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  1. But here is where the head coach should step up. Even though the league is now predominantly a passing league but you as a head coach knows that that is not the strength of your team which is the defense you must use the run to hide the weakNess in the passing game , control the game and by controlling game you keep your d off the field and they are fresh. If you win ugly it’s better than losing pretty
  2. Hard to say but as I have stated in other threads a lot of the success depends on how fast o line gels. I believe it will be as bad as it was last year for the first 6-8 games of season and as year goes by they become a more cohesive unit and there fore more wins. Also need to get a couple of more competent receivers.
  3. If you are talking pastrami then it’s Katz’s on E Houston and Ludlow no other place comes close
  4. White Castles cheeseburgers and onion rings
  5. The Honeymooners. Brings me back to much simpler time and still cracks me up
  6. Lay the 6. Jets o line will need time to gel and against the Buffalo D line don’t think it will hold up. it will be a carbon copy of last years line with incremental improvement for the first 4 - 6 weeks as line gets familiar with each other. After getting experience playing together o line should be much better going forward
  7. Wanted to see him grow this season as I think he has a lot of potential. Reminds me of Darius Slayton from that other team in town
  8. Kinda mind boggling. Don’t know what he was trying to achieve with that ploy.
  9. Can’t see it happening. Too much roster turnover not enough practice time to get a cohesive o line together.
  10. NFL is barely watchable these days with talent level on all teams going down. all the commercials , replay timeouts , etc etc and the XFL doesn’t even have half the talent league wide. Just a cut above Pop Warner football
  11. The guy we got from the Ravens ( forget his name) will do what Adams did for far less money and headaches
  12. With this season I believe that the teams with the least amount of roster turnover will be in far better shape for this season than any other season than the Jets for the simple reason of having played together I do believe that with JD team is headed in right direction but just too many new additions and not enough time to get a cohesive oline and offensive timing Hoping for the best but being realistic I see struggling in the first half of season but if the team plays better in the second half of the season ( if there is a second half of season) then there will be good reason for 2021 to be really optimistic for a division championship and long run in the playoffs this season not so optimistic but hoping I am wrong
  13. Just an opinion and gut feeling but I really Don’t think Seattle is going to be giving him the fat contract he is looking for
  14. 82 Jets would have beaten Redskins team going away. They would not have given Riggins any room to run then the “ Sack Exchange “ would have teed off as the Skins OLine wasn’t as good in pass blocking ( Gastineau would have consistently run right past Jacoby) Our running game with Freeman would then have worn down the Skins. I think the Jets win by 10-14 points and I think score would not have been indicative of Jets domination of that game
  15. It’s not a issue of “ whiny bitches” It is a point is that there is no “ can do spirit” at this point in time in USA it’s just a me me spirit. You don’t even have to go back 100 years just go back to WW2 and sacrifice made by the men fighting abroad and sacrifice made by people to help the war effort If things were different attitude wise and were are all rowing the boat in same direction we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in now and we wouldn’t be having this discussion and football and other things that Are enjoyed through out the country can be done safely. Don’t want this to devolve into a political discussion so enjoy rest of weekend
  16. And you’re ok with 10 percent of worldwide deaths, USA having a population of 330million give or take that’s 33 million deaths. In today’s mortality rate it’s 1% or there about s that’s still 3.3 million deaths Given those figures NFL or any sporting event should not be held Until this virus can be brought under control be it with masks vaccines or eradicated completely.
  17. As much as I enjoy watching football truly think there should not be a season until the spread of this virus has been curtailed and under control, just way too much risk for even more spread by playing these games more spread means a longer time for things to get back to some semblance of normalcy
  18. Not a problem those days at Shea were absolutely fantastic I too get nostalgic about that era - team and the friends that were made in our section during that time Was great seeing and hearing how much the crowd really got behind that squad. Those Michaels led teams were some of the best teams the Jets ever had
  19. Disagree completely with this. As I recall when I first got my seasons tickets Section 26 Row J 1 & 2 in 1978 there was an very kind elderly man by the name of Conrad that sat in the section who every week would bring his megaphone ( think prototypical college cheerleaders in the 40’s and 50’s and in the winter would where his long woolly coat he was a truly wonderful person always upbeat and cheerful ) and would start the chant by yelling into megaphone with Allright Allright Allright then go into J E T S JETS JETS JETS. Then a short guy who had a helmet without a face mask picked up the chant and got up on the railing and start the chant. I think he was section 28 or 30. Then it started to become a competition where the closed end of the stadium would start then open end of stadium ( or vice versa) would reply louder as it would go back and forth all game long. Truly a fun time at Shea.
  20. OIC what original poster meant when starting the thread so I take back Al Toon. There are so many too pick from but I really liked the way Kevin Long ran the ball and a host of other very good players
  21. Was at that game as well. Hit Barkum with a bullet pass in the mIddle of the centerfield end zone
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