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    There are quite a few but seeing Namath in a Rams uniform and trying to play with two bad knees on a muddy field at the end of his career was tough
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  1. My favorite Knickerbocker RIP CAPTAIN Thanks for the memories. You’ll never be forgotten
  2. Beloved NY Knickerbocker Hall of Fame center Willis Reed passed away today at the age of 80 years old. RIP CAPTAIN Thanks for the everlasting memories
  3. Both places were good to see shows. Not many places like those are left
  4. Larry Faulk or commonly known as Abdul Salaam
  5. Wasn’t a big fan but took a girl that liked them when they played at My Father’s Place in Roslyn many years ago. Was worth going to see them with her
  6. Just can’t take Mayer seriously with that Your Body is a Wonderland song regardless of how true it was
  7. At least he wasn't our pick! Which is a definite surprise he wasn’t our pick 😊
  8. Ray Lucas would have definitely got us into a deep playoff run with that team. UGH Mirer another #2 pick that was bust
  9. Yes I am old never did have the fringed jacket but I still have my suede wine pouch which I am afraid to use again who the hell knows what’s growing in there
  10. He actually wasn’t the drummer Stills added additional percussion in the form of timbales which you can hear him playing when you hear the cowbell in the background. He had a song You Can’t Dance Alone (not a song he should brag about ) on the Thoroughfare Gap album which he played the timbales and the riff he played on for the BeeGees is quite similar He also started off as a drummer and the reason he switched to guitar was as he stated Guitarists got the girls
  11. Stills is my favorite musician of all time. There’s just nothing musically he can’t do be it songwriting or performing Recently found out he played percussion on the BeeGees track You Should Be Dancing
  12. I was at that show when they announced Nixon had resigned. Then saw them again a day or two later at Nassau Coliseum. Both of them were Great shows and tickets if I recall were $7.50
  13. CSNY

    HELP AT DT????

    Ok how about @The Crusher
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