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  1. I think() Kroft and Yeboah both make the team. I'm hoping Yeboah flashes and if that's the case, I think there is a real possibility Herndon doesn't make the final cut. Yeboah has the potential to be the receiving threat that Herndon could have been if he had gotten it together
  2. Also based on the way Cole lit it up during minicamp (While Mims was sidelined again) there was no way that Cole didn't earn the starting reps for day 1
  3. At a certain point, these QBs are going to hold back our WRs. Glad to hear Carter is getting a ton of reps on those dump off passes, tho. Sure glad we didn't bring in a vet QB this year.
  4. Can't stand this guy already. They did everything they could to hire the anti-manish, which is great. Except they went the wrong direction away from Manish
  5. Unfortunately my first reaction is to read light work as light duty, like when still recovering from injury lol
  6. I never really considered being concerned about the relationship with the two of them or it ever being an issue. This is the first time we've had a functional relationship between a GM and coach where the coach was actually the GMs hire. Saleh is JD guys, not someone he was saddled with when he was hired, like Gase. Think about just how ass backwards and dysfunctional the hiring process was with Gase. We had a coaching vacancy, but kept a GM on his last leg who was effectively neutered when it came to the coaching vacancy because that GM had one foot out the door but was for some retained
  7. Wanted to change it up a bit and take a second to look at something that actually was happening at camp lol Unlike Gase, I can't get enough of listening to this coach talk! Nothing earth shattering but worth a few mins to listen to. Some quick bulletpoints: - Feels Moses was a great signing but Fant did a lot of good things for them last year and they are excited for the really good competition at the RT position - Re development, the best way to develop the young players is reps and more reps. We need them on the field to help them develop and we also need their reps to be abl
  8. And you're absolutely right, if he misses a couple days of camp it's not the end of the world. Especially in the long term view of things. However, these days with so many restrictions on practice time and what you can do with the players, a few days not with your new team mates, a few days of missed practices and meetings is not nothing when you're a rookie QB that's expected to start. Mostly, Its just a really unfortunate and sh*tty way to begin camp. First practice, a day most of us have been looking forward to and instead if the narrative being about Saleh and the new vibes around th
  9. Quite honestly, I don't give a sh*t what YOU care about. I care what they have to say. And I never once said anywhere that you or anyone else needed to care.
  10. Really good listen on state of current Jets QB situation. Sorry I couldn't make the clip longer @Jetsfan80 Screen_Recording_20210727-221526_SiriusXM.mp4
  11. Yup! But at least in this case I was looking forward to them talking about watching Zach practice because they were both high on Zach. It would have been a great listen. Now it's going to be a soj sh*t show
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