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  1. Imo, there is nothing about him that would suggest or give hope that he's going to have a break out year. Sure, he could. But I don't see any reason at all to expect that from him. At this point I'd be pleased if he could be a solid ST asset and manage not to be a complete liability when he inevitably needs to fill in when for an injury. There are probably a couple players you could make an argument for expecting some level of a break out season; Wilson, Moore, maybe MC1. Davis just isn't on my list, not even close tbh. At this point he's an after thought. I don't even see him taking playing time from Pinnock. I could even see MC2 or Echols getting playing time over him if Hall can make a transition to slot CB.
  2. Agree with everything you said, although I'm not sure that you're going to see any of that happening at an OTA in May. I'm guessing Saleh is going to take a similar approach to rookie Minicamp in that he's going to go fairly light and attempt to avoid injury. I feel like attendance is going to be the biggest thing we can take away from this. Does anyone know if this is mandatory or not? If Becton skips.... SMH, this place is going to be interesting
  3. Worried he's going to be LT? This guy isn't even in the same league of a prospect as a Bosa(s), Myles Garrett, etc. I think you can find other things to worry about, jmo.
  4. I hate the new number changes. Especially Dback and edge. Can't stand watching a DE with 11... I can't get used to it. I'm also not a college fan so NFL grouping is what I'm used to. I hate watching other teams and not even be able to tell the difference between a DB, LB or edge.
  5. See, this is a perfect example of how Becton brings so much of the hate onto himself. Mims has been a disappointment in every way. A report like this comes out and the reaction is overwhelmingly a skeptical "good for him, really hope it translates to the field". Becton, on the other hand, because he's all over Twitter having a hissy fit of child makes himself really unlikable and difficult to root for. I don't have any dislike for Mims as a person. Disappointed he hasn't put it together but I really hope he does. Becton is just a horrible professional on top of being a total disappointment. That's why you've got "I'm rooting for him" in a Mims thread, and a dozen pages of "fat slob with a Triceps exercise picture lolz" in a Becton thread.
  6. Heard a GM on NFL radio mention the end of the 1st round is a great spot to take a RB your high on because between 4 seasons+5th year option + franchise tag (if worth it) you've pretty much got the entire extent of a RB's prime. He might still play at a high level the 1st, MAYBE 2nd year of the new huge contract but it'll rarely be worth the yearly cap hit. If ever there was a position to save money and keep a pipe line of players on rookie contracts, RB definitely seems the way to go. Titans messed up big time, IMO. I'd take AJ Brown on a 2nd contract over Henry any day.
  7. Myrtle Beach are is on the top of my list of possible relocation places from Long Island. Good choice?
  8. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdqm365r/ Ruckert's girlfriend posted this. His dad's reaction was awesome
  9. For those of you that have Tiktok: Meanwhile, over at the Bucs facility, we have Tristan Wirfs' workout vids https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdXwWMeo/ We have a still of a Triceps push down, video game streaming and Twitter hissy fits from a slob that feels he doesn't need to show up to team activities.
  10. Opiate "problems" are a problem everywhere except the NFL. Those guys are on so much stuff to hold them together throughout the season. It's pretty sad.
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