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  1. Tom Brady to Tampa Bay makes the most sense for Brady. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Projected cap space: $84,989,175 (via Spotrac) Top weapons: WR Mike Evans, WR Chris Godwin, TE O.J. Howard 2019 Reg. season defensive DVOA: No. 5 (via Football Outsiders) They've been dubbed the "sleeping giant" in the Tom Brady sweepstakes, and for good reason. The Bucs arguably have the best group of offensive weapons in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin along with a fast-improving defense following the addition of defensive coordinator Todd Bowles last offseason. If Tampa Bay doesn't want to pay Jameis Winston an extravagant contract, it'd make sense for the franchise to kick the tires on Brady. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans would rival the Randy Moss-Wes Welker duo that Brady played with in his record-breaking season in 2007. When you add tight end O.J. Howard into the mix, Brady could put together a pretty special campaign in 2020. Not only would Brady have those weapons at his disposal, but he'd have a stout defense and an offensive line that ranked No. 7 in the NFL, according to PFF. The Bucs also have the third-most cap space in the NFL, so they could address any other weaknesses on the roster. When you take out the market and any sort of history Brady may have with a given franchise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the most attractive destination. If Brady wants to put up eye-popping numbers and contend for a Super Bowl, this is the spot. #TB12TampaBay #TB12TB, #TB12MENTALITY
  2. Brady wants to win a championship on America's team for the vampire, Jerry Jones.
  3. Don't drag the Mets into this. I bet you the majority of the grumpy SOJF are petulant and disgruntled Yankees fans angry they're not seeing any Championship parades anymore so they take it out on the Jets franchise. GO METS!
  4. As a Jets fan I'm a minority in Syracuse and the Central New York area., which is mostly made up of Giants, Steelers, and Bills fans. I believe there was a spike in Jets fans and interest in the team during the years the Jets had their training camp site in Cortland, NY.
  5. Tropical Bowl MVP! Tom Flacco, Townson State. The next Taysom Hill folks. How's this for a quarterback depth chart: Sam Darnold, Joe Flacco, and Tom Flacco < the next Taysom Hill man. Forget about it.
  6. It may sound funny and/or sarcastic but it could be true. Stay tuned.
  7. I bet he wants to play with Sam Darnold. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to play with the greatest quarterback in USC history?
  8. Demario Davis was drafted by the Jets in the 3rd round (77th pick) of the 2012 NFL Draft. How many Pro Bowls has he been to? I believe he was named an All-Pro from this past season. He was somebody we should have rewarded with a new contract instead of guys like Trumaine Johnson.
  9. I made it up to 4 minutes and had enough. No offense, it was sofa king we todd it.
  10. Nice signature, @Apache 51. She sure could move those hips.
  11. It's obvious that Jamal Adams aka the "Heart and Soul" of the Jets defense wants to be the highest paid Jets defensive player. Jamal Adams wants more money than C.J. Mosley, who averages $17 million per year and is currently the highest paid Jets player. Aaron Donald don't take 2nd most money. I hate to say it, but Joe Douglas is going to have to choose between Mosley and Adams. I don't see both being on the Jets next season unless the Jets kick the can and don't extend or trade Adams this off-season.
  12. Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL and he deserves to become the highest paid player in the league. I hope it's a HUGE contract, so the Chiefs wallow away in purgatory for the rest of Mahomes prime.
  13. Blazers will get rolling this month...They've been playing better since the Ariza trade. I'll be watching the Spurs at Blazers game tonight. Melo needs to get out of his shooting slump he's been in the last 5 games he's played. Blazers need Melo to have those 7-10 shooting nights with 6 to 8 boards.
  14. I just can't see Flacco getting that kind of money if he's released from the Broncos.
  15. Outside of NFL Free Agent Frenzy and the NFL Draft this is HOOPS time of year. We are in the heart of the NBA season. We got the NBA Trade Deadline coming up TODAY at 3pm eastern standard time, and March Madness is around the corner. I'm going to really enjoy the rest of this NBA season all the way until a champ is crowned. Just last night I was flipping channels and stumbled upon the finish between Villanova on the road at Butler. What a great game and such an exciting finish. That felt like a preview to the NCAA Tournament last night. Both teams hit big shots at the end. First 'Nova when Saddiq Bey made a 3 to tie the game at 76-76, then came Butler when Kamar Baldwin did his best Kobe Bean Bryant impersonation and drilled that 3 to win the game.
  16. Flacco wants to continue drawing an NFL salary, so expect a new wanna mentor attitude.

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