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  1. After Brady is done with his career and wins a couple more Superbowls should the NFL 1) Change the Lombardi trophy to the Brady trophy 2) Change the Superbowl to the Brady Bowl
  2. Definitely win and retire. But he will keep playing and try to win a couple more and then the Lombardi trophy will be renamed to the Brady trophy. They will really stick it to us Jet fans.
  3. Its a matter of doing what the rams and chiefs did. Building a great team around a QB that is costing you close to nothing. Once you need to pay him 25 plus million all bets are off unless he turns into an elite nfl qb because the cap space will kill you fast.
  4. Your speaking from both sides of your mouth. Since they are not large favorites like years past they are declining? When they lost the 2 Superbowl to the giants were they declining or are you going to make the argument the Giants happened to luck out 2x? When Peyton was in Denver AFTER his surgery he was declining but Brady this year declining...absolutely not. Have you watched both playoff games....only a elite qb can do what he does.
  5. Is it me or is this league is an absolute joke? Instead of being proactive and address issues before they occur they always wait for the scenario to occur and fox it in the off-season. They cost the Saints a trip to the Superbowl but don't worry they will fix it so it doesnt happen again.
  6. Do you not understand how hard it is to win back to back rings and your bashing them because they didn't make the playoffs with Cassell winning 11 games... If you don't know Google ho many players won 5 rings....this isn't the mlb or NBA..pass me some of that kool aid
  7. Where are all the jet fans that are still in denial that Brady and company sucks and they can't win on the road. As I said earlier Sit back and watch history unfold. You will never see someone this great again.
  8. That's what great athletes do...besides striving for greatness they give themself and their teams every edge they can possibly gain. That's what makes them great and their team on top
  9. The problem is alot of fans are in denial and look for every excuse there can possibility be. People can't admit we are watching the greatest run in professional sports and there is nothing stopping Brady. Will he win another Superbowl ring this year...maybe not. However, being the greatest ever I wouldn't bet against it even being on the road ,having a " sh*tty" team , the refs rigging the game or whatever excuse you would like to use.
  10. Patys suck so much on the road that they won 5 Superbowls ...none at Gillette stadium. Some of you guys really need a reality check.
  11. The bad teams that lose year after year [not the jets] have disgruntled fans and live In a fantasy world.😂
  12. We are on Jet Nation...plenty of green kool aid to go around
  13. And let me guess..... We are going to win the divison next year and the Patys will not make the playoffs
  14. They call him GOAT for a reason. Unfortunately, you have to sit back and watch history unfold as you will probably never see this happen again. Even with a team that "sucks" look at what they can do. The Patriot winning ways aren't over until Brady leaves. Bellick might leave and McDaniel will step in but with Brady at the helm they will be at the top of our division.
  15. I know we are playing the raiders at home this year. Does anyone when that sets us up to play in Vegas. I'm not sure of the schedule rotation but I'm def looking forward to that road trip. I read in a Vegas article that we would be there opening year but then read another article that said 2022
  16. Does this mean a possible road trip to Vegas in 20 or 21 vs Raiders since we have them home at home this year???
  17. It's amazing what parking passes are gong for at jets game. I go to giants games with friends every year and never pay more than 25. I had to pay 45 for the jets parking pass 2x this year. I guess the psl owners can't get soaked to bad 😂
  18. Can't go to the game anyone interested in buying 2 first row section 330 corner endzone. Yellow parking.

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