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  1. MichaelScott

    Update on Justin Houston

    So.... Not the Jets? Got it.
  2. I didnt say I wouldnt build an oline. I'm all for it. I just wouldnt misuse very valuable resources for the sake of saying you got an olineman.
  3. I would take anything available to move back a spot or two if im insistent on Taylor. I dont even care if it ends up being a little below market value, Taylor (to me) just feels like such a huge reach at 3. I was listening to an interview with Fat Mike and Gettleman today. I dont like Gettleman but one of the things he said that really stuck out is that if you reach to fill a position you are always going to regret it. I tend to agree with this. I really agree with this when you're talking the 3rd overall pick and Bosa/Allen is available and also a huge need.
  4. An 06 repeat would help this team immensely. Unfortunately, there is no Brick in this draft and we dont have a second 1st round pick - or a 2nd round pick for that matter. Although we desperately need a pass rusher, this is just a sh*tty year for us to be picking 3rd if oline is what you want. On top of that it's also a really sh*tty year not to have a 2nd round pick! Goes without saying that I'd much rather have the Giants picks. If they were to offer the two 1st's to move up I'd do back flips, but I dont see it happening. Honestly, oline and C especially are such a concern right now that I wouldn't be angry if he traded future picks to move into the 2nd round if one of the top centers or other olineman were available.
  5. MichaelScott

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    👏👏 Seriously. At this point everyone is well aware of the pretty low number of players we had coming back under contract and we don't have an abundance of draft picks. The roster needs to get filled out somewhere. Why complain about no name depth/ST signings in March? If anything, I'm kind of getting excited about all the open roster spots. We spent years complaining about Bowels insistence on sticking with bad vets and not developing young talent. I expect Mac to go wild on the UDFA market, which he usually does marginally well. Fill training camp with as many young and hungry no name players as possible and let the best players play.
  6. MichaelScott

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    I would think that Legget would be penciled in for #2. They definitely need a 3rd above average blocking TE, though. ESPECIALLY if they are going without a FB on the roster again.
  7. MichaelScott

    Easton to Saints

    I'm not going to touch that one. I've got too much class.
  8. I obviously know nothing about what other teams (or my own for that matter) are thinking, but I tend to think that we probably overvalue Robby compared to what the rest of the league might think of him. I'd be a little surprised if any team were willing to give a 2nd for him during his "prove it" year before he hits free agency and finally can get a taste of real money. Personally, I would love to see Mac lock him up this summer on a reasonable 3-4 year deal before he hits the field this year. As of now, Robby has never had a statistically "wow" year and I would rather not risk him going off this year and increasing his value.
  9. Did you guys hear that the Jets last push to sign Bell was showing him our new uniforms? Once he saw the black or gray or orange/blue alternates he signed with us for less than what he was looking for.
  10. MichaelScott

    Anthony Barr interview on NFL network

    I get the anger as fans but I think some people are taking this a little too personally. We forget that these are actual people off the field with actual families, just like any of us. I would think few of us have a profession where our employer could decide to ship us to another work place across the country at the moments notice. It sucks for us as fans the way this worked out but none of us know what went on behind the scenes in this decision with him and his family. He was willing to take less money so that they could stay "home"... I have trouble hating the guy for doing that.
  11. MichaelScott

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Been reading over Giants message boards after I saw the OBJ news. I have to admit, I'm surprised how much satisfaction I'm getting from watching Giants fans talk like us. The overwhelming dislike among them for Gettleman fueling their complaints about the trade. It really did feel just like home. It's a beautiful thing. I honestly can't wait to see what happens if Gettleman trades a ton to move up for Murray 🤤🤤
  12. MichaelScott

    Vikings fans not loving the Barr deal

    I was adamantly against signing Cousins this time last year. No matter what the end result, I wanted our own drafted QB going forward. I was doing backflips when Cousins 🖕 us. Now, I definitely don't have that enthusiasm for the way Barr played out, but who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️. Hopefully in two years we'll all be glad we have only one overpriced albatross contract at LB from this off season instead of two.
  13. MichaelScott

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    Seriously. Mosley backing out of that deal would actually be welcomed news. At least our next GM won't have to worry about figuring out how to pay our QB more than our run stuffing MLB
  14. MichaelScott

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    He isnt really splitting carries. Jackson runs it on pass plays, Bell runs it on run plays. Still the same number of rushes for Bell
  15. MichaelScott

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Not sure that's super cryptic. Probably talking about Barr

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