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  1. Let the next GM decide what to do with Leonard William's. Mike Maccagan shouldn't be allowed to make anymore wholesale changes to the Jets.
  2. You cannot award him another year because he lucked into Darnold being there at the 3rd overall pick. The Giants drafting a running back with the 2nd overall pick saved him. Otherwise Mac traded three 2nd round picks to move up two selections in the 1st round, and we were likely going to end up with Josh Allen. Bottom line his entire work as GM of the Jets has to be looked at from the draft, trades, and the fee agent market - who to keep on your own team, and who to pursue from other teams. One of his biggest mistakes was keeping that bum Wilkerson instead of Snacks. Another colossal mistake was passing on Deshaun Watson for Jamal Adam's. Mahomes was in that same draft. He obviously did that because he wasn't ready to declare his huge reach, Christian Hackenberg, in the 2nd rd of the previous draft was a bust. By passing on those qbs, we had to sacrifice draft capital to move up two spots and then cross our fingers that Darnold would fall to the 3rd overall pick. Mike Maccagan has had 4 years to build a roster, and the whole time he has failed at stocking the roster with draft picks that are true game breakers. Keeping Mac would make the Jets enablers.
  3. Woody & Christopher need to tell Maccagnan and Bowles to HIT THE BRICKS!
  4. Panic move? Hardly. Hugh Jackson should have been fired this past off-season after compiling a 1-31 record in his first 2 years with the Browns. Soon as Cleveland hired John Dorsey they should have fired Hugh. Instead they kept him with the hope for continuity. I cannot wait until the Jets "panic" like that and I read both Bowles and Maccagnan are given their walking papers.
  5. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=25110118 Bowles: I'm proud of the way they 'fought' and 'stayed together'. Todd Bowles explains that despite the Jets' loss to the Bears, he was happy to see them work together and not give up. More proof Todd Bowles will never lead the Jets to greatness. It reminds me of this scene in the movie Whiplash. That's ok Jets. Good job competing with all the injuries you've had. I'm proud of yah. End of story. No playoffs.
  6. Top 5 pick and Everyones Fired! For landing Sam Darnold, Mike Maccagnan can pick up his brand new set of steak knives on the way out.
  7. Mac constructed this roster through his free agent frenzy and the draft. He should be held most responsible for the product on the field. Bowles not progressing as a head coach in 4 years when it comes to game planning, halftime adjustments, and overall game management makes him expendable too. Nobody worth hiring to be the next GM will want to come if they are forced to work with Todd Bowles. Both are dead men walking down the gang green mile. Talk of keeping them is futile should the Jets stay the course and crank out a 4 to 6 win season. Book it. No Magic Mike and Toddy Bowls need to hit the bricks a year ago.
  8. We've watched our D-Line go from the Sons of Anarchy to just the Sons of Bit#&es.
  9. I can't see this team winning more than 6 games. Expect a 5-11 to 6-10 record, which means the entire coaching staff and front office is getting fired. A new power structure is needed. Hire a President of Football Operations/GM and have him hire an offensive minded coach from a great coaching tree. The Jets need to become fun to watch...they're currently stuck in the stone ages with an incompetent head coach who couldn't manage his way out of a wet paper bag. Our front office cannot find gamebreaker difference makers either. We are a suckhole organization from top to bottom.
  10. I'm done with Maccagnan as much as I'm done with Bowles. We deserve a hard reset.
  11. It just shows you how inept the roster and coaching is around him.
  12. Darnold rolls out to the right, throws out of bounds. Rinse and repeat.
  13. Those that want to keep Bowles and Maccagnan always have excuses to keep them. We are not ever supposed to expect a winning team. Rebuilding4Ever
  14. Only way Jets tie, is if they score a td on this drive in 3 minutes, then get an onside kick, then score another td.
  15. I'm not even watching the rest of this game. It's like watching the special Olympics. Later Fellas. I got work to do anyways.
  16. Where is Chris Herndon? Does he have a tummy ache?
  17. This Bears D isn't this good. The Jets offense is just that bad today.
  18. Is Chris Herndon playing today? I really thought we'd utilize him being thin at wide receiver.
  19. At least nothing worth selling that they'd want to sell. With that said, I wouldn't be opposed to trading a 3rd rd pick for DeVante Parker.
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