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  1. Joe Douglas needs to kill a chicken right before free agency and then again before the draft.
  2. I'm good with anyone Joe Douglas goes with at No. 2 overall, even if he decides to be a bitonti and draft Penei Sewell. I'm just looking forward to a new beginning with a new quarterback whoever the hell that is.
  3. I'm about to learn y'all that Darnold is worth a 1st rounder now. Let's get it dude. While we wait, we hydrate.
  4. Hope the Texans are listening. It's 2 overall for Watson or else the hose again.
  5. For a second I thought this was a DEFENSEWINSCHAMPIONSHIPS thread.
  6. I'm in dark mode right now when it comes to beer. Just bought a 4 pack of that Empire Brewing Company's Black Magic Irish Coffee Stout.
  7. If Sam Darnold is Phil Simms then James 'Captain' Morgan is our Jeff Hostetler.
  8. Joe should see if anyone will give him two first round picks for Maye.
  9. Texans are standing in a deep hole looking up at Joe Douglas who's yelling, "It accepts 2 overall for Watson, or else it gets the hose again."
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