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    Losing to Bust a load the last game of the season and missing the playoffs
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    All of then
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  1. It's amazing what parking passes are gong for at jets game. I go to giants games with friends every year and never pay more than 25. I had to pay 45 for the jets parking pass 2x this year. I guess the psl owners can't get soaked to bad 😂
  2. Can't go to the game anyone interested in buying 2 first row section 330 corner endzone. Yellow parking.
  3. Do you really believe that, I heard that story in preseason. Its week 10 if you are counting preseason, you don't think they can get communication / internet problems solved by now. Between the jets and giants they are multi billion dollar franchises. It's probably about collecting extra revenue via parking.
  4. I assume it's easier now since it is mobile if you get by the security you can pay. He did it for the opener. The way he found out was he was at a preseason game and he saw the person in front of him paying cash so he asked the attendant if you can pay cash she said yes. I guess if you play stupid with security with your phone and get by them you can pay the attendant. I'm guessing this Is a new hush hush policy Parking passes on the secondary market are sky high.. You can make more money on parking passes than actual tickets.
  5. My friend told me that you can pay 40 at the parking booth to get in the regular lots. You don't even need a parking pass. I asked him are you sure he said yes he has done.
  6. JETSY

    Cheap tickets

    I saw a couple people were trying to get rid of their tickets last minute last week for cheap. I'm looking to bring my son so if anyone has anything available let me know

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