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  1. Age in my opinion is not really that important in this scenario as the Jets are not building a o line around a 40 year old tackle who’s best days are behind him. Just looking for an upgrade at back up tackle to Edoga and McDermott for one year after which time hopefully Max Mitchell will be able to step in
  2. Dam Freeman was good. Not fast but had ankle breaking moves and I just really liked the way he ran the ball. Great Jet that Freeman McNeil
  3. Sure was. Needless to say was very sad to read about it in the paper the following day. If I remember correctly the next home game was the frisbee catching dog. Quite a bit safer for the fans
  4. Trot. No quite sure how they did it but if I remember correctly this was some random guy that built this contraption in his garage. Don’t think it was that high off the ground maaaaaaybe 50-75 feet if that. Came crashing down behind the third base dugout about 10-15 rows up in the field level box seats ultimately killed some poor fan
  5. Crable , Clifton and Mehl would have been a formidable linebacker crew Oh what could have been
  6. After OP made cases for each year his summary of why he picked one over the other was nicely done
  7. Instead of cheerleaders Let’s get the “Flying Lawn Mower” back for entertainment
  8. Well thought out and nicely summarized
  9. Pretty much looks to be the case Doesn’t seem to me that they have a coherent plan or any plan to help Fields in his development
  10. Maybe the Bears think he is the second coming of Bobby Douglas who was a far better runner than a passer so Fields won’t need any protection whatsoever
  11. Yes I would think so but if it starts getting later and Peters still has no team hopefully he takes a offer if JD makes one
  12. You might be correct about Peters in zone blocking but isn’t that the same thing we said about Moses last year These are very good O Tackles who should be able to adapt maybe not to elite levels but levels better than Edoga and McDermott
  13. Would like it if JD can sign Jason Peters. He’d be this year’s Morgan Moses
  14. Was there as well. Not a soul left their seats and as soon as he was seen walking out onto the field that’s when the standing o started and didn’t end until he started speaking about 15 minutes later. Longest standing o I ever saw
  15. FUCH BRADY!!!!!!! That phony azz whining beeatch
  16. Making the roster is one thing but let’s hope that he realizes his potential because if he can put it all together the Jets wide receivers and the upgrades to the tight end position will be really really good. Upper echelon good. Hoping that Mims is able to do it
  17. Wondering when this thread will as most eventually do ….. devolve into 1) Becton is fat and Lazy 2) Zach sucks 3) Saleh sucks 4) JD has tiny off center nipples
  18. Quinnen for Deebo and Garropolo and Niners pay salary. Break out the pictures of John Lynch in compromising positions with small farm animals & Git er done JD
  19. Haven’t listened to WFAN in probably about 20-25 years and the Only one I really enjoyed listening too was Tony Paige. Liked The Schmooze but could only take him for very short periods. His voice just got to me like nails on a blackboard
  20. The way this team interacts with one another and how young & talented they are reminds me so much of when Waldo first started coaching the Jets and how that team was close and liked hanging out with each other after practice and games. An easy team to like and root for Finally ……. finally there is real reason for optimism when it comes to NY JETS FOOTBALL
  21. Really liked the way Jack Lambert played the position. It also helped that he had Joe Greene in front of him
  22. Adams was worth more as a trade chip than he would ever have been as a player for the Jets
  23. Disagree with your Fant opinion and the second paragraph I believe JDs picks on premium players had more to do with the absolute lack of talent in said positions. Now that JD has addressed those areas he might more inclined to go with other non premium areas that really haven’t been adequately addressed through the draft which at this point is not a terrible position to be in considering to where the Jets were talent / salary cap wise before he got here
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