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    There are quite a few but seeing Namath in a Rams uniform and trying to play with two bad knees on a muddy field at the end of his career was tough
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  1. DWC Can’t really give opinion on OJ as I really don’t remember seeing him play much. The few games I remember he was at USC where McKay would run Student Body Right and he was unstoppable
  2. All excellent backs but watch some old Houston Oiler games on you tube (I guess that’s were they can be found.) He basically was there entire offense as Bum Phillips would give him the ball 35 times a game and everyone knew but still couldn’t stop him.Him carrying the ball that much prematurely ended his career but man his prime years in my opinion no one was better He was great
  3. To me Earl Campbell was the best back I ever saw play. He could either run around you or over you. He was fun to watch
  4. DWC. As the original poster stated that there is no correct answer as both options really suck. I get the Belichik angle and all that goes with it but I really really can’t stand Brady Also thank you for the compliment as I do enjoy your threads and your opinions even if I might not agree with some of your (mmmm let me put this tactfully )well researched but sometimes rather long posts continue doing what you do as it Keeps the board lively
  5. Yes really. He couldn’t cover the old guys and he sure as hell can’t cover the tight ends of today. He is as one dimensional a player as you can get.
  6. Disagree. In the 60’s and 70’s his primary function would be to cover tight ends and running backs not to blitz and he is a terrible cover guy. Can’t see him trying to cover the John Mackey , Mike Ditkas and Jackie Smith’s of that era
  7. Don’t know if it will be a top 5 Defense but I agree that Maye will be better utilized as a actual free roaming safety in this d as opposed to the last two years when he was unable to play centerfield and provide help for the corners which limited his ability to make interceptions.
  8. Congratulations DWC Nothing but the best of health for wifey DWC JR and your family
  9. Way way different game now then when Maynard played for that matter Wesley Walker Al Toon Keyshawn and Chrebet as well. Heck with today’s rules favoring offense Kurt Sohn would be another Wes Welker so really can’t make comparisons of today’s players to these guys
  10. How long before Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle cause they can’t pay any decent linemen to protect him
  11. DWC. My dad took me to the Knicks game at the old garden on 50th and Broadway when they still had Walt Bellamy & Howard Komives against the 76ers when they had Chamberlain Freddie “ Mad Dog” Carter and Hal Greer Reed was a second year pro and Clyde was a rookie and going to Nedicks after the game having a hot dog and an orange soda which was delicious Still remember listening to Marv Albert on the radio when they won their first championship 113-99. Remember the final score as the Knicks led the league in holding opponents under 100 points that year
  12. Don’t have any opinion as I am not as passionate about basketball as I used to be. If you want to talk about the championship Knicks teams then I can weigh in as the 70 Knicks team is my all time favorite with the 73 team (which I am pretty sure had 7 Hall of Famers on it ) not far behind Really don’t like the game as it is played today, but did enjoy this season’s Knicks playoff team Now get off my lawn
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