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  1. It's only a tank season if the Jets are doing bad, then that was the plan all along. Sorta like this is now year 1 for Douglas because he's drafting for Robert Saleh defense and Opie's offense.
  2. Sleepy Joe Douglas misses again! All joking aside I'm sure Roseman really likes Zach Ertz and wanted to trade him to a contending team instead of a rebuilding team. Trading Ertz to the Jets would have been cruel at this point in his career.
  3. For sure. I take Natures Made D³ 1000 IU/25 mcg daily in addition to a multi-vitamin with 1600 IU/40 mcg. Vitamin D³ is also great natural testosterone booster for men. Adds fuel to the fire. And by the way she'll like it too.
  4. I've had homemade waffles, Gianelli maple sausage links, Starbucks Fall Blend coffee, and two pints of poland springs.
  5. Can anyone right now today, say with a straight face, that JD is a better GM than Mike Maccagnan. Looks take a closer look at the same point in each man's tenure with the Jets. Joe Douglas 3-18 thus far after two full off-seasons, and he had over 10 months to prepare for his first off-season with the Jets in 2020. He inherited a Mike Maccagnan team that would go on to finish 7-9 in 2019. His first draft pick as GM was passing on Tristan Wirfs for Mehki Becton. Mike Maccagnan 15-17 after two full off-seasons, and he had 3 ½ months to prepare for his first off-season in 2015 with
  6. Normally I'd be with you regarding the Cowboys, but not this year. Dak is playing like a man possessed
  7. I see 3 wins and a *MOD (Margin of Defeat) of -13.4, since 2020 after Joey had 10 months to prepare for his job of making the 2019 Jets, who finished 7-9, better. I see a lot of excuses being made about the "cupboards" being bare. One thing that isn't bare is the excuse machine for Sleepy Joe Douglas. *Worst in the NFL
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