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  1. "Credit" and "Q Williams" in the same sentance is some twilight zone sh*t. Unless by "credit" you're talking about the earning of life long hate and disgust from anyone thats a fan of this team... Then yes, credit due.
  2. I like this for the most part, although I do think some of those resignings are unnecessary; i.e. Powell, Edwards(maybe), and Ficken. I also think, although I have been a huge fan for years, its time to cut Enunwa unless he wants to restructure his contact in some way that makes his salary completely dependent on time on the field. While I dont have a problem with devoting most/all of the draft to oline and I do recognize JD can't fix this entire dumpster fire in one year but my biggest issue with your offseason is at WR. If we go into next year with the same WR unit as this year, thats a big issue for me.
  3. Is Vic Beasley playing on his 5th year option this year or have Falcons extended him? I remember him being the pass rush option some were yelling for over Leo that year. Even In hindsight, its a little hard to argue that Leo was a horrible pick that year, given Beasley never developed into a stud, although has more impact that Leo. Its the Q Will (over Allen) pick that is going to drive me insane for years, driven by the insanity of repeating the same mistake we were getting rid of this year
  4. The back and forth is driving me nuts. If the roster was completely talentless and we just got out played every game, or if our coaching staff was just completely inept and we were out coached every week, at least I would know how to feel about this team. But to go from looking like a team on the rise while beating up on The Raiders or Cowboys one week and looking like a high school JV team and getting handled by ANOTHER winless team the next week... They look like completely different teams week to week and I have no idea what to make of it. What the hell is causing this? Has to he coaching, no? How does Gase look like he might know something about offense and be getting something out of Sam one week, then look like he didnt even have a game plan and doesnt make a single half time adjustment the next week . No inbetween whatsoever. They either look like a team thats a few pieces away from competing or a team thats a year late on another total blow up and rebuild. God damn Jets.
  5. Another trade we will seriously regret passing on. Im sorry, I understand the argument for not judging a player after half a season but, in my mind, if QW really was the player he was touted to be and expected to be, he would at least he flashing. Look at Josh Allen, who we should have taken. I believed prior to the draft QW would be LW(mistake)2.0 and he has thus far done nothing but prove that theory correct. Actually, I think Leo actually showed more potential his rookie year.
  6. No matter what position is discussed, this guy breaks out some no name Raider anyone else has never heard of, but they are the absolute best. When is the last time anyone mentioned the Raiders oline as a stand out unit? 🤔
  7. Number 1,3, or 4 please. preferably via trading back from our number 1 overall pick
  8. I honestly don't believe he is even trying. I'm not speaking in hyperbole, I genuinely think he is mentally weak (see inability to handle criticism during press conferences, and COMPLETE inability to make eye contact when defending himself) and I believe he isn't even trying to coach this team.
  9. I'm very concerned about the possible long term damage Gase is doing to Sam. I'm not sure Sam's biggest strength is mental toughness. I'm worried the negative play and growing criticism is going to snowball. We all joked about McCown as a 10mil mentor, but I genuinely think his absence is being felt by Sam big time. Think about it, with Gase being the disconnected useless clown that he is, who is Sam turning to after games like these? Josh would be a tremendous help right now.
  10. I turned on the fan today (I never listen on weekends) and heard this guy for the first time and he just happend to be saying how he quite the Jets and changed teams. Yeah, right. 🙄
  11. What's your point? We've only downgraded from Tanny for 7 years? Thank god it hasn't been that bad, at least it hasn't been 8 years of spinning our wheels and managing to go backwards.
  12. But not Tom Coughlin. If we had Marrone along with the GM's we've had in that time, I really doubt he would still be here. But better than Bowels either way, so your point still stands lol

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