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  1. Have the Jets not learned anything from Quincy Enuwa and his neck issues. An emphatic No to Farley Get o line straight then go from there
  2. For his and his family sake I sure hope you are wrong.
  3. Khalil should stop as he was part of the reason Sam regressed since he couldn’t block anyone to provide protection for pass plays or open holes for running game. If he was able todo his job maybe Sam gets better instead of him having to constantly scramble away from pass rush
  4. In my opinion Jets should use the the 23 & 34 picks on the OLine that’s what we need the most.
  5. Al Toon. One of the greatest Jets to ever don the Green & White. May God give you and your family the strength to overcome this senseless tragedy
  6. Much respect for Smith Great story and determination from coming back a devastating injury but please no. One wrong hit and the poor guy is in danger of losing a leg especially with the Jets OLine still in flux. Wish he would retire while he can still walk and play with his kids
  7. I believe that the Jets would have been radically different if anyone other than Gase was hired. His hiring was a disaster on a par with Kotite , Holtz and Coslet.
  8. Need offensive lineman. Let’s start building a line that can develop together create some continuity and familiarity among that unit which is so important for long term dominance and quarterback health One year deals are only for depth
  9. The only other one that comes to mind is a wolffish with the teeth you describe but the body shape is similar to a tilefish not flat like a skate
  10. I think collectively as Jets Fans we all have been getting a colonoscopy from this team for a number of years without the benefit of medication
  11. Hacklehead is another one that you may have described as I have caught them as well. Word of advice. If you ever have the misfortune of catching one of them again make sure to keep your fingers away from their mouths as their jaws are very quick. Trust me on this one😊
  12. Was on the Rosie a number of times and also the Shinnecock Star as well. Shinnecock Star has such a low draft he can get into really skinny water and you can actually see the fluke going after the bait 😊👍 Thumbs up to your Grandmother and all the stories she can regale you with Which after reading it got me thinking about getting another boat Had a 23 foot Galaxy that my Dad and I used together and took my daughter and nieces on all the time when she was little What you describe might be a Monkfish a really ugly looking fish but very tasty. There is another fish that is similar to what you are describing but name escapes me at the moment The regulations were way out of hand a few years ago. One year it was 2 fluke at 21 inches in NY which was a killer to the industry here But boats from Connecticut who fish the same waters of the Sound were able to keep 5 at 19. during that same period. Sounds like a great trip from Massachusetts did one out of Hyannis many years ago and was a total bail job can’t remember name of the boat Did one Night Bluefish trip on the Viking many years ago as well fished of Block Island with a light crowd since it was nasty overcast during the day and just bailed bluefish. Made one drop and didn’t move all night. Got back to dock early then spent rest of night drinking at Salivars as it was the only place we were comfortable in since we stunk of bunker and bluefish
  13. Recently sold my house in Brightwaters and Live in Brooklyn now since I will be retiring June 4 as kids are grown and my wife and I dont need a big house and all the maintenance that goes along with it but when I go fishing like to get trophy fish and those are the places that you have a better chance of A.) Catching trophy fish and B.) even if you don’t get the trophy fish more than likely you will be able to bring something home for dinner. As you said going to Captree is expensive and not really worth it as a serious fisherman. That said Captree boats are very family friendly as they do cater to the children and families and do their very best to make it a fun day and they normally stay inside the protected waters of the bay which is good for the little ones who might be prone to sea sickness Also since Sandy made that new cut further East the waters in GSB are much much cleaner has significantly cut down on the brown tide so there is life there but it’s just like fishing in a nursery. Very very few keepers to be had. With your family spending $250.00 for fares then lunch and snacks it really would be nice to bring home a few fresh filets for the table One other thing you might be interested in are the fishing piers in Jones beach which jut into Reynolds Channel ( that also has a snapper Derby later in the summer) and the Point Lookout fishing pier. Both well maintained with rest facilities
  14. Captree is a total waste of time as far as getting keeper fish. Once a new body of fish move in they are wiped out within two three days as there is so much pressure put on them by all the party boats and the mosquito fleet as well. Used to like Greenport early in the season for fluke during the squid run but that has been a bust the past few years. The reason I go to Montauk during the sea bass season is plenty of big fluke & sea bass ( all time best is a 11pound 5 ounce fluke aboard the Marlin Princess September of 2009) and if fluke have lockjaw sea bass usually are more than willing to keep poles bending and taste great. Just really enjoy it out there and it’s great that you bring your children and get them interested in fishing. My Dad ( RIP ) and I used to go once a week anywhere they were biting be it Mattituck on the Captain Bob or Port Jeff on Celtic Quest Point Lookout on the Lady J 5 so kudos to you and your family it’s a great way to spend time together and the memories last a lifetime
  15. Not much of a fresh water fisherman but if you are interested in ocean fluke fishing out of Montauk would not mind getting some of like minded Jet Nation members on a ocean fluke and sea bass trip when sea bass season opens up.
  16. 2017 BMW x 1. I am 6’6” 245 Very comfortable great ride and reliable. Highly recommend
  17. Thai. As we all know Sam has been unable to play in a number of games for a myriad of reasons as well as Garrapolo so my question is all things being equal and projecting that both Sam and Jimmy G stay injury free which QB would you rather have leading the team. Me I take Jimmy although he is not in the elite class of QBs my opinion is he is an above average QB and has proven he can play winning football in the system that will be employed by new coaching staff who is better than Sam and would be a upgrade.
  18. Shanahan also did that as offensive coordinator for Falcons in Super Bowl against the Pats. Can’t totally place blame loss on Jimmy G just as you can’t blame Falcons loss totally on Marty Ice. Jimmy G better than Sam at this time.
  19. Yes depending on cost of trade and how much he is owed on contract ( wouldn’t give up more than a 4 th round pick and a marginal player) He’s better than Sam
  20. So far I like what Douglas has done As we all know this team needs multiple upgrades which JD addressed to a certain degree in free agency. Not getting Thuney hurt but can you really blame him for going to Chiefs instead. if I recall that Saleh really doesn’t blitz much as opposed to Williams so upgrading the line with some pass rushers will also help the secondary. That is not to say that corners need infusion of talent but with the new additions in line it will hide the lack of talent so he might not be prioritizing CB at this time. OLINE needs to be addressed as well in a big way
  21. Begs the question you actually think that Harrison is better than McGovern and Edoga is better than Fant I respectfully disagree and the guy Wirfs I believe had Brady as a QB that can get ball out quickly and that alone will make a o line that much better as you don’t have to hold blocks as long
  22. Mack was a bust but again he did not have control of draft so he couldn’t address o line and Mack who was an all pro lineman was the only center available who as it turned out had absolutely nothing left When he had control he addressed line do you think that McGovern Becton and Fant are better than Harrison Mack and Edoga and let’s not forget the quality of opponents were 100 times better than the team that was fielded when they went 7-9
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