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  1. You underestimate just how close these two Joe's are.
  2. 2 years 13 million as he enters his 13th season? Take it or leave it.
  3. He's not getting more than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Book it.
  4. I'd rather spend about $5M and get someone who can be a viable starter should (heaven forbid) Darnold not be available to play. Sam Darnold is 12 years 4 months and 20 days younger than Joe Flacco, who recently turned 35 years of age this past January 16th. Reading the tea leaves I believe Joe Douglas is eyeing Joe Flacco as the Jets backup quarterback. Another option is Matt Moore, but I believe he's going to re-sign with the Chiefs. If not I'd have no problems with Matt Moore backing up Darnold.
  5. I think he's a viable target if the Broncos release him. Sam Darnold would have a Super Bowl MVP as a mentor. Joe Flacco has already been quoted as saying he'll go the backup route next season. If Flacco's cleared to play in 2020, and the Broncos release him to save cap space, I think Joe Douglas will target Flacco in free agency to be the Jets backup quarterback in 2020. Jets GM Joe Douglas actually discovered Flacco at Delaware while working as the Ravens Northeast area scout. The two Joe's have history.
  6. He went to college in Syracuse, but he did not come from Upstate New York. He grew up in Rockland County.
  7. Jets wet will go 13-3 next season and earn one of the top 2 seeds. They'll host two home games in the playoffs, then it's a trip to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl LV.
  8. Jimmy Garropolo is about to channel his inner Tom Brady, and lead his team on a game winning drive in the Super Bowl. #MAMBA MENTALITY
  9. Cush to start things off along with an ice cold beer in an ice cold mug. Then pour out some liquore for Kobe and Gigi. Food... Garlic Parmesan Wings, Buffalo Wings Medium Hot, Pepperoni Stromboli, Shrimp with Zesty Shrimp Cocktail Sauce. Sam Adams Cold Snap is the beer and Patron Extra Anejo for Halftime shots.
  10. I thought jiggly booties were making a comeback.
  11. ThAt iNtErViEw DiD iT fOr Me. He'S oN tHe FaSt TrAcK tO ThE hALL oF FaMe NoW.
  12. I'll say this, I hope the Jets and Jamal can reach an agreement they're both happy with. It would be nice to see Jamal finish his career as a Jet. I was reading a quote from John Lynch today regarding his run he had with the Bucs as a player, and how his teammate Warren Sapp used to say, "we've gone from a third world country to the Taj Mahal." Lynch said, "there is something sweet about starting at the bottom." If Jamal Adams stays he has the opportunity to do something special with the Jets.
  13. I like Scherff but Thuney is absolutely a rock when it comes to being available to play. He's Unbreakable.
  14. Adam Gase is a master motivator like Terrence Fletcher in the movie Whiplash.

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