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  1. Chiefs (SNF), Eagles (SNF), at Cowboys (Thanksgiving), Bills (MNF), and at Dolphins (MNF).
  2. Do you think they'll bring in someone who will challenge Zach Wilson and possibly make him the 3rd string quarterback?
  3. I went to FSU when Laveranous Coles, Peter Warrick, and Marvin "Snoop" Minnis were on the team. Coles nickname was "trouble". Those were the days. lol...Even our kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, was tough as nails.
  4. That was when you had guys staying for 3 years and developing their games. I used to love it when you had guys that stuck around until their senior year. Now you're lucky if you get a good recruit, they don't leave your program after 1 season for the NBA Draft or another program via the transfer portal.
  5. Last thing I picture when reading your reply is a calm, collected person. You come off very jaded. You seem very sure of what was said, as if you read Michael Irvin's lips from that video. You say the witnesses seemed worthless. I could say the same about you, because you're just spouting off feelings, not facts.
  6. It's a 2 year window with Rodgers, and I'd rather have OBJ than Corey Davis during this time period.
  7. I want OBJ if Corey Davis is gone because once we have Aaron Rodgers we are in it to win it, and I want depth at WR in case some guys miss time due to injury. Look at the Rams when they traded for OBJ. They lost Robert Woods right after getting him. They wouldn't have won the Super Bowl in 2021 without the depth they had at wide receiver.
  8. It's not like Aaron Rogers came out of his darkness retreat and demanded to be traded to the Jets. The Packers decided to move on from Rodgers because they want to see what they have in Jordan Love, who they invested a 1st round pick in. Rodgers was the face of the Packers franchise for 15 seasons since he became their starter after Brett Favre was traded to the Jets in 2008. Now in 2023 the Packers are trying to gouge the team he's being traded to on his way out. Make no mistake the Packers mishandled this entire situation, and it's going to blow up in their face. I hope Joe Douglas remains stubborn and doesn't give in to the Packers demands. The longer this goes the less the Packers get for being greedy. Hope this doesn't happen until after the draft now.
  9. Yeah, and then she shook his hand after their brief conversation. That video if anything makes Irvin look more innocent than guilty.
  10. That doesn't make any sense with Corey Davis still on the team.
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