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  1. JD & Rex would be a fantastic combination as their philosophy on winning football seems to be the same. Both believe in strong running game and playing excellent defense That said as much as I liked Rex and still do it would be a mistake to bring him back. Kinda like Steinbrenner bringing back Billy Martin
  2. I believe you would be correct
  3. If it has to be reinforced at this level that is the exactly the Job description of the head coach of a professional football team ( especially one that has the the moniker of maybe being a genius offensive football ) to correct any flaws that he had coming out of college to make him achieve his potential if being a franchise QB Simply put is they gave to “ Coach em Up “
  4. SAR 1 It is not a media creation but a direct quote from you of him being maybe an offensive genius to now being a animal of a head coach with one of his greatest achievements is having Manish Mehta a newspaper reporter fired. That to me does not make a animal of a head coach. To be fair he had a huge role in getting macCagnan fired which is a really good thing but if Manish being fired is what you are hanging your hat on as his one of his accomplishments and the regression of Sam Darnold is taking a back seat then in my opinion the standards you set as an animal of a head coach are far too low. I could care less about what a reporter says want to see improvement in the team and especially the QB which is the main reason Gase was hired as of now to me during his reign has. Been an abject failure. Please don’t say injuries as I am talking about simple things such as throwing ball away as you are under pressure running towards sideline and don’t throw over late over the middle off your back foot
  5. SAR 1 I saw the reply but still Can’t see how you can even think Gase maybe be an offensive genius. To me offensive geniuses are in the mold of Sean Payton Andy Reid Sid Gilman Bill Walsh etc etc which Gase doesn’t come close to I truly don’t think he is a good coach but he as with Sam should be given a chance until some injured players get back and they both can be fairly evaluated. He has to get the squad with the players he has available to be at the least ready to play and at the very least be competitive. I also believe he should not have said that he wouldn’t change any of his play calls as he felt they are perfect which to me is laying blame on others not himself which I don’t think displays leadership at all as he is the head coach and should take full responsibility for the product on the field and not use the injury excuse as every team has them such as the Niners last week. I’d like nothing more than Gase and Sam to succeed but I don’t think either one is up to the task ( Gase more so than Darnold )
  6. SAR 1 Excluding the years he had with Peyton Manning his offenses have generally ranked in the bottom half of the NFL so can you please explain your rational as Adam Gase being an offensive genius
  7. I would have to trade pick but get more in return for the simple reason that Sam really doesn’t have NFL caliber personnel on the team as it stands. Have to see if he can become an above average QB given better talent to surround him and also better coaching to try and get him out of his bad habits such as throwing off his back foot as someone else stated he reminds me of Todd when he just uses arm and not stepping into throw. As we all know his o line isn’t the greatest which maybe the cause of his inability to step into and point left foot at his desired target which will improve accuracy so with all the extra picks need to bolster o line get some NFL caliber receivers and running back. Then you can really make a more accurate decision on whether Sam is the QB of the future. If it turns out that even with better quality receivers , offensive lineman and better coaching and he’s still makes the same mistakes then move on but this time the skill position players will be there which will be good for the next franchise QB to succeed. Any unused extra picks has to go for a speed rusher and lockdown corner. This scenario there will be no excuses for mediocrity and the team can get out of this black hole we’ve been in for the past decade ( The Herschel Walker trade transformed the Cowboys from a crappie team to a perennial playoff team and two time super bowl champion)
  8. At least Todd had two good years and got us a first round pick from the Saints when traded . Still waiting for Sam to have one good year or show improvement which he hasn’t done to this point
  9. Pep. You are correct that he doesn’t HAVE to get the entire season as you stated he loses the locker room he is definitely toast but as we all know there are so many new faces on the o line that it takes time for them to become a cohesive unit( I figure you should see improvement after 6-8 games ) If and when they start to play better the offense might and I emphasize might start to look better. That and have to see if he can utilize Mims in some fashion even though he has missed a lot of time due to injury if that makes the offense better. It is time for him to step up his game start taking responsibility for the putrid offensive production he oversees and start earning his so called OFFENSIVE GURU STATUS if not he can start packing as he then deserves to get the boot as they are not even competitive Offensively
  10. Can’t provide x & 0 evidence but as a supposed leader of men its not a good look to throw entire team under bus. Also to think that every play he called was absolutely perfect and wouldn’t change a call is delusional as every player coach referee all make mistakes in every game
  11. To state after a game Which you lost by double digits ( and we all know it wasn’t that close) that the offense play calls were perfect and wouldn’t change any calls is the making of a terrible coach. Basically saying it’s not me it is the players I have. Doesn’t instill great confidence on a team

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