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  1. Good thing the Jets finished 7-9 after starting 1-7 because it sure helped the Brownies SOS. By the way, the Bengals had the hardest SOS at .553 and they finished with only 2 wins...guess who they beat? The Browns and the Jets. Difference is the Jets were playing with an expansion team, while the Browns had WEAPONZ with the likes of Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb....etc.
  2. I will be tuning in! Hope we can keep the win streak going to 6 games. Going to be a tough game for sure.
  3. I found this article regarding the "Rule of 51" very interesting as it relates to the rookie pool in the upcoming draft.
  4. Good thing Darnold was sick this year, or the Browns would have finished 5-11 instead of 6-10.
  5. I'm still in shock over this. I recently watched his interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to the end. A week later he's gone...My heart goes out to everyone and their families impacted by today's tragic events. Vanessa lost her husband and a daughter today. RIP Kobe, Gianna and all the other victims.
  6. I'm talking about the "thread the needle" event. I believe Lamar scored 12 points and Deshaun scored 9 points.
  7. I'm glad we got Sam Darnold. He has a lot of potential.
  8. That feeling usually leads to cotton mouth.
  9. Sign this AB beast and have him collab with our other beast Le'Veon Bell.
  10. Eli is definitely joining the best quarterbacks to NOT get in the hall of fame club. Congratulations to him.
  11. I would take an average quarterback if it meant winning 2 Super Bowls. As a franchise we've already won 1 Super Bowl with a quarterback who threw 47 more ints than touchdowns and finished his career as a starter 1 game under 500. Who are we to stick our noses up.
  12. 117 losses...only Vinny Testaverde (90-123-1) has lost more as a starter. Mr. 500 is the epitome of an average quarterback. He's NOT Hall of Fame worthy.
  13. Hall of Fame bases it on the whole career. Eli was not once an all-pro. 117-117 career record. Led Giants to the playoffs 6 times in 16 seasons. He has a career passer rating of 84.1, which ranks 45th all time - tied with Joe Flacco. If the writers let Eli in they're lowering the bar. The Jets fan in me appreciates Eli stopping the Patriots two times in the big game, but he's not a hall of fame quarterback. He'll join the likes of Phil Simms, Jim Plunkett, Ken Stabler, and Ken Anderson as the top 5 quarterbacks not in the hall of fame.
  14. A few lucky plays in a Super Bowl doesn't warrant admission to the hall of fame. Should we put David Tyree in the hall of fame too? For his career Eli was an above average quarterback but not worthy of being considered a hall of fame quarterback.
  15. Drunk? Hit the Curraleaf Dispensary on South Las Vegas Blvd, then go to Vickie's Diner right next-door for breakfast. That's a nice start to your day. lol

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