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  1. Mehki Becton is a maniac, maniac, in training camp. And he's eating like he never ate before. Mehki Becton is a maniac, maniac, in training camp. And he's eating like he never ate before. PVO
  2. Welcome to the board. My money is on you not crying your first night posting here.
  3. What an absolute waste of time it was hiring a retired federal judge as a neutral discipline officer to determine if a player needs to be disciplined with a suspension and/or fine only to just make up whatever suspension the league (Goodell) feels will satisfy public outcry.
  4. This will help the Jets make the playoffs with stronger legs.
  5. First and foremost, stop hitting yourself in the nuts, and secondly, ice up, Crush.
  6. You're the boat, @joewilly12. Leave the waves behind you. Move forward and do not keep recycling the negative past.
  7. Hear me out.... If we're sitting 1-5 and Gardner Minshew is available, you send Flacco back to Philly for the Mullet and his van down by the gym.
  8. If Tom Brady ate like Jared Lorenzen.
  9. Vin Scully and the late Keith Jackson were those golden voices. They made the games more enjoyable to watch.
  10. So you think all 24 cases were equal in strength? More like they chose the best ones. I guess there wasn't enough time for let's say at least a ⅓ of the cases.
  11. More like that is what you want to believe because Watson is a scumbag. Another question... Why did the league only present 4 cases as opposed to all 24?
  12. Why didn't the NFL place Watson on the Commissioner's Exempt list last year?
  13. The six-game duration of the suspension was not random Remember, Robinson first decided she was not starting from a six-game baseline but from one of three games or fewer, based on precedent set by other nonviolent sexual assault cases. As "aggravating factors" (that is, reasons to increase the suspension), she cites Watson's "lack of expressed remorse and his tardy notice to the NFL of the first-filed lawsuit." As "mitigating factors" (that is, reasons to go easier on him), she cites "he is a first-time offender and had an excellent reputation in his community prior to these events. He cooperated and has paid restitution." Very interestingly, she also notes the league could have placed Watson on the commissioner's exempt list last year and chose not to, which she appears to think means the league didn't consider his behavior worthy of such punishment until it saw the public reaction to it. She makes that clear in her conclusion when she writes, "The NFL may be a 'forward-facing' organization, but it is not necessarily a forward-looking one. Just as the NFL responded to violent conduct after a public outcry, so it seems the NFL is responding to yet another public outcry about Mr. Watson's conduct." ‐---------------‐---------------‐---------------‐--------- Judge Sue Robinson made the right decision, imho, and the league should stand by her decision. If they don’t the whole NFL disciplinary process is a joke going forward.
  14. I predicted a 6 game suspension a month ago, and I was proven right today. I don’t see the suspension being increased by the NFL commissioner. I too will make sure to bump this.
  15. You're right, when it's all over he will have missed 23 games due to that mess in Houston.
  16. 6 games seems right. I believe that is what I predicted.
  17. Philadelphia Eagles' Gardner Minshew spent offseason in old prison bus, focused on 'Super Bowl or bust'.
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