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  1. Best of times man. Thank you Mike White.
  2. Baker should make them a dangerous last place team in the NFC South.
  3. Imagine if the Jets had "real" owners, they wouldn't miss the playoffs for a decade.
  4. I'll take Zach Wilson, because I don't want to screw up Joe Flacco's revival.
  5. 1. How many games will Zach Wilson start this season? 2. Will the 2022 Jets MOV (Margin of Victory) be in the negative double digits? 3. Will we Jets fans feel like the playoffs are not a possibility before Halloween? 4. What will the girls of the defunct Flight Crew do on Sunday's now that there's no more Jets cheerleader squad? 5. Will @SAR I come back to JetNation?
  6. Robbie's voice reminds me of Scottie P from the movie We're The Millers. Know what I'm sayin'? No Ragrets. That's his credo!
  7. I had a roomate at FSU that looked just like this. Same 40 year old virgin smile.
  8. Jets week 1 opener vs Ravens is 4 weeks and 1 day from now. Joe Flacco is more than likely the week 1 starter.
  9. If Zach is gone for the season I could see mutual interest between the Jets and Jimmy Garoppolo.
  10. This is such great news to hear about Lauren. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It really does put things in perspective. I'm happy for your family.
  11. HALFTIME Jets 3 Eagles 14 Zach Wilson out knee injury.
  12. Send Flacco and a fifth for Gardner Minshew, save the season.
  13. What's in everyone's glass tonight? I'll be drinking the rest of my ice cold Samuel Adams Summer Ale in a frosty pint glass. Gotta make room in refrigerator for the upcoming Samuel Adams Octoberfest.
  14. The Jets do a phenomenal job covering the team with their film crew. This is actually better than hard knocks. This is NFL Films hosted by Steve Sabol quality.
  15. Coffee and weed sure gets those creative juices flowin in da mornin.
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