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  1. Ron Faurot has got to be one of the worst first rounders Jets have ever selected
  2. Lance Mehls interceptions against the Raiders in the playoffs. Take your pick of which one
  3. Earl Campbell was the greatest back I ever saw. If I were to start a team he would be first back I pick. Just a awesome teammate and person with work ethic and humility
  4. No way in hell. I’d rather drink bleach than have this lunatic on this team
  5. If the o line is not as porous as last year and plays well ( meaning not being over matched like last year) there would no excuses for his performance In that scenario you might be getting a clearer picture of what Darnold actually can do then it’s a good move to sign him since Dalton is still relatively young he could be the starter as our search for the elusive franchise qb continues. PS it’s a good move to sign him regardless of scenario
  6. When it is safe to go out my first stop will be Kettle Black
  7. Not to start another debate but question. If you can get Williams for a couple of picks then sign him for let’s say what it takes to sign Adams who do you prefer. Do let Adams go via a trade for picks and sign Williams or pass on Williams and sign Adams. You can’t have both which is the ideal situation you make the call. Me I prefer Williams and trade Adams not that I dislike Adams but would prefer a offensive lineman
  8. That’s fine if they want to act like jerks that’s there prerogative. They way to stop all that nonsense is to physically beat them to the point of they don’t want to play anymore. Getting on all fours and feign peeing doesn’t achieve a dam thing except making yourself look like a jerk. Same as using the football to feign wiping your ass. You want Edelman to stop you pop em with a clean hit to the ribs repeatedly so he gets alligator arms. Impose your will on them Beat em and bloody em and that BS stops and if it doesn’t you beat em and bloody em some more maybe then they get the picture doing this all within the parameters of the game no cheap shots
  9. Disagree. There is still something to be said for winning with class even in a 35-7 victory
  10. Wouldn’t give anything for this guy. Let Cleveland cut him then bring him in and don’t put up with any of his nonsense. He starts lifting his leg on goalposts again it’s or anything else it’s sayanora Odell
  11. Question. Didn’t JD sign a similar player to Adams from the Ravens a couple of weeks ago. That’s why I think Jamal is a goner
  12. in my opinion Herm is exactly where he should be. His ethics and morals are perfect to lead and mold young men to prepare them for their future. Always rooted for Herm who to me is a good man
  13. Good Now let’s get rid of the rest of the inane stoppages of play and return the game back to a more simplistic state . Not saying to go back to leather helmets and winged t formations but back to when the games flowed far better than they do now cause the games are becoming more difficult to watch
  14. As Mickey Mantle once said at the McCarthy congressional hearings “ I agree with everything Casey said”. Those of you that are old enough will get the reference
  15. Jan Smithers and it’s not even close
  16. Tebow to me is a rather self centered individual who likes to wrap himself in the flag of religion to keep his name in the media As he is less than mediocre QB and even worse baseball player and his star power is waning. If he really was as self righteous and compassionate as he espouses he should be thanking and not bashing any team that hired him and gave him a chance as he really wasn’t any good to begin with. He really should let it go and get on with his life as a televangelist
  17. This a post that I can definitely get behind
  18. Agree about any GM having concerns but he is not falling out of first round if he falls far enough ( let’s say around 20 give or take ) New England trades up to get him as I think he would flourish in the system they run
  19. Revis in his prime was the best I have ever seen. He would shut down any receiver in any era he was that good
  20. Dam how I enjoyed watching that Walt Michaels coached team. That’s the way football was meant to be played
  21. This sounds like a great idea and would like to participate but alas I am not technologically savvy so I wouldn’t even know how to connect to a video chat. So have a great time. If it somehow can be posted after the fact would love to watch it
  22. Great win , superb coaching and team play Unfortunately that was the apex of Rex’s career
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