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    Geez why does anyone pay attention to Connor Hughes that Rick Astley look alike
  2. How can he be considered a defensive genius when he himself states that it’s a very simple scheme. If it’s so simple why are there so many miscommunications and wouldn’t the offensive coordinator on the opposing team be able to figure it out. Hurlbrich has got to go and Saleh needs to start calling tge defense and put some stunts and blitzes in cant just constantly bull rush which it what they seem to do all the time.
  3. Although the league has determined that there is nothing wrong with the turf they must be missing something as it seems there is an inordinate amount of knee injuries on this field. I Truly think there is something up with the turf. Can’t be that it is all rotten luck can it?
  4. Yes Given this sieve at LT Zach does have some mobility so I think that can and will make a difference. Receivers are open but Flacco doesn’t move around enough to buy not even a second of extra time to find them
  5. Let’s put this in perspective The reason Jets drafted Becton instead of Wirfs is because A) Becton plays LT and Wirfs is a RT. Jets needed a LT since they had already signed Fant and Becton was the highest rated LT still on the board B)Andrew Thomas was picked by the Giants or he would have been the pick imo
  6. This defense is not going to work unless Connor”turnstile” McDermott is the opposition’s starting LT every week
  7. There is definitely talent on this team but this defense is God awful. Hurlbrich has got to GOT TO GO. No improvement at all
  8. Good lord McDermott is useless. Offer as much protection as a screen door in a submarine
  9. Spoken like a man that lives in the basement of his parents house
  10. Why does LaFluer constantly get too cute with play calls
  11. Zuerline misses a kick any kick just send him out of the stadium. Don’t even let him change out of his uniform just get the hell out
  12. Can LaFluer please give this offense an identity whether it be run or pass stop being so cute in play calling
  13. Ultimately the blame lies with Douglas but I am quite sure that the special teams coach holds an awful lot of influence on who the kickers are.
  14. LaFluer just run the dam ball right at Myles Garrett and don’t let up no stupid gimmicky plays after you just ripped off 15 yard run which is what you constantly seem to do Get into a flow with the rush and Keep pounding that rock all dam game.
  15. How many miles on the Escalade?
  16. Jesus Christ Brady can you just go away and
  17. Part of me thinks Sean Payton would at least entertain coming here. Simple reason is Ego. There is enough talent on this team already so it wouldn’t take him long (ala Parcells after Kotite) to get them into the conversation about a playoff and beyond team I think he would love to resurrect the woebegone franchise into a Super Bowl winner and cement his already impressive career as Dallas right now is in shambles and a long way away from contention in my opinion. Wishful thinking perhaps but not out of the realm of possibility
  18. Hi CPA Move to Asheville is on hold indefinitely since my Mother in law has a heart attack and needs care. Not going anywhere in the foreseeable future Thank you for the heads up though
  19. What team was Davis rumored to be traded to? JD pick up the phone and see if they are still interested cause he is terrible
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