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  1. At least Todd had two good years and got us a first round pick from the Saints when traded . Still waiting for Sam to have one good year or show improvement which he hasn’t done to this point
  2. Pep. You are correct that he doesn’t HAVE to get the entire season as you stated he loses the locker room he is definitely toast but as we all know there are so many new faces on the o line that it takes time for them to become a cohesive unit( I figure you should see improvement after 6-8 games ) If and when they start to play better the offense might and I emphasize might start to look better. That and have to see if he can utilize Mims in some fashion even though he has missed a lot of time due to injury if that makes the offense better. It is time for him to step up his game start taking responsibility for the putrid offensive production he oversees and start earning his so called OFFENSIVE GURU STATUS if not he can start packing as he then deserves to get the boot as they are not even competitive Offensively
  3. Can’t provide x & 0 evidence but as a supposed leader of men its not a good look to throw entire team under bus. Also to think that every play he called was absolutely perfect and wouldn’t change a call is delusional as every player coach referee all make mistakes in every game
  4. To state after a game Which you lost by double digits ( and we all know it wasn’t that close) that the offense play calls were perfect and wouldn’t change any calls is the making of a terrible coach. Basically saying it’s not me it is the players I have. Doesn’t instill great confidence on a team
  5. Not a Gase fan and I believe he is not a good HC but have to give him this season. If there is tangible proof that team is going in the right direction and is at the very least is competitive then he gets to come back but will be on a very very short leash the following year. Or maybe use Gases stubbornness to JD’s advantage JD tells Gase to fire his OC this year and if Gase is that stubborn maybe he would quit and problem is solved. Unlikely scenario but one can dream
  6. RUN THE DAM BALL AND STAY COMMITTED TO IT Then hit em with play action down field
  7. Product just isn’t as good as it once was
  8. Lupica tried too hard. When first started he was an excellent clear concise writer. Near the end he wanted to be the next Hemingway Hard to do in a 500 word column and that was just not his style
  9. Not defending him as he was rather callous and vindictive but he was a real interesting writer. Love him or hate him had to read what he had to say same thing about Breslin both made you think
  10. A once great newspaper is in a death spiral. Will be a sad day when they close up shop Gone are the writers that made that publication a must read Jimmy Breslin - Pete Hamill - Dick Young with the writers they have now the demise is inevitable
  11. No. We know what Leo is have no idea what Ashtyn can become But all signs point to a versatile player with huge upside so I’ll take Ashtyn over Leo
  12. High character individual. Wish him all the best in the future
  13. Sar. Can you explain how Gase is not responsible for his own decisions
  14. Disagree with the premise of older established teams are at a disadvantage. I think it 180 degrees opposite that they do indeed have a greater advantage as they have played together for awhile they know what their teammates tendencies are which gives them a huge leg up on teams that have had a huge roster turnover with much less practice time to become cohesive. My main reason for 5-7 wins
  15. The play of the offensive line will determine the success of this season
  16. I cannot understand why they are willing to put kids health and safety above money and pressure. If the presidents of these schools truly believe that it is in the best interest of all concerned then have the courage of your conviction to stand up against any outside influences. It won’t kill them to wait a year but it truly may kill people if they don’t
  17. I will only presume that president of big ten was politically pressured. Can’t see this ending well
  18. Please no more. Whether you agree with the trade or not he is gone time to move on
  19. But here is where the head coach should step up. Even though the league is now predominantly a passing league but you as a head coach knows that that is not the strength of your team which is the defense you must use the run to hide the weakNess in the passing game , control the game and by controlling game you keep your d off the field and they are fresh. If you win ugly it’s better than losing pretty
  20. Hard to say but as I have stated in other threads a lot of the success depends on how fast o line gels. I believe it will be as bad as it was last year for the first 6-8 games of season and as year goes by they become a more cohesive unit and there fore more wins. Also need to get a couple of more competent receivers.
  21. If you are talking pastrami then it’s Katz’s on E Houston and Ludlow no other place comes close
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