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  1. He's going to the Raiders with Antonio Brown. Book it.
  2. Not this time. The Steelers are about to go through some lean times like the 80's and late 90's.
  3. Soon as Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell get done making it rain at the strip club.
  4. I think Little Ben is an a$$hole, not a bitch. Calling out AB on a radio show after a loss was wrong. I can't see Brady or Peyton Manning ever doing that.
  5. MARINATE ON THIS....The Raiders got the NFL's BEST receiver for their quarterback Derek Carr, and they only had to give up a 3rd and 5th round pick. They got to keep all 3 of their first round picks in the 2019 Draft. Are you kidding me? This happens because the Steelers had no leverage, which is why they got punked. Let's look at a Raiders Trade Recap: Now watch Le'Veon Bell go to the Raiders.
  6. Jets trade a 5th round pick for Kelechi Osemele + Raiders 6th rd pick. Jets fans: Awesome deal! Great move Mac! Raiders trade 3rd and 5th round pick for the league's best receiver, Antonio Brown. Jets fans: see he ain't all that. He's a head case. Besides we got so many holes.
  7. That's why Mac needs to trade down in the first round and get back draft picks. He does that after trading for AB and nobody is crying. If you think about it, we could have traded Teddy Bridgewater and a crap shoot 5th rd pick for Antonio Brown. I laugh at Jets fans sticking their nose up turning that down. If Mac made that deal Jets fans would have been praising him. Raiders do it instead and now it's like no way. We go to many holes. Lol....before that the skeptics said the Steelers would never trade him to an AFC team.
  8. The bottom line he's arguably the best receiver in the league, and Mac was a fool to not make that trade. We have the cap space to take on AB with that new deal. We didn't, because Mac is a virtue signaling pussy.
  9. After watching some Donte Moncrief highlights on YouTube we'll read some red hot nuggs from Rich Cimini that says winning free agency isn't the Patriots way. Missing out in free agency will be a "blessing in disguise" and we will get excited for the draft and the Jets new uniforms reveal.
  10. I was trying to submit a reply to Larz and it turned into a triple post. Sorry about that.
  11. You need a lot of cap space to take on Antonio Brown. The Jets have the cap space, but there is nobody currently available that even approaches the level of skill AB brings to the table as a wide receiver. Should Le'Veon Bell reportedly follow Antonio Brown to the Raiders there goes another one off our list to help Darnold. I have no confidence in Mac as a closer. He's too timid for my taste.
  12. I really don't care about the Raiders chances to make the playoffs. I only care about my Jets missing out on a hall of fame wide receiver when the asking price was only a 3rd and 5th rd pick and we have Sam Darnold on his rookie contract. I'm mad at Mac for blowing another opportunity to get a "dog" for this team. He better have an amazing free agency and draft or he needs to be fired next January.
  13. Can't wait to see who Mac drafts in the 3rd (our pick not Saints) and 5th round, so we can compare that to Antonio Brown, a hall of fame wide receiver, who has at the very least 3 prime years left.
  14. If free agency were dinner this is like the bread they bring you before your appetizer.

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