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  1. I remember Tim Conway on those reruns of the Carol Burnett show. My favorite was him playing the "Oldest Man".
  2. I know I'm getting a book I wanted to read for Christmas. It's titled, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man". I can't wait to read it this Christmas.
  3. 80 year old Joe Gibbs? He went 30-34 in his 2nd stint with the Washington Football Team. Why not just say Sean McVay or someone who actually can still coach this generation of players.
  4. I'm impressed with the job they've done. Derek Carr looks great. Not that he ever looked bad, but he's elevated his game this season.
  5. Hello! You lose to get the top overall pick. You don't just win a game and end up with an Ohio State quarterback.
  6. The Colts kicker Blankenship looks like Corey Haim in Lucas.
  7. Aaron Rodgers is a filthy animal. Packers and Colts headed to OT 31-31.
  8. Very nice indeed. One of my favorite drag people play was Mark Bavaro vs the 49ers I think.
  9. Pats 3rd and 4 on the Texans 24 with 1:20 left and 2 timeouts. Down 20-27.
  10. Vrabel is an idiot. Calls a wildcat play, 2nd and Goal direct snap to Derrick Henry on the first play with a new center, which goes right over the head of Henry back to the 30 yard line. SMH
  11. I hate the Texans....never cover for me when I pick them, and **** me when I pick against them.
  12. When the Patriots win today they'll be 5-5 and still in the hunt to make the playoffs.
  13. Justin Herbert is going to have 350 or more yds and 3 tds today.

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