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    There are quite a few but seeing Namath in a Rams uniform and trying to play with two bad knees on a muddy field at the end of his career was tough
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  1. I would be in favor of bringing back Rex for this reason. I believe his philosophy of winning football is similar to mine which is having a strong running game and a top five defense even in today’s pass happy league. Strong running game and defense has proven to be a sustainable winning combination through out the history of the league and always will be. If you have both those elements you control game and if you control the game the odds of winning are greatly improved. An old fashioned outlook on how game should be played but hey what can I tell you I am old
  2. I admire your optimism but I think the OP has a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa than the Jets beating the Ravens Thursday
  3. After a promising start as a rookie but in his second year I remember him fumbling at the goal line late in a crucial game I don’t remember the team they were playing but it seems after that play he was never the same running back
  4. Yes it did. I also believe if memory serves that it forced Blinka out of the game as well. Not due to injury but he got tossed out by the refs. I also seem to remember that after that hit James Lofton had a really bad case of alligator arms
  5. Baron we really don’t know how he would have turned out but watching him at Notre Dame and remembering his rookie year or second season ( he was highly thought of through out the league) chances are he would have been as good if not better than Mehl who was a sure tackler and a all around fine linebacker whose career ended far too soon due to injury
  6. Baron. Given the state of Jets linebacking corps wouldn’t be a bad idea along with Lance Mehl and Bob Crable
  7. I was at that game when Blinka clotheslined Jefferson. Man did JJ go flying
  8. Not until the offensive line gets better
  9. looking forward to this game to see if this team has taken strides in learning how to win and becoming a consistent contender This game which the Jets should win to me will be a barometer in seeing if they are truly on the way or if they are still the same frustrating squad that I have been rooting for over 50 years. Here’s to hoping it is the former scenario and not the latter
  10. I would pass on Cooper for this simple reason that he isn’t the only missing piece that will get The Jets into the playoffs and beyond next year. Give DOUGLAS this draft , offseason and then play the 2020 season and see what is needed to make them perennial contenders. Now if the scenario plays out where Cooper or a comparable receiver is available after next season is completed and there is evidence that they are only a player or two away then go get him and whoever else is necessary
  11. Harrison in my opinion is an average starting center but is above average backup at both center and guard positions. Also feel that Jonathan is an excellent locker room presence who the coaching staff loves ( didn’t understand why they signed Ryan Khalil other than they wanted some depth keeping Harrison on the bench knowing that they are thin on the O line ) with a good work ethic who the younger guys can learn from which cannot be overlooked.

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