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  1. SAR 1 dressed in this. He comes running out the tunnel and has one of those t-shirt launchers. The shirts will say "Jets AFC East Champs 2020", and he'll be doing this at the start of the season.
  2. Arizona will only be counting $1.6 million of dead money against the cap if Humphries is cut prior to June 1 of 2021 and just $800,000 for the 2022 season, according to OverTheCap.com.
  3. I don't agree with the notion Drew Brees can't hold Marino's cleats. One could easily make the argument that Brees is one of the top 5 quarterbacks off all time. It's disrespectful to say Brees can't carry Marino's cleats. Think about it. Drew Brees is a SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, SUPER BOWL MVP, and he's statistically one of the best to play the game...Prime Brees dominates in any era.
  4. We have a 6 foot 8 forward Woody Newton and a 6 foot 5 guard Kadary Richmond coming in next season. Both are 4 star prospects. Syracuse is hoping to add a transfer at the center position, 6 foot 10, 232 pound, Patrick Tape from Columbia. I hope we can get him. Our competition for him is Ohio State, USC, and Maryland. Here is a LINK from Syracuse.com to read about the bigger recruiting classes in 2021 and 2022...most notable Dior Johnson.
  5. I love getting the pedicure and manicure. I go once a month now. Those hot towels they use to wrap around your legs feel amazing. It's adding years to my life. lol As for our Cuse, it's been a rough and humbling year. We've had some really close losses, but let's be honest, Syracuse is mediocre team this season that lacks depth. When their starters get in foul trouble it usually puts them in a hole. Hopefully the freshman getting pt will pay dividends for next season.
  6. Have you taken any trips to your local nail salon to get a pedicure and manicure lately?
  7. Scherff - $4 Fowler $2 Poole - $2 Bulaga - $1 Perriman $1
  8. Jamal Adams - come back to the big apple dog. Darnold won 7 games with no weaponz. Big D is far better than that dwarf Baker Mayflower. Let's make it happen. Odell Beckham Jr. - Get me out of cLeaveLand in a New York minute. Baker is a scrub. I will let my agent know I want to play with the Jets.
  9. Another chance for Joe to roll the dice to fill a need for the Jets.
  10. Seperate the players who hustle and flow from those with the mentality of earthworms and slugs.
  11. The expanded playoff format of 7 teams from each conference gets my full endorsement. I absolutely cannot wait for Wild Card Weekend with 3 games on Saturday, and 3 games on Sunday. I also love the fact only the best records from each conference get a bye week. The last few weeks of the season are going to be even more fun to watch with more teams still alive for a shot at the playoffs. It's like the playoffs will be starting in week 15 through week 17 as teams try to squeeze into one of those 7 playoff seeds in each conference. The only other thing I'd like to see added, is re-seeding the playoffs based on record, so you don't get a division winner who's record is 9-7 getting a home playoff game in the Wild Card weekend. For example here is last the 2019 NFC Playoff Seeding: 1. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 2. Green Bay Packers 13-3 3. New Orleans Saints 13-3 4. Philadelphia Eagles 9-7 5. Seattle Seahawks 11-5 6. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 Wild Card Weekend Matchups: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Here is how it would be seeded if the playoff qualifiers were seeded based on record: 1. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 2. Green Bay Packers 13-3 3. New Orleans Saints 13-3 4. Seattle Seahawks 11-5 5. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 6. Philadelphia Eagles 9-7 New Format Wild Card Weekend matchups: Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Let's say its Saints and Seahawks moving on that weekend. That would set up a divisional round of like this. Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers Who wouldn't have wanted to see the Seahawks and 49ers playing for a 3rd time?
  12. That opinion of yours that Brees can't hold Marino's cleats doesn't hold water. Take a look at the stats. Even if I didn't look at stats, and I just went off of my memory of watching them both play in their primes, I still couldn't say Brees can't hold Marino's cleats. The only people saying that are probably Dolphins fans and/or Pitt Panther fans. Dan Marino Career Stats sorted by most yards in a season. Dan Marino Career Stats in the Playoffs Super Bowl Championships: 0 Drew Brees Career Stats sorted by most yards in a season. Drew Brees Career Stats in the Playoffs Super Bowl Championships: 1
  13. Browns are going to have to give us more than just Odell Beckham for Jamal Pro Adams.
  14. Quarterbacks brought to team through free agency/trade and led team to the Super Bowl during the NFL Salary Cap Era Super Bowl Winners in Bold LIV - Jimmy Garoppolo (Trade) LII - Nick Foles (Free Agency) 50 - Peyton Manning (Free Agency) XLVIII - Peyton Manning (Free Agency) XLIV - Drew Brees (Free Agency) XLIII - Kurt Warner (Free Agency) XL - Matt Hasselbeck (Trade) XXXVIII - Jake Delhomme (Free Agency) XXXVII - Brad Johnson (Free Agency) vs Rich Gannon (Free Agency) XXXVI - Kurt Warner (Free Agency) XXXV - Trent Dilfer (Free Agency) vs Kerry Collins (Free Agency) XXXIV - Kurt Warner (Free Agency) XXXIII - Chris Chandler (Trade) XXXII - Brett Favre (Trade to Packers after Falcons drafted him) XXXI - Brett Favre (Trade to Packers after Falcons drafted him) XXIX - Stan Humphries (Trade) The fact is he was traded away by the team who drafted him to the Rams for Sam Bradford to be the Eagles franchise quarterback, and after 1 season he was released by the Rams, then he rejoined Andy Reid (the coach who drafted him) in Kansas City for a year before being released again and heading back to Philadelphia in March 2017 to be Carson Wentz's backup in 2017. Your whole argument here is you draft a quarterback and win a Super Bowl on his rookie contract. Foles traded away and by the time he was with Philadelphia again he was a VETERAN quarterback signed to be the backup to the franchise quarterback. Tell me how many quarterbacks were drafted by a team, then traded away, and come back to win a Super Bowl.
  15. I think a team that is a competent quarterback away from becoming a serious contender might choose the veteran quarterback route if they have the cap space. Obviously you want to be able to draft a quarterback and have him on the cheap for years to come, but I think it's still wise for a team to hedge their bets with a veteran quarterback. For every Patrick Mahomes there is several quarterbacks drafted who aren't good enough to help a team win games on a consistent basis let alone win a Super Bowl. Point is teams who sign a veteran quarterback this off-season could very well still draft a quarterback this year within the first 100 picks of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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