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    There are quite a few but seeing Namath in a Rams uniform and trying to play with two bad knees on a muddy field at the end of his career was tough
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  1. I don’t know what this means I am assuming his wife had the baby. If that’s the case congratulations to Mekhi
  2. Like so many of the Jets players Quincy has potential to be a solid contributor to the team. Plays and hits hard but sometimes in looking for the big hit he could have made a play on the ball instead. Like with so many other players on the team It’s up to the staff to “ Coach em Up” and turn potential into production
  3. One dam goal in 125 minutes of hockey. Totally unacceptable aaaand where the hell are Krieder, Vatrano, Panarin. Invisible this series so far If we have any chance of winning they have to step it up and fast
  4. Dam it. Let this one slip away.
  5. Boring second period which is not a bad thing. Rangers playing a EXCELLENT ROAD PLAYOFF GAME Keep it up!!
  6. But did see the cross check the refs missed on Motte
  7. Didn’t pick up on that.
  8. ESPN. Man those guys are horrible. Bring back Jim Gordon & Bill”The Big Whistle” Chadwick
  9. Miller in my opinion played well last series. Can think of two errant passes (Trouba and Chytil) that led directly too breakaways while he was on the ice. Trouba needs too step it up had a very poor series against the Penguins
  10. Going to be a real tough series but Rangers somehow win in 7 LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!
  11. You are describing a young Shaun Ellis who was a very good D lineman who had a solid career. If JJ turns into Ellis it is a very solid pick
  12. Francesa hasn’t been right since the Jimmy Carter administration When is this guy gonna shut the hell up.
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