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  1. Wouldn’t put that loss in Super Bowl entirely on Ryan very very questionable play calling during second half and defense collapsed as well
  2. Let’s not forget Carl Barzilauskis Ron Farout Johnny Lam Jones Dave Cadigan Mike Haight the list of first round busts on this team is endless
  3. I have read posts here ( not in this thread naturally) advocating to bring Fitzpatrick back as the QB of the Jets but no to Ryan who is head and shoulders above Fitz. For such a low cost of a better qb don’t understand the logic since I am very optimistic about playoff chances this year if Ryan is acquired ( not as optimistic if Sam is the starter ) since I feel that JD will get the o line fixed and bring in some excellent offensive skill players given all the picks and money he has at his disposal Now I don’t do this trade if it cost what the Rams gave up fir Stafford
  4. If The Falcons go for such a low return on Ryan then I would definitely do this as I think Ryan still has 2 years of above average QB play in him. Build o line and get some dynamic offensive players this year and we would be viable playoff contenders this season.
  5. Tailgating and Concessions would take a hit. Entire stadium full of fans can be fed with 7 loaves and seven fishes. After touchdown instead of pointing to sky just point to sidelines
  6. Fant is better than Wagner. Jackson over the hill and can’t stay on field. Kirksey not a need Pass on this trifecta
  7. Would like that I am in Brooklyn Bay Ridge to be exact. I gather Bronx is from the Bronx ( can’t get anything by me I tell ya) and where are you located?
  8. So you don’t play big joker little joker Ace king and so on down the line with the two of diamonds removed ?
  9. There were 4 of us that learned the games from our dads and we alternated houses once a month in NYC Children came games waned then stopped all together One has died and the other two moved out of state Haven’t played these games in close to 25 years I would say
  10. Loved playing Spades , Casino , Pinochle and Hearts but they are dead or dying games. Don’t know how long it would take me to re learn how to play but would like to try.
  11. Game days at Shea were great. Tailgating prior to and after game and you were allowed to bring in your own beverages in cans only. Was a lotta fun back then and season tickets were $72.00 a piece with no mandatory purchase of pre season games
  12. Would like to see them trade down for a haul keep Sam and pick up Mac Jones somewhere middle to late first round. Build team first as there are way too many needs as of now and after talent is upgraded then a fair determination can be made of Sam and Jones then let them compete for the spot along with Captain Morgan
  13. Would love to see Marco Columbo as O Line coach. He was involved in making the Dallas line pretty dominant both as an assistant and head coach of that unit
  14. If true do you trade Darnold for Garrapolo
  15. Keeping in the spirit of this thread about cornerbacks and Seeing The Jets need a shutdown corner how many of you would like to see if JD can keep the first round picks we already have in the first round , maneuver to get another first rounder so we can draft Patrick Surtain Mac Jones and an interior lineman in this draft even though we would pass on the top three QB’s and stick with Sam for another year hoping a new coaching staff can realize his potential
  16. As of now he is playing lights out. My question Is he this good or a product of a great team and system. Based on his play this year and half of last I would trade down amass more picks and take this kid
  17. No way Jets are rebuilding and this makes no sense to bring a guy wrong side of thirty with recent injury concerns and a hefty salary. 5 million is fine for a year or two but 23 mil per for two years pass
  18. All these announcers talk too dam muchabout absolutely nothing Wish we still had Marty Glickman, Charlie Jones , Brookshier, Al DeRogotus etc etc etc Those were announcers, clear and concise. Not the noise the announcers peddle now full of meaningless stats. Sometimes think they get paid by the word
  19. Kinda think that a nice set of **** and the old saying “ Happy Wife Happy Life” takes precedence
  20. Yes but it’s in Jacksonville not NYC and his wife is an avid Jets fan from what I understand.
  21. Disagree and I will explain why. If Cowher is interested in coming back to the sidelines I think this is the place he can be successful as I believe ( and this is just my opinion ) he respects JD and believes in the JD’s vision of building a consistent successful franchise through the draft of which we have plenty of draft picks adding prize free agents where necessary since there is a lot of money under the cap building a dominant o line excellent defense young moldable talent that is here already this a very attractive job. If Cowher and JD can work together and get it right he not only cements his legacy he would be the toast of NYC never have to pay for another meal or drink and be revered by the fan base as he would have Namath status.
  22. My opinion is this is a great opportunity for a head coach Respected and knowledgeable GM Some young talented players Plethora of draft picks most money to spend for Pro Bowl caliber talent can make this team turn from laughing stock to contender very quickly
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