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  1. It really depends on how close the team is to being a bona fide Super Bowl contender. If teams are close then by all means do whatever it takes to bring the Lombardi trophy home. On the other hand if teams are in the Jets position then don’t mortgage the future which may impede you later on when team has improved from making the move for a player or two too put you over the top. We all saw what McCagnan did and what type of shape he left the franchise in with the asinine contracts he doled out
  2. Just the addition of the tight ends roster is better than last year. We will all find out in a few short months if team is terrible, average or good. Cautiously optimistic for the upcoming season
  3. If those passes were completed instead of drops the entire complexion of games might have changed. That’s why I don’t put much stock in all these statistics and or analytics. This is not to say that Zach had anywhere near a good season but if you put Wilson on Pats I would care to bet he would have had a similar or better season than Jones As I keep saying let’s give this team more than one year to determine if Saleh/Zach are not of NFL caliber
  4. Wasn’t it stated somewhere that Jets led the league in dropped passes Numbers /Analytics don’t tell entire story.
  5. Let’s look at this objectively and tell the entire story How many games did Davis/Moore miss when Zach was QB? Add Mims who is an absolute enigma as to why he can’t get open Also Wide Receivers even if they are not first or second draft picks can get open if the opposing defense does not have to be concerned about covering tight ends which the Pats had two and the Jets realistically had none that made defensive coordinators game plan against which every poster on this site states that the TE position is a QB’s best friend especially a young one which will make a QB look infinitely better
  6. My brother in law played against Boomer when they were in HS. Brother in law was QB for Islip Boomer QB for East Islip. According to my Brother in law Boomer was a dich way back when and judging by what Boomer is today I would have to agree with him. ( probably the only thing we ever agree on)Never liked Esiason never will. Fuch Boomer and his Jets hating narrative
  7. Biggs it was a general statement. The point is after one year none of us were seasoned veterans when we got our first jobs in our chosen professions. We were allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Let’s give these guys some more time before they are labeled as unqualified
  8. As were any football coach baseball manager basketball coach. Most are given more than one year before they are canned
  9. I am really dumbfounded by the amount of people (Jets fans and scribes alike) that after one year are running Saleh Zach out of town. Let’s see how this upcoming season goes and how the team looks (coaching staff and players alike) before we burn them at the stake
  10. Tuscany. I believe that Joe threw for 4007 yards in the 1970 (first QB to ever pass for over 4000) season so poster went a half yard over
  11. Wonder if “ all knowing confirmed Jet Hater” Boomer Esiason or his impeccable insider contacts still insist that Becton is still a biscuit over 400#
  12. I have the utmost respect for the way Suzy Kolber handled the situation in the days after the incident. She could have really raked Joe over the coals and destroyed his legacy, caused him quite a bit of grief over what happened and caused him even more embarrassment than what he was already feeling Instead she took it as something of a compliment and I believe she said something to the effect of “He’s Joe Namath what woman wouldn’t be flattered in thinking that Joe finds them attractive”. Might not be a direct quote but that’s essentially what she said. So to me Suzy is all right and thank you Suzy for helping Joe get the help that he obviously needed
  13. For some reason This photo makes me think of what @The Crusher looks like
  14. Zach has a loooong way to go to be even mentioned in Joes league
  15. Guess Zach really does listen to this coaching staff. Especially Ron Middleton
  16. Wonder if it ever happened and if it did who cares? Training camp can’t get here soon enough
  17. Just think the opposite is true. But either way Klecko should be in
  18. Posting something this snarky about the greatest player in Jets history and the impact Namath had on professional Football in general Sad you don’t get much attention in life
  19. Only defensive lineman to be a pro bowler at three different positions along the line Definitely deserves to be a HOFamer. If Howie Long and Strahan(who I think wasn’t all that good) are in Joe should be too
  20. To this day Joe Namath doesn’t have to pay for a dinner whenever he goes out in NYC. People line up to just to get a glimpse of him whenever he walks into a room.
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