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  1. Not discussing as it’s been discussed multiple times. Just pointed out that natural grass saved a far more serious injury to poster that replied about natural grass
  2. Yes Natural grass that most likely saved a far more serious injury
  3. Well Alka all early indications look like Gardner will be a player but having watched and been a fan of the Jets since the Namath years I have been basically programmed when things are just starting to look the brightest and Jets are finally going to take that jump to respectability to expect the worst Hopefully this year and the years to come under JD and Saleh that impending feeling of something is going to go horribly wrong will be exorcised That’s why I take the wait and see approach with all things Jets
  4. Defense looks the same as it did in the first preseason game of 2022 as it did the entire 2021 regular season. Urlach has to step it up and fast.
  5. It is imperative that the Jets fix this dam defense i am fully aware it’s only pre season but given the way this defense performed last year and the way it performed Friday there is legitimate cause for concern Given the talent on that side of the ball Urlach should be squarely on notice. It’ his defense and the performance of the unit is not even remotely close to being NFL caliber
  6. Quincy should have been benched 100%. There had to be some consequence after that stupid stoooopid hit. If he does it again demote and bench him on the spot.
  7. Sheesh. Come on now Can we at least wait until we get an official comment from the Jets before we jump to conclusions and abandon the season
  8. I know it’s the first pre season game and defense is very vanilla but can they stop something- anything
  9. I also wanted to draft Icky as well for the same concerns you stated but Sauce is good as well. I have stated many times in various threads we will have to see how it plays out. Hopefully Gardner doesn’t become Dee Milliner and Icky or Neal don’t turn out to be the second coming of Munoz
  10. Still have the same outlook on season. which is 7-9 wins a break or two here and there possibly 10.
  11. Feeney & Herbig plus signing Brandon Shell. Can’t see them staying with Edoga or McDermott Hermanns and Piersbacher to practice squad especially Piersbacher because of McGoverns uncertain status for next year
  12. Don’t think it was all about money. Moses wanted to be a starter and JD wouldn’t or couldn’t guarantee that so Moses walked unfortunately
  13. Although I was initially against signing Brandon Shell given the recent developments he should be signed as a backup Would be a upgrade over Edoga and McDermott for sure as we wait until Mitchell is ready to start which hopefully is soon
  14. Oh they are up there. Never will forget the screwing Rozelle and Shula gave the Jets when they partnered to give us the Mud Bowl.
  15. The Raiders A loooong seeded hatred going back to the AFL days
  16. IMO Gastineau still!!!! Owns the single season sack record. Favre laid down for Strahan but don’t think he’s a Hall of Famer. Klecko on the other hand should have been in years ago
  17. Woody. Just keep him away from the war room and TV cameras on draft day. Realize it’s not the nuclear codes but I still can’t get over his stupidity saying that
  18. Isn’t that how we got Morgan Moses last year?
  19. And one other Jet that doesn’t get mentioned is Dan Alexander. Good steady left guard who very rarely missed a start
  20. This is just my opinion but the reason why the majority of Jets fans like JD is finally finally there is a clear plan on how to rebuild this franchise. JDs predecessor’s really had no clue on how to build perennial winning teams where JDs plan is plainly visible and by most accounts by the so called pundits has significantly upgraded the talent level on the roster. It still remains to be seen if the players eventually work out but I like the direction of the franchise and JDs thought process of building a team
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