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  1. Grifter calls grifter to congatulate him on his team's first win in the month of September since Sam Darnold's first game in 2018.
  2. We just need Zach Wilson to be more like Jimmy Garoppolo, or else the Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo next off-season.
  3. Bengals won't be sleeping on the Jets this year after last seasons upset, and they're sure to bring their A game this week. The defending AFC Champs season is on the line this Sunday. If the Jets win I'll be ecstatic.
  4. Garrett Pearl Wilson is gonna need a wheelbarrow for the boatload of Pepsi Zero Sugar Rookie of the Week awards.
  5. Pour that cooled down coffee in an ice cube tray. Put in the freezer. Boom you have coffee cubes to ice down your hot coffee.
  6. You crackin' jokes about our Super Bowl MVP Smokin' Joe Flacco? lmao
  7. Bills will lose 2 before their bye week. Book it.
  8. Titans are not making the playoffs this year. Book it.
  9. How you feeling right now? It been a really good day for me. I'm ready to do some cocaine. Lol...jk.
  10. In my humble opinion, the Jets will beat the Browns and Baker and the Pussycats will lose to the soon to be 2-0 Giants.
  11. Smoking Joe Flacco is 17-3 vs the Browns Joe's career stats vs Browns: 4,638 yds - 27 tds - 13 ints - 61.48% cmp
  12. I'll be in Vegas this week, so I'll not give any F's if the game is not competitive.
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