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  1. I'm sure Aaron Rodgers would rather go to Miami and pay no state taxes and get to throw to Waddle and Hill.
  2. Now all they need is a starting QB since Tua is likely to retire
  3. I don't believe that would happen either. I'm more and more inclined to keep the draft picks if the Packers want the world for a 39 year old QB. I would stick to my guns and get a QB without giving up one 1st rounder or even 2nd round pick - that goes for Carr too. I hope the Raiders pick his contract up. It hurts their cap heading into free agency.
  4. I wouldn't have a problem with his salary, but definitely have a problem giving up our future for an old QB with at most 2 seasons left.
  5. I would hang the phone up as soon as the Packers asked for a 1st rd pick. He's no Tom Brady. He's a choker in the post-season in every year sans 1 season. He's the 49ers biznitch.
  6. It will be tough to afford Rodgers if they hold onto Carr.
  7. If Rodgers does turn the Jets down this is the team I would like to see him go to. Jets at Las Vegas next season. Another Jets W vs AR.
  8. They pay that much for practice squad quarterbacks?
  9. I think the Packers would have to take the big cap hit, or lose out on draft picks in 2023. Otherwise wait until after June 1st and get a lot less for Rodgers in a buyers market.
  10. We know Joe Douglas is good at liquidating as a seller, but still a lot of question marks for Joe as a buyer. My fingers are crossed he comes out of this quarterback market with Aaron Rodgers or Derek Carr.
  11. I don't begrudge him for playing until he got every last drop out of his career. I appreciated how he stayed disciplined in his training and diet and fought back father time to continue playing a game he loved and was addicted to.
  12. Ranking my choices. 1 Aaron Rodgers 2 Derek Carr 3 Lamar Jackson (trade if available) 4 Jimmy Garoppolo 5 Mitch Trubisky (trade if available) 6 Baker Mayfield 7 Ryan Tannehill 8 BLaKe BoRtLeS
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