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  1. This game is over. It was fun fellas. Gonna finish the Hernandez documentary on Netflix.
  2. Rodgers has got to get the ball out of his hands faster than that. He's squeezing the air out of the ball.
  3. Za'Darius Smith is a freaking beast. We got the gimp C.J. Mosley.
  4. Anyone saying it's a fix can take off the foil hats. Mahomes won that game today. Now let's see if the Packers can win.
  5. State Farm nailed it picking Rodgers and Mahomes for their commercials, because they're both going to be in the Super Bowl this year.
  6. Conklin saying his goodbye to Tannehill. He's saying, "it was a good run Ryan, but I'm going to the Jets."
  7. If the Chiefs somehow have to punt on this drive, which I don't expect them to, I hope they kill the clock with the delay of game and false start back to back plays.
  8. The Chiefs don't even need a field goal kicker. They just score touchdowns.
  9. That game was week 10 at Tennessee and Patrick Mahomes first game back after missing 3 weeks from a dislocated kneecap in week 7. I remember that game, because I picked the Chiefs to cover, and they got beat. Anyone who saw what a well oiled machine the Chiefs offense was last weekend in Arrowhead vs the Texans shouldn't have expected the Titans to stop the Chiefs offensively today.
  10. Remember when people thought the Titans had a chance?
  11. Titans have played as good as you could have asked them to in the 1st half, and there's a real good chance they're trailing by 4 at half.
  12. What's the O/U on how many cans you drink before kickoff?
  13. I'm not sure about blowing them out of the water, but I think the Chiefs will win by 10. The game is at Arrrowhead and the Chiefs offense looks like a well oiled machine, and I respect Mahomes more as a quarterback in the playoffs than I do Lamar Jackson. I don't see the Titans offense being able to match the Chiefs offense. Look for the score to be something like Chiefs 34 Titans 23.
  14. Makes a lot of sense. They should play Puff Daddy's song, "Dirty Money - Coming home" at his introduction presser.
  15. Up vote this if you too had to google what an au pair was. Now I know.... Thank you @T0mShane. ☺️
  16. This thread feels like it's solicitation for buttfumbles.

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