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  1. All these pages and Jamal isn't getting traded or getting a new contract. Jamal under Joe's thumb.
  2. 32 bubbles at campuses not being used for all NFL teams. Old school training camps....example: Cortland, NY for the Jets. Games played without fans. Testing every day for every players, coaches, and staffer. Living in a bubble for the TV money. Every player wears uniforms designed to prevent possible spread of COVID-19 during every practice and game. Enough FULL-BODY disinfecting booths installed at stadiums to constantly spray players coming on and off the field. Perhaps a giant disinfecting tunnel for players running out onto the field. The finest cannabis shops at every teams bubble. Super Bowl ratings for every game.
  3. Many many lifer Jets fans are virtually tailgating while waiting for Joe's huge haul for Jamal.
  4. Clowney said, "HELL NAH", to the Browns lucrative offer. He'd rather wait for the Jets offer than play with that fugazi franchise quarterback, Baker Mayflower.
  5. Mac's D-Line runs deep. So deep put your ash to sleep.
  6. I'm going to shop for some Jets gear later tomorrow...thanks for the links. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone. Thanks for running such a great site.
  7. Wentz should be in tier 4...You can win regular season games with him when healthy.

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