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  1. I sure hope not. Fant is a serviceable player who imo improved as the season progressed. If they do sign Moses I would leave Fant at tackle and have Moses as the road grading guard. If this plays out we will have an above average bordering on top ten line in the league
  2. Do you truly believe that statement or are you just stirring the pot because if you believe it you really haven’t watched Mahomes play. To rank a MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback over a unproven rookie quarterback who hadn’t taken a snap yet is ludicrous unless you mean Russell Wilson which I really don’t think you mean him
  3. Actually I am pretty optimistic about the entire team as I am totally on board the vision JD has on building a consistent winner and how Saleh has the team excited to play for him While It is great to hear the reports about how Zach and the rest of the young guys look I have to agree with a number of posters that we should pump the brakes and not anoint them as hall of famers just yet as they still haven’t played a professional game but it is nice that it seems like the Jets are finally emerging from a dismal decade of football. I believe it’s going to be an exciting season
  4. Let’s not forget the cupcake schedule the Jets had in 2019 which I think that may have had something to do with the numbers you cite as the entire Jets defense was rated highly. The schedule for 2020 was markedly much more difficult and Adams was exposed as a mediocre at best coverage back. Jets are way better off without him especially when AVT becomes a perennial all pro and next years pick becomes a pass rushing demon
  5. Would be nice if you were able to give training camp passes to a Father and Son or Daughter who can’t afford the expense of going to a game but are Jets fans just the same and not unworthy
  6. To be fair Diggs makes a lot of d backs look silly. That said Adams is way overrated and not as good as he thinks he is. Great deal by JD and good riddance to this malcontent who is a cancer to any team he winds up with
  7. I am of the opinion that we should sign Moses to a three year deal with some flexibility. To me continuity is a the key to a elite o line so if they can sign Moses for a good deal you gave the o line in place for a number of years. Don’t want to constantly have the o line in flux as has been the case for the past couple of years
  8. Well written post. I just disagree with the premise that adding all the offensive receivers you magically transform into an offensive juggernaut as without a dynamic o line all these weapons will go for naught if Zach is buried under a mountain of pass rushers but again nicely written
  9. Hopefully AVT ends up being our Quentin Nelson or a reasonable facsimile of him.
  10. I seem to recall prior to last season you had started a thread starting with the phrase “Call me Crazy “ will start the season 6-0. Your reasoning was that they had a rather easy schedule and that turned out not to be the case so to say that Saleh needs to win 8 games with an easy schedule is an arbitrary figure which doesn’t need to be met in order to have a successful season which to me will be steady improvement throughout the year and really see tangible proof that the team is going in the right direction and can be a consistent contender for years to come. would like to see the same progress when Waldo took over in 78 in which we went 8-8 with a young team and in 79 had same record. 80 was a poor year but 81 came and the Jets wee an excellent team. Don’t think it will take that long with this team as constructed now another good draft should be in playoffs next year
  11. Let’s not forget that Gase went 6-2 over the final eight with a much easier schedule but also lost to winless teams not once but twice. He was a terrible hire
  12. CSNY

    What If?

    If all that were to occur 11-6 division champion
  13. Ron Wolf should be GM and President over Parcells and Dan Alexander aka Buford Bayou should be at the guard spot over Faneca but other than that a good list Kudos to the OP for a very well thought out analysis and fine conversational thread. But one question we couldn’t find a better offensive coordinator than Joe Walton he basically almost got Al Toon killed and cut his career short with all those 5 yard passes over the middle with the linebackers ready to hit him
  14. Tried to give it away but he persevered and got it done. Good for you Lefty
  15. Agree with this. If the Jets needed a bona fide # 1 receiver to make them serious contenders for the Lombardi Trophy then of course you sign or trade for Jones but alas the team is one more good draft away from being in that position. Let JD build this team then add pieces as needed to make the squad a perennial championship contender
  16. Should maybe think about bringing in a real Quarterback for practice before bringing in a real Lion for show
  17. # 75 should be retired with respect to the newest Jet to be inducted into Hall of Fame Mr. Winston Hill
  18. This reasoning to keep a poor coach just because the franchise is not ready to take the next step is rather confusing to me. If you continue to roll with a poor coach you will never get better and always be “ mired in the muck “ and never be ready to take the next step to hire a competent coach and staff You can’t get rid of a poor coach and his staff fast enough. Your loyalty to Gase is commendable but misguided he was a terrible hire
  19. The most daring thing that I tried is sushi which is good but only specific type like spicy tuna or fluke or lobster Never ever even think of putting eel on the table unless you are prepared for some projectile vomiting. Just the smell and look of that stuff makes me nauseous
  20. Jet I admire your culinary curiosity but that’s a no go for me
  21. Oh no no no. But I did like their pastrami Not as good as Katz’s but a very underrated sandwich
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