me it would go a long way to see if LaFluer is qualified to be a OC who can’t run his offense due to a rookie QB. If Johnson can run the team gets the ball out quickly to the wide receivers and gets offense in a rhythm there would be hope for him and this offense. Get a clearer picture of what you have and what you need to work on with Zach ( which is painfully obvious that RG and TE are desperately needed ) Also give the team a lift with some wins so that the young guys don’t get totally discouraged
  11. Not at all. Although I’ve seen far to many games like this in my longtime fandom I am not giving up hope that I will live to see another Jets Super Bowl victory but this one really stung because of who the opponents where that hung 50 on us. This game Reminds of the last time they hung 56 on us when Grogan was there QB
  12. Get a veteran QB in there next week over White Hopefully Johnson gets team in a rhythm and we can learn what we have in LaFluer as a OC and really what type of talent we have on offense
  13. Belichik wants 50. Throwing the ball up 37 in the fourth quarter Embarrassing the Jets is all he wants to do
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