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  1. Was at that game against the Packers Jefferson was never the same after that hit
  2. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Rodney was the best
  3. Johnny. I can see where after the first eight games the Jets can be 5-3 / 4-4. Just think Ravens and the Cleveland Watsons are very winnable games to start season and I am not of a mind that the schedule is a minefield of unbeatable dynastic teams. Tough teams sure…… unbeatable…..not in my opinion I truly believe we can be 10-7 /. 9-8 this year
  4. Jeremy. To me it’s only a matter of time before ground and pound becomes more of a offensive philosophy once again. Throughout many posts on this board it has been stated how woeful the Jets rush defense was and how it must improve for the Jets to be competitive which is absolutely true but it flies in the face of most everyone else saying that the NFL is a passing league. Let’s face it a top notch rushing attack even when opponents defense puts everyone up on the line and STILL CAN’T STOP THE RUSH as well as a good stout defense will always be a formula for winning. It’s also a lot of fun to watch when your team is doing the running instead of getting run over like the Jets were last year
  5. If the Jets can be in the top five in rushing yardage they won’t need to be top ten in overall offense as they won’t have to pass the ball which is just fine by me. This opinion Has nothing to do with not trusting Zach as I think he will become a very good QB but more to do ground and pound offense that I prefer
  6. We don’t know if Rex bought this lame excuse as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. For all we know he could have lit him up but told the press the time zone story to protect Geno from answer questions from the media as we all have come come to realize Smith was not the most mature or media savvy person in the world
  7. Learning how to tell time and knowing the nuances of the different time zones would be a good start for Geno
  8. Dom agree 100% No doubt Shuler was good but I think that he was a product of Waltons offense which favored tight ends and Gee Barkum was a better WR as he got moved inside as he aged and got a bit slower but Caster to me was a dam fine football player and under appreciated in Jets history
  9. My Daughter bought this for me this past Fathers Day. Full magazine from 11/3/1972 Nice article on Joe and was nice seeing all the old product advertisements as well
  10. Skep. Agree with your views on Johnson and Perine but disagree with Wesco and Smith. This will be Wescos fourth year and in his first three he hasn’t distinguished himself at all. The staff especially LaFluer seem to like Howden as the fullback and envision him as the Jets version of the Niners fullback who’s name I will not even attempt to spell. As for Smith over Mims unless all the early accolades that Mims has received are complete BS and that the Jets are trying to hype him up to create a buzz so they can move him for a mid round pick I just don’t see them giving up on him yet as he can be that tall speedy wide receiver they are looking for. One reason for my guarded optimism on Mims is that in another discussion about Mims and his failure in this offense, is one of the posters mentioned they had food poisoning and just how debilitating it was and how long it took him to get over it. Hoping that this is the case with Denzel as he would really put the receiving corps over the top
  11. Can’t really say no more drafting of DTs in first round because while I agree not to draft them within the first 5 picks unless you have another Donald on the board I would have no problem picking a DT later in the first round say like 18 give or take which is where I think the Jets will be drafting next year.
  12. Could be me looking through some really really rose colored glasses but Mims to me would be a real surprise if he’s cut and or traded. His rookie year showed he has some potential Just don’t think they are ready to give up on him this year given that he has a lot of physical talent just have to draw it out
  13. War can you explain why you think Wesco and Perine make the team as I do t think they have any kind of shot at being on the 53 as they both have not contributed anything tangible at this point in their careers barring injuries of course
  14. They could be ranked last in the NFL in passing yardage allowed for all I care but have a won lose record of 10-7 or 11-6 which tells me that teams fell behind and had to throw the ball. I have stated before numbers will not tell the entire story. We will see soon enough with our own eyes how much improvement the Jets have made
  15. Crew gotta agree with you. I think you and I have a better chance of making the squad than Perine
  16. Great idea but unfortunately Jets and Giants skimped on the stadium they built
  17. I Don’t think Von Miller will have the impact everyone thinks he will. He’s getting up there in years. Can see him being an albatross of a contract much the same as Khalil Mack is who’s production has diminished
  18. Is the tackle from Green Bay Buluga available. Pretty sure he’s a free agent
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