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  1. Jif. Have to agree with you on that one. Think he may be a bit injury prone But he does throw an excellent deep ball
  2. Darnold has done some good things with a less that stellar offensive cast. By the same token he has had some really head scratching moments also. Not ready to give up on him but also not ready to anoint him as savior either. This upcoming season with hopefully a better supporting cast will tell us if he will be an elite or pedestrian QB. Cautiously optimistic that it will be the former and not the latter
  3. Thought Rosen was going to be great. Liked Rosen/ Josh Allen / Darnold / Jackson and Mayfield in that order. Thought Vernon Gholston was going to be a beast And for all you old timers I also thought Onzy Elam was going to be great as well. Guess I should stay away from picking edge pass rushers
  4. If this is true I think Monken will have a hard time getting another job as an assistant. I wouldn’t want him on my staff if he talks about things that should stay Within the organization He isn’t trustworthy in my opinion
  5. Congrats Herm. He is more suited to coaching young men in college than pros. Good man
  6. Agree 100 %. Although he didn’t give any specifics about plans not that he should he just comes off as someone who has a vision on how a team should be built and Knows how to get that vision accomplished
  7. Happy Year to you jgb and all of the posters on this site. Wishing for all of us a competitive upcoming season which ends in the raising of the LOMBARDI TORPHY. Safe and Healthy to you all
  8. if any changes are made to staff would like to bring Bill Callahan on board
  9. When Harrison became starter oline play was better than any time during the season Would like to see how his play improves with to road grader type guards playing next to him. Out of necessity need to bring back Beachum cause Edoga is just not ready to play left tackle at a high level. Would also like Bill Callahan to become OLine coach as well. I think he would have an immediate impact lording over this unit as Greg Williams did with the Defense
  10. As well documented here and other threads until that o line gets fixed there is no good way to grade Sam on. Fix the line next year and let’s see what improvements Sam makes. Given the recent QBs the Jets have employed would settle for above average at this point.
  11. I think that the Jets will be the only ones to offer him a head coaching job since I do believe that Bountygate does have some lingering effects if in fact they do move on from Gase. It appears that Williams is well respected within the organization and by his players as well so this would be his only opportunity if it does arise. I don’t think Cleveland would have been a good fit for him with all the prima donnas players that are on that roster.
  12. True that the defense was heavily invested in but how many of those investments were on the field over the year and how many played to expectations. In the beginning of season I remember that the consensus was the Jets would have to win shootouts since the D had no rush nor cover corners so can’t really buy that investment line of thought. Not ready to run Gase out as he did do some things well but by same token not convinced he is the correct coach need to give him next year. Gases legacy here will be as good as Darnold takes him and vice versa If they win a Super Bowl together they both will never ever have to pay for a drink or a dinner in NYC ever again
  13. This is not surprising. Garret should have been let go years ago
  14. Understood but given their history of success not willing to count them out until a stake is driven through their collective hearts. Hoping this is the year that stake will be used
  15. Can’t see Pats losing at Foxborough. Belichick as he does all the time will take away opposing teams greatest weapon which is Henry and force Tannehill to beat them. I for one give the edge to the Pats secondary over Tannehill and his receiving corps. Not ready to count the Pats out just yet although want to see it happen in the worst way. Can’t stand the Kraft Belichick Brady triumvirate
  16. Wanting Need to know if Darnold and Gase are the ones to lead the JETS to sustained success. IMO jury still out. Next season is a big year for both and the franchise as well
  17. Don’t know if anyone can truly state with any conviction that a non playoff team had a better year than two playoff teams cause I will take going to the playoffs anytime over sitting on the couch saying my team should be playing since I perceive it had the better season
  18. Best thing that happened to the Jets this season is the Greg Williams hire. Also in the same vein best thing that happened to Greg Williams was being passed over by the Browns and being hired by the Jets. With Williams no nonsense style of coaching don’t think it would have played well with the personnel that makes up that team. Beckham , Mayfield , Landry et al I believe they would have rebelled at being held responsible and made to act as professional..... not being coddled by Kitchens as coach.
  19. The real issue I believe is that when you decide to take a job any job ( for example any law enforcement / nursing or any of the hundreds of jobs that require testing ) that requires you to be tested for drugs you know that is part of the requirement to keep said job then you must abide by those rules that have been negotiated and agreed upon by Players Union and Management under the CBA. If you choose not to agree to the terms you may need to find a different profession. Now by the same token if Bell can prove that he is being unfairly singled out by having to submit to the maximum amount of tests then he may have a case.
  20. I would like to know if Bell doesn’t agree to be tested would that void the contract that he signed with the Jets. Seems to me it that would be the case
  21. I do not believe a total blow up is necessary because there is some talent on the squad now Fixing the O LINE is the most important thing that must be done this off season and add a high quality pass rusher These additions on this roster in my opinion will go along way to sustainable success.
  22. I am usually against trading away excellent players but with Adams I would trade him. Adams is a box safety whose real value is rushing the passer and is a sure tackler since in my opinion he is an average cover guy. Since as said throughout these forums we need an edge rusher and we find one in the draft or through a trade is Adams as valuable to this defense that has an elite pass rusher as opposed to his value now to the team without that pass rusher. I believe his value diminishes with the rusher so therefore I take the gamble on finding that pass rusher in rounds 3 - 4 while using extra earlier picks we get from the trade for O Line help
  23. Ididn’t say that’s the reason Sam played like crap. if he did not have mono or he still wasn’t 100 percent and feeling the effects that is not an excuse for playing poorly If your out there playing and you don’t perform well you have no excuses. He just played poorly end of story. Me personally not sold on Darnold ( I liked Rosen and Allen over Darnold Jackson and Mayfield) as yet given the history of USC QBs and his inconsistent play. Shouldn’t be making the same mistakes at the end of his second year as he did in the first half of season but has done enough good things to give hope that he will turn into a above average QB
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