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  1. Trading for the likes of Percy Harvin and passing on prime WR draft prospects for run stuffing D-lineman and Safeties is what this team does, which has never worked. Trading for the best WR in the league, in his prime, while we have an extra 1st round pick is EXACTLY what this team NEVER does 😆
  2. A 2nd rounder? Arguably the best WR in the league, a position where we happen to be worst in the league. I would throw Seattle's pick at them in a heart beat! At that point, in exchange for Adams, we would have received the best WR in the league, and still have ANOTHER 1st round pick from him. Michael Thomas is worth a 1st round pick in a heart beat.
  3. @Dunnie THIS, If you needed further clarification. A 6th and a 7th are not the same value, IN THE SAME YEAR. But if you're talking a 7th this year and a 6th two years from now, that is completely different and in that scenario a 6th absolutely does equal a 7th.
  4. No one said a 6th is the same as a 7th. The point that was made was that if someone wanted to trade for your 7th round pick this year, adequate compensation would be a 6th the following year. You with me so far? A player and a 7th makes no sense. I have no problem with a long game, the point is this was simply just a stupid trade that makes no sense unless you were intentionally giving away extra compensation because the other team was taking a horrible contract off your hands. Obv that wasnt the case here. Also, listing off random successful 6th rd picks is completely irrelevant to my original point.
  5. That's exactly what I was thinking. This looks like the kind of trade you do when you're trying to dump a players salary. If we are on the clock in the 7th rd this year and a team wants that pick, a 6th the following year is pretty standard compensation. So why the hell did we trade a player for this? So we basically traded a player for the right to move back in the draft an entire year?Wtf
  6. 6th and 7th round picks 2 years from now lol.
  7. Original thread. Thanks for posting
  8. Can we cut Mosley tonight also so we can start pretending like that offseason was all a bad dream.
  9. Couldnt agree more! I mentioned in the other thread I felt like he didnt deserve to be part of this sh*t show. I am very happy he can get free of this team.
  10. Okay, I can see the argument to this. Question... Given what you said above, what exactly WOULD you like to see Adam Gase do on the sidelines? From what I can see (I could very well be completely wrong) it looks like he spends the majority of his time looking over the sheets he has and calling offensive plays. Maybe I've missed it, but I feel like I don't really see much of him getting together with his coaches or players - even just the offensive ones. When the defense is on the field I feel like most of the time he is by himself on the bench or off to the side with his sheets and tablet. It seems like his typical focus is play calling and whatever it is he believes constitutes game planning. Additionally, he seems to do this mostly on his own. If we were winning or competent, I could also care less what he does on sideline, if it works. I'm going to assume from your post (please correct me if wrong) that youre comfortable with how he "coaches" throughout out the game, which appears to be heavily, if not entirely offensive playcalling and game planning... I'm wondering, in all seriousness, can you honestly say the play calling and game plan has been good? The area Gase spends the game addressing and is seemingly his only game time responsibility is good... or even acceptable to you? I cant argue this team has little talent. Likewise, can you honestly argue that the play calling and game plans have been at all adequate or effective? Does our offensive play calling and schemes and game plan adequately reflect the efforts of a head coach that spends all or most of his time tending to only those aspects of the game?
  11. It's really hard for me to seriously entertain an NFL team conciously and intentionally tanking a whole season, ESPECIALLY in the first quarter of the schedule. Personally, I feel like the NFL is just too competitive and the amount of patience granted to FO and coaches of losing teams is just way too short for anyone to afford to intentionally throw in an entire season. I have nothing to base this on but I also tend to believe that fans are much more willing to forfeit a season for a better draft pick than actual teams would be. I tend to feel like fans are comforted more by the "certainty" of a "can't miss" pick than front offices are simply because teams have a better understanding than fans that "can't miss" doesn't exist. So generally speaking, no, I dont think the Jets are making decisions to intentionally tank. I think its absolutely possible, given his past, the Gase has given up and checked out. If the season continues this way I wouldnt be surprised if he pulls some "difference in opinion" to shoot his way out of town and attempt to save face. While I cant imagine wtf goes on in Gase mind, even if JD isn't pushing for the team to continue to lose, I do feel there is a point where he would likely have to believe that the best thing for the team long term would be to get the young guys on the field in the Hope's to develop them. That's probably one of the only helpful things to come out of a year like this, if when it ends you can at least point to a handful a young players and draft picks as having shown potential. Your guess is as good as mine as to at what point, if any, does JD pressure Gase to start different players. It's really things like this that make me wish I could have a clue what's going on at Jets Drive after these losses.
  12. I didnt really mind the signing when it happened. I would have preferred Powel, if all things equal, but I had read positive things about Perine after the draft and had hoped from him to get RB2 reps behind Bell. I thought Gore would be a solid mentor/RB3 and rotational short yardage back. I completely neglected the Adam Gase effect and should have known Gase would run him practically like a 3 down workhorse. Today, knowing how Gase is using him in a desperate attempt to field an NFL offense - definitely a bad signing. I'd would like to believe that if JD had imagined that adding Gore would take touches away from Bell and stop Perrine from getting any experience... Who knows? 🤷🏼‍♂️😔
  13. I was strongly again signing Bell last off season. He didnt seem serious about football anymore, I didnt think he would be remotely the same player after a year off and I thought that whatever he did have left, his style probably wouldnt be nearly as effective behind our horrible oline and, ultimately, I didnt think he could live up to the contract he would get. He had definitely lost a step and definitely hasnt lived up to his contract. I'm not sure he could have replicated all bro Bell even on a competent team but at this point I really believe that no coach in this league could have managed and utilized Bell as poorly as Gase. What Gase had done with, arguably, the best "weapon" on our offense has been disgusting. When Bell was hurt, I could at least see the argument that Gore MIGHT be the most effective back, even though I've been screaming at the TV to get Perrine reps. Yesterday was yet another disgusting example of how pathetic this team is under Gase. Running 2.0ypc Gore like a workhorse and barely getting Bell a chance; just one target, etc is such an inexcusable level of incompetence. I never wanted Bell with his contract on the team last year but even as unhappy as I was with the signing, I can't help but appreciate the professionalism Bell had brought to this completely dysfunctional franchise/team. I expected him to become a Jamal-like cancer and he has sounded like a veteran leader since day 1... All that being said, there is nothing I would like to see more than Bell traded to a competent franchise for anything JD could get. So sick of this team right now I could care less about value. I doubt he would look like the old Bell on any team, but I've come to like this guy and feel like he deserves much better than this sh*t show. Idk if he is still the sure thing HOFer he was a few years ago, but he deserves better than to spend the last seasons of his 20's playing second string to Frank f*ckin' Gore for the worst team and most inept coach in the league. And after Bell spoke up a little this week, Gase will probably knock him down to special teams.
  14. Who the f*ck said that? All the poster did was point out some additional players with better grades that were conveniently left off the original list. This team has enough natural misery all on it's own. You dont need to reach extra hard to fit your narrative.

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