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  1. Hard to evaluate skill position players if a team is stuck starting a quarterback who is absolute dogsh*t with an offense not staying on the field going 3 and out all day. I'm not saying Morgan is dogsh*t but he's an unknown commodity heading into training camp with a rookie QB1 and rookie OC. I'd like the Jets to hedge their bets at QB and bring in a quality veteran quarterback before the regular season is here.
  2. So you're good with James Morgan as our starter should Zach ever miss games?
  3. Nothing to see here. Zach Wilson will be in camp in time to dominate in 2021. Our enemies are very nervous and fearful.
  4. It would be gross negligence if JD goes into 2021 with Zach Wilson/James Morgan as his starting/backup quarterback.
  5. This guy would be riding the bench, and Gardner Minshew woulda been doing Classic Coke commercials.
  6. Gotta have someone besides James Wasted Pick Morgan backing up Zach Wilson.
  7. God bless Lauren. She's in my thoughts and prayers, Phil.
  8. You think Danny Dimes gonna blow up this year like Josh Allen did last year? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I thought you wanted Dimples.
  10. I'll really love Jamal if Seattle has a terrible season and that 1st in 2022 turns into a top 10 pick.
  11. JD has to go get Foles. He's the best fit to be Zach's mentor/backup.
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