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  1. Slats it all depends on what they do with Fant as if what I saw somewhere is true that they are in discussion to give Fant an extension. If they sure up his situation they will be able to address both the center and linebacker position in the 2023 draft
  2. That’s fine as it is your prerogative to feel that way. I am glad that he’s off the team and the Jets are closer to being a playoff squad and a championship contender than the Seahawks are which will burn his ham hocks even more when the Jets eventually raise the Lombardi trophy and he is on the outside looking in
  3. Although I am very optimistic about this season , picking at 32 is just a little toooo optimistic but liking the way you think!!!
  4. Probably because JD will target a exceptional LB in next years draft with the Jets picking hopefully in the 18-22 area
  5. No reason to jump on Jameeel about his finger/ health woes as he got what he wanted and got his big payday but TYJDTY for getting rid of the second coming of Mo Wilkerson. Time to turn the page on Jameeeel and his era of Jets football as it appears the team is on the cusp of having sustained run of being a playoff caliber and dare I say it Super Bowl winning team. Very optimistic about the Jets future
  6. Well they just moved Becton to RT for a player who went undrafted and was originally a tight end So why not a fourth round pick if he is capable and plays to a Fant like level which makes the line potentially dominant for years to come
  7. Wasn’t meant to be cold towards @Jetsfan80 as I have participated in his polls just a bit of a playful jab and actually think it was a good idea
  8. For some reason Still think Jimmy G will somehow wind up in Seattle with a long shot being Detroit
  9. Didn’t realize Becton was a All Pro his rookie year
  10. Can we ask @Jetsfan80 to make a poll to see what the board’s preferences are
  11. If Becton plays at an All Pro level at RT don’t think it’s wise to move him as I think Max Mitchell is better suited for LT if in fact they let Fant walk
  12. A week? I say 24 hours when they hold the first training camp practice
  13. Deacon Jones was part of “The Fearsome Foursome” along with Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy and Rosie Greer
  14. There have been already as many of the old time NFL players played both ways as the rosters consisted of only 32 players. The last one that comes to mind is “Concrete” Chuck Bednarik
  15. Whatever camp you fall in be it pro or anti Becton no one should be taking any laps of victory or failure on their respective positions Let’s see how Becton holds up first through training camp then how he plays during the season as we all know this season will determine if JD picks up his fourth and fifth year options. Still a looooong ways always from making that decision. I think we all can agree that the hope is Becton makes it an easy decision to pick up those options and also deemed worthy of a contract extension. Becton and AVT becoming our version of Shell & Upshaw would be to good to be true
  16. Mogglez. Just Googled recovery time for dislocated knee cap and as per Orthopedic surgeon Dr.Ben Petre a person with a dislocated knee cap can resume sports activities in approximately 6-8 months. Don’t know how to post it on here as I am not technologically advanced.
  17. Mogglez. Kinda confused here with this post. You’re not evaluating pre season games but more emphasis in training camp Curious to know why that is Dislocated knee cap was never a 4-6 week injury Doctors blew this timeline He gained weight which is undeniable but he is in camp now and from all reports arrived in good shape and is ready to go. Let’s wait and see how Becton plays during the season before we fans run him out of town
  18. It’s wasn’t a big deal when he was on the PUP list and it isn’t a big deal now that he’s off the PUP list. The time for Bectons evaluation will be during the season. No victory laps about Becton are needed at this time or at anytime. Let’s all be happy when he plays up to his potential of dominant offensive tackle
  19. Although Edoga and McDermott aren’t exactly world beater at the tackle position Don’t think it’s a good idea to constantly shift AVT around even in the event of an injury. Would leave the line intact so there wouldn’t be two new guys on the line which AVT would essentially be since he hasn’t played tackle in the pros. Would keep 80% of o line intact to keep as much continuity as possible and give the replacement tackle some tight end help or have the back chip when going out in pass pattern. Plus I really think before season begins JD will get an OT with starting experience ala Moses last year
  20. Have to see how Zach progresses before sending out #1 draft picks for a linebacker who is going to cost a ton of cash with no guarantee his presence propels the defense into a top 5 unit Gotta pass on Smith
  21. Nobody did it better for as long than Darryl Green
  22. Fant wins the starting LEFT TACKLE POSITION and not by default Becton to RIGHT TACKLE where he goes on to have a All Pro caliber year
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