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  1. The only thing worse than these black uniforms will be wearing them on a 95 degree 70 percent humidity game day
  2. Bung. Scott Dierking was on the team as well along with Bruce Harper Wesley Walker, Derrick Gaffney, as that team was just in its infancy to respectability under Waldo In 78&79 they went 8-8 but if I remember a lot of them were in and out of the lineup due to injuries in 1980 when they went 4-12 and lost to the 0-14 “Aints” on a very very cold windy late December day at Shea which about only 20,000 people showed up
  3. Cow. Not understanding what you are trying to say
  4. Absolutely a good player but unfortunately he was our featured back that year a role he wasn’t equipped for due to a rash of injuries ( pretty sure Tom Newton even got a slew of carries instead of being primarily used as his usual role as a blocker)
  5. Richard Todd did it as well. Pretty sure it was in 1980 against the Niners when the Jets were losing 28-0 or some lopsided score after the first quarter. That game Clark Gaines caught something like 21 passes for a total of 150-160 yards
  6. Trot. I met him as well but under very different circumstances as I worked at Rikers for 27 years and he was incarcerated there. Spoke to him a few times about the Jets of that era told him how great he was as a pass rusher and how I loved that team He thanked me for remembering him and was really sincere, That’s why I didn’t put him on the list as I abhorred that silly sack dance and was glad that Jackie Slater knocked him on his ass
  7. Was debating on Walton but wanted to just keep it as players but yeah I sure did despise him.
  8. Agree 100%. That’s why most of the vitriol that has been said about Becton I feel is not warranted and was caused by the medical staff. Once again let’s all take a deep breathe and see how he performs in training camp and more importantly regular season. Just don’t want to see the fan base run a potential prolific OT out of town
  9. Bruce. I don’t think Saleh deserves as much ridicule that he received about Bectons injury as he was just going by the information given to him by tge medical staff, they are the ones that blew this time table I have stated before Klecko had the same injury and although he made it back for the playoffs tge same year he was a mere shell of himself and when he played actually was a detriment to the team during that game
  10. Since there is a thread about our top five all time favorite Jets how about one of the most disliked Mine are Greg Buttle: Arrogant, obnoxious buffoon who thought he was Gods gift Chris Ward: Much ballyhooed first round offensive tackle from Ohio State that was a holding penalty waiting to happen Russel Carter: Another first round bust who even in his prime still wouldn’t be able to cover me and I am pushing 64 Dave Cadigan: Roided up offensive guard who offered any QB as much protection as a screen door in a hurricane Johnny “Lam” Jones: Guy couldn’t catch a cold. Dam was he horrible
  11. There were sooooo many Jets that were my favorites at one time or another it’s hard to narrow it down to top five Excluding the first two obvious choices being Namath & Maynard my choices are in No particular order Freeman, Toon, Klecko, Walker, Mehl Honorable Mentions Kevin Long :don’t know why I just liked the way he rushed the football Scott Dierking: Tough, quick halfback from Purdue Darrel “Colonel “ Austin: Non descript backup offensive lineman who I became friendly with when my friend and I used to go to a bar in Point Lookout called Chicolinos where most of the younger Jets would hangout in since they rented houses there during the season Darrel was a real good guy who liked to have a few beers ( sometimes more than a few ) who was just fun to be around Jerome Barkum & Richard Caster: Converted WRs who became Excellent pass catching tight ends. To me they were the first hybrid tight ends that spawned so many who came after them Mo Lewis; Some might despise him for being the reason Brady came to be but Mo was a really really good linebacker who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves from the fan base
  12. Wifey and daughter going Sunday as I am Not an Elton John fan. Only song I really like is Love Lies Bleeding
  13. Very true. If it’s not Zach sucks it Becton is lazy , fat , out of shape etc. etc. Season can’t start soon enough
  14. And I am not looking for debate just giving reasons for my opinion
  15. And just giving my opinion why I disagree
  16. In his rookie year Darnold and the Jets played one of the easiest schedules in the league (if I recall correctly only the WFT team had an easier one) where as last year Zach and the Jets played a harder schedule (ranked middle of the road like 16 or 17 hardest) so comparing the two based on rookie schedules is really not telling entire story that is why I don’t put much stock solely on numbers. Let’s not forget that Darnold lost to not one but two winless teams over the course of his rookie season. Granted it’s not just Darnold fault as it’s not only Zachs fault az it is a team game As it has been well documented and discussed Zach was constantly playing from behind as the Jets defense was just absolutely putrid which put additional pressure on him and the offense where the opponents knew the Jets had to pass and just teed off to rush the passer forsaking all run defensive commitments. People can just look at numbers and say this one better than that one but again all circumstances are different that’s why I do believe that given the choice to win one game right now Zach would be the choice of many Agree that hopefully Zachs performance after this year will erase all doubt and we all can put this discussion to bed
  17. And you think that the majority would take Darnold and I disagree that majority wouldn’t as most know what Darnold is which is a pretty lousy NFL QB and even for one game I believe most would not take him over Zach.
  18. Of course. Was just commenting on @Joe W. Namathstated that the fan base is sick. Naturally the Jets as with any fan base have a bunch of doom and gloomers but we are not sick, just sick of all the lousy football we’ve endured over the past decade sick of being the joke organization of the NFL and are gun shy about believing in the combination of JD, Saleh and the rest of this team I for one share Joe Willie optimism maybe not as strongly as him (thank you JD thank you) but do believe that the Jets are on the right track, believe in JD & Saleh as they are football people, not just accountants which to me Idzik and MaCagnan basically were. Hoping The Jets will be the surprise team of the NFL this season and have stated on more than one occasion we as a fan base need to try and have a bit more patience with Saleh,Zach,Becton et al Guardedly optimistic for meaningful games late in the season and not just for draft position in 2023
  19. Disagree. I Would take Wilson over Darnold all day every day and this coming from a person who thought Sam should be retained and given more talent around him might turn into a viable QB but after his performance last year not a chance I take him over Zach even for one game Darnold is just awful
  20. Given the body of work that Darnold has I doubt very much that teams will be picking him over Wilson . As of now Darnold is very close to being a career back up at best and out of the league at worst and it truly looks the latter being the case.
  21. How can it be that Sam is better than Zach? Darnold is starting his fourth year in the league Zach has played but 13 games Darnold is in a competition for the starting QB spot and basically fighting for his NFL career We all don’t know what Zach will turn out to be but at this point let’s give him a full season with what appears to be a far more talented offense before we make any proclamation that he is a bust.
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