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  1. Joe Walsh fine guitar player but needing a football coach much rather have Bill Walsh 🙂
  2. The Jets cover only if the Chiefs reset their clocks two hours back and they don’t show up
  3. Excellent thread Sarge. My opinion is that we would need to take one of the linemen be it Hill, Mawae ( although I prefer Mangold as he was a jet his entire career and just as good) or Klecko. My reasoning is this. If you can control the line of scrimmage on both side of the ball you control the game. Control of game gets you more wins most times. My choice would be Klecko only player in the history of NFL to be named to Pro Bowl at all three d line positions. Travesty he is not in the hall
  4. Need them to cover and the over to complete 5 team parlay
  5. I get that Gase is coaching for his job but Gore isn’t the answer now to help him keep his job as he is way past his expiration date. I don’t understand why Perrine isn’t getting most of the carries. The only thing that would make any type of sense is that his ankle isn’t completely healed other than that it ludicrous that he isn’t more involved with the game plan
  6. Question to all Jet Nation. At what time this season if at all do you start Morgan to see what he’s got or does Sam get the starts. Since I am really starting to waver on Darnold I would continue to give him the starts as the players on IR return but if he continues to play poorly and is still inconsistent I would put Morgan in the 3-4 weeks of season to see if he has what it takes to be a viable starter in this league and not just a career backup
  7. Injuries are his saving grace as decision will be made as players return to see if they at least become competitive and if they see improvement in Sam’s play He will last all year
  8. Mike Francesca is like a thanksgiving turkey. Full of Sh’t
  9. Then turned that team into a dynasty in a couple of years. So yes coaching is extremely important in the NFL
  10. Right with ya Barkus. To quote Beningo “ OH THE PAIN”
  11. The Jets by far as The Knicks and basketball in general to me are unwatchable all it is now is run down court and hoist a three Not a team game any longer Gone are the Knicks of Reed Frazier DeBusscher Bradley Barnett on the 70’s championship team and the 73 team might have been even better as I believe they had 7 Hall of Famers on that squad. Now that was basketball
  12. CSNY

    Nico out

    Not a problem. I don’t take offense to it all because I know there is absolutely no way in hell I would ever ever want be a moderator. So if people construe anything I have posted in the short time I have been on this board as lobbying for a moderator spot that is on them.
  13. CSNY

    Nico out

    Oh hell no. Never ever would want to be a moderator
  14. CSNY

    Nico out

    I don’t agree with him but he tries to make his case for Gase his staunch defense of him and his reasons why Gase is a fine coach which makes this board interesting hearing the different opinions from everyone.
  15. Thought Rosen was the second best QB behind Darnold Darnold Rosen Allen Jackson Mayfield
  16. Green this is exactly right. Very few defenders in the secondary use there arms any longer to wrap up all they do is shoulder them and expect the ball carrier to fall down then the announcers fall over themselves saying how many broken tackles we just witnessed when the reality is no attempt at tackling was made. MacDougal Should have stood up met him in the hole and put his helmet in his chest Quality of tackling is down across the league and been like that for a number of years and is getting worse
  17. CSNY

    Nico out

    SAR 1 brings some interesting perspective on the state of all things Gase and Darnold. Don’t like to see anyone go cause everyone here brings something to discuss even if you often times disagree. It’s what makes this board a fun place to be and commiserate with one another win or lose
  18. Not comparing just am hoping that JD builds this team in the same mold as Walt Michaels Bill Parcells Rex Ryan and now the Titans. Good hard nosed tough teams that can dominate through strong Defense and dominant running game as a strong running game always travels well and is good in the cold and inclement weather
  19. Losmeister Some Jets fans maybe obsessed for the reason you stated but I like them for the type of football that they play. A Ball control running game and strong D. Many here disagree as they say the game has changed. If you can control the game with the run you keep the ball out of the other teams hands they can’t score. Have a dominant D that gets you the ball back quickly you just can continue to wear the opposing teams D out then by the fourth quarter you have imposed your will on them and run the ball some more. that will always be a winning formula in the NFL in my opinion.
  20. Dominant lines will be gained with smart drafting and free agent
  21. Choon. Give me Ground and Pound coupled with a dominant Defense and that will always be a winning combination in the NFL.
  22. If not for McClendon and Gore this would be very plausible as they are well respected veteran leaders that do hold sway in locker room and will try to prevent this from happening hold team together and teach young guys on how to be professional players Without them Gase loses lockeroom sooner rather than later if he hasn’t already lost it already
  23. Disagree with Sanchez being soft. He didn’t play scared as Sam is now
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