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  1. At least we never lost 4 Super Bowls in a row, with 3 of them being blowouts and the only close game a loss to the in state New York Giants. Then go through a 17 year playoff drought (2000-2016) and when you finally get back to the playoffs you ain't winning the Super Bowl because you're overrated and will never get by the Chiefs during your tiny window. Eventually your quarterback will burn out like Cam Newton and you'll be looking up at the sexy Zach Wilson who is gonna rule the AFC East for 15 years.
  2. Cam Akers looks good! The way he lowered the boom on Baker was scary.
  3. John Mara is going to hire Mike Mayock, Jim Harbaugh and then the Giants will trade for Russell Wilson.
  4. Whenever I see this thread back at the top I picture that hot dog gif.
  5. Chiefs by 10 and that's after a garbage time score by the Bills. I'm laying the measly 2.5 and betting the Chiefs this week. The Bills don't beat KC, not with Chris Jones on their D this time and that Chiefs O clicking.
  6. It's only been 1 year of this, so it's too early to say it's bad. There might be years you get a team like the Chargers in who can make noise as a 7 seed.
  7. The 7 seed @ 2 seed games were never going to be close. They were blowouts as expected. The 6 @ 3 seed games (Pats/Bills, 49ers/Cowboys) were compelling before they started but only one lived up to expectations. The 4 seed @ 5 seed games had the most potential during Wild Card round. So far the first 4 vs 5 was an OK game, but most expected the Bengals to win. The last game which is tonight should be competing like the 49ers/Cowboys game. I expect the Rams to pull out a win in dramatic fashion. Out of the 6 games this round, you could say half were worth watching. The other half were awful but
  8. After the Rams beat the Cardinals it will make the home teams 5-1 in the Wild Card round.
  9. Chiefs better pull their starters. Don't want to see anyone injured during this sh*tfest.
  10. Wasn't George Blanda a kicker and a quarterback for a while?
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