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  1. playtowinthegame

    Update on Justin Houston

    No matter where he signs he's going to uproot his family and move to another city. He'll choose the team that gives him the most money, or like you said if the money is close he'll choose the best place he feels he could win at. Jets should give him the best offer he can't refuse. Will they? We shall see.
  2. playtowinthegame

    Update on Justin Houston

    Terrell Suggs, who's 36 years old going on 37 next October, took the money from the Arizona freaking Cardinals who finished with the worst record in football. Why can't Justin Houston, who just turned 30 last January, take the Jets money? I think the Jets are a tad better situation than the Cardinals, and yes, it's about the money.
  3. Due to the fact Rosen already knows they're not drafting Murray, he is not fazed at all during lying season. The Cardinals want a chart-busting trade offer for Kyler Murray. Steve Keim controls the draft, and he's trying to drive up Murray's value. It's that simple. You don't drive down Rosen's value and then trade him. Makes zero sense. Don't believe the Cardinals drafting Murray hype.
  4. playtowinthegame

    Update on Justin Houston

    If the Jets get Houston it's because they showed him the most guaranteed money. It's always about the money. He has to try and get the most he can at this stage of his career.
  5. If you listen to Rich Eisen here, he says he has a source that says Josh Rosen has been assured he's the guy in Arizona, and not to worry about what comes out in the media during what is otherwise known as "lying season." The Cardinals visit with Kyler Murray yesterday was a pure smoke screen to drive up the value of Kyler Murray. Basically Steve Keim killed two birds with one stone: drove up the price for Murray, and got to privately visit some OU offensive lineman he wants to protect Josh Rosen. This makes the Cardinals the team that gets the kings ransom back for a QB trade at the top of the draft, not the Jets, not the 49ers, not the Raiders. The Cardinals GM Steve Keim would like to be the one who gets the chart busting trade offer for the number one overall pick. That's what's going on here. Those who want Murray would have to give up quite a bit to make it to the number one overall pick. There is a whopping 800 point difference between the Jets 3rd overall pick and the Cardinals 1st overall pick. Like I said, I think the Cardinals visit with Murray yesterday was purely smoke to try and drum up a big offer for Kyler Murray. They are not giving up on Josh Rosen after a rookie year behind a horrible offensive line. Did you see the quote from Chandler Jones today being very excited about going back to a 3-4 defense in Arizona? He's also excited for the chance to play with the great Terrell Suggs. "No more double teams," Jones said. I think Suggs is a great fit for the Cardinals, and you know he'll lead their locker room. With that said, Suggs can't play forever, he's going to turn 37 next October. Drafting a guy like Nick Bosa just makes all the sense in the world for the Cardinals should they not trade out of the first overall pick. Suggs and even Jones can mentor a guy like Bosa. Show him what it takes to be a champion. I think it's a cool story to see Suggs come back to Arizona where he played his college ball. FYI, guess who's pro day it is today? Thee Ohio State. Should be interesting to see what comes out today. Hope Mac is there to watch Michael Jordan. I love that name for our next center.
  6. Luck? Nah. That was an easy prediction Yeah right! Lol. Rams scoring only 3 points against that mediocre Patriots D. That was an "easy" call. That's like not calling glass when you bang a shot in off the backboard playing basketball, but acting like you intended for it to go in like that. FYI, I'm not mad at you. I said congratulations already and you had a good laugh at my expense. What more do you want? Lol
  7. The Cards visited Kyler Murray today, as well as some Oklahoma OL, most likely Cody Ford. Those who want to believe the Cardinals are drafting Murray will get all fired up about it. Cardinals GM, Steve Keim and Coach Kingsbury are just doing their due diligence and today's visit isn't a sign the Cardinals will draft Murray.
  8. You lucked out on that one bud. I was right about the Rams D having a great game....NOBODY could have predicted the Rams offense being that inept against a mediocre Patriots defense. But you keep on beating your chest about the Patriots winning that awful Super Bowl.
  9. You have zero proof at all but I'm the one out to lunch? Incarcerated Bob is that you?
  10. He must feel terrible bring shamed like this. Sincerely, Lawrence Taylor
  11. Newsflash for you, the Cardinals GM, Steve Keim, has never come out and said the Cardinals are trading/shopping Josh Rosen, just so they can draft (Doug Flutie's son) Kyler Murray. It makes no sense at all to pass on Nick Bosa to draft Kyler Murray a year after drafting Josh Rosen. It's absolutely ridiculous and it's fake news created by the media looking for an interesting story. Jets fans who are buying that fake news are gullible and/or hoping for Bosa to fall to the Jets.
  12. playtowinthegame

    Update on Justin Houston

    "Because he's made so much money in his career and where we are in free agency, he's not really in a rush but has narrowed it down to a couple finalist." Translation: You better show Houston the guaranteed money if you want him to come to your team.
  13. It's highly unlikely Mike Maccagan is fired next year. No way in hell Mac turns down a future 1st round pick. Getting a future 1st would be a big deal for the Jets. As for who I think is a candidate to trade with the Jets in the first round, I could see the Redskins, Bengals, Broncos, Lions, and Giants as possible trade partners. Giants make the most sense, but I believe the Redskins are the most aggressive...a place where Mac used to work as a scout.
  14. No you missed the point. You only believe what you want to believe, and that doesn't all of a sudden make you anymore correct than me. Did that go over your head?
  15. I agree he wanted to be a head coach in the NFL, however, he wanted to go into a situation he could coach a young QB he believed he could groom. Let's face it, everyone was trying to find the next young Sean McVay coach, and Kliff Klingsbury was the sexy hire, especially because he worked with Patrick Mahomes. Bottom line, Klingsbury wasn't desperate and had a couple teams with young quarterbacks courting him.

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