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  1. Sunday’s 1-4-8 pm games during college football season saturdays and Sundays 1-4 pm after college football is over No to Thursday night football and haven’t stayed awake for a Monday night game in years
  2. Not only this game but any game I have watched so far this year. Between flags reviews and commercials there is no flow to any game Ruining football
  3. Unabashedly old school opinion here but never liked any replay at all. I am ok with blown calls as the game is perfect with its imperfections
  4. The post game show with Ray and Bart is the best part of the Jets season so far
  5. Not saying that at all. What I am saying is coaching plays a large part in the success of a team. You have essentially the same OLine as last year ( with two former all pros at guard and center and if they are not working out coach should see that and make necessary changes in blocking patterns or personnel) while not at a good line it was not the disaster this years line is. Not blaming Gase for everything wrong but he must be held accountable as well. Case in point Our defense was supposed to be horrific with lack of talent no pass rush no corners etc etc but they are playing better than expected not the sieve everyone expected them to be all because in my opinion is due to Greg Williams
  6. Agree with PCP The O Line is a major culprit but Gase is not blameless either. Remember when Parcells took over he took a 1-15 team and got them to 8-8 Then when Vinny went down and after he realized Mirer wasn’t the answer he took Ray Lucas played to his strength and made him a decent QB which made the Jets competitive that’s what good coaching can do. Granted Parcells had more talent on team but the fact is he coached Lucas up put him in a position to win something that Gase has not yet proven he can do. Only wish Parcells realized that Mirer wasn’t the answer earlier that was an excellent team he assembled
  7. Gase is not looking good right now but Kotite was epically bad
  8. Can’t see this being a competitive game at all. I think it will be over by middle of second quarter with Mike White playing QB in place of Falk
  9. I have different recollections of Greg Buttle. Way back when the Jets practices were at Hofstra during the season most of the players would rent houses in Point Lookout and they would go to a bar called Chicolinos unwind and to watch Monday night games. Played darts and horseshoe with Dierking Darryl “ Colonel “ Austin . Fields Klecko you get the idea. All of them very personable and down to earth guys. Then there was Buttle rather arrogant and very full of himself.
  10. Agree. He was just awful.
  11. This could be a case of very wishful thinking but I believe the Bills have an excellent chance of beating the Patriots. Their defense is top notch and they do enough on offense to keep it interesting. Your thoughts
  12. I believe that the injuries are part of the problem but not necessarily the biggest problem. The offensive line is the biggest problem. The constant excuse of poor communication and how they have just played three games together to me rings hollow. If the scheme is confusing the o line it is up to the coach to simplify it (as knock the guy in front four yards backwards and run the ball right behind him ). Will keep the quarterback upright and healthy and will keep defense off the field. For all the talk of how the game has changed ( and it has for the worse in my opinion)it still is relatively simple control the line of scrimmage and you have an excellent chance of winning the game
  13. For a guy that volunteered to play special teams just to get on the field he performed very well. Just shows what good coaching can do
  14. At least the game was over quick. Less than 3 hours
  15. Remains to be seen if this is the worst Jets team. Kotites teams were historically bad. Only team that I know of that had a shovel pass picked off and run in for a touchdown
  16. 3rd and 3 and they throw a pass behind the line of scrimmage. Gase Offensive genius I think not
  17. It’s going to be ugly Hoping that the Patriots don’t cover the over by themselves.
  18. Yes you are correct and I was at that game as well. It was a game where you just knew that there was no way Bart Starrs coached Packers were going to win. The Walt Michaels coached Jets just controlled all facets of the game I believe the Jets win also helped the Giants get into the playoffs if my memory serves. Other than the Super Bowl winner that was my favorite Jets team excellent D and strong running game boy do I long for those days
  19. There are quite a few of them but the Jets - Packers game December of 1981 ranks way up there. I think they sacked Don Majkowski close to 10 times that game just an overall dominant performance
  20. The old time announcers were far better than what is calling the games now a days where it seems every play is worthy of a long winded explanation. Charlie Jones was one of my favorites along with Marty Glickman and Al DeRogotius.
  21. If Joe Douglas goes the route of trading Adams and L Williams I would take those picks and invest them in the offensive line and keeping the defense we have basically intact Since we then will not have a premiere receiver ( but adequate with Herndon)focus heavily on the running game during the 2020 season. This I believe will not hinder Darnolds development and if the Jets can produce a dominant running game it would also help the D by keeping them off the field and controlling the game If this scenario does occur next year they would be a better than average team that will need to learn how to win close games and by 2021 the Jets should be a bona fide playoff contender
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