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  1. Only on JN could a thread demanding that people stop the bullsh*t turn into another thread where said people continue with their bullsh*t Can't make it up.
  2. Whenever there are threads like this I always look for recently locked threads to figure out what the hell happened lol.
  3. I don't know anything about the kid but on the surface this is the kind of player I like with late picks. Great athletes who at a minimum should be able to produce on special teams while you hope they develop.
  4. If any other QB already began to have an injury history plus surgery on his throwing shoulder BEFORE getting to the NFL, we'd be concerned about their slight frame too.
  5. The Jets should be calling McCown asap and get him in here to mentor Wilson. Darnold's best year was with McCown on the sidelines. He was the best QB coach we had the whole time Sam was here. If Josh is done playing, give him an asst coach position. Just do what it takes to get him in the building this year.
  6. Eh, I guess I'm just not as down on Sam as a lot of people on here. Anyway... I don't mean to start another Sam debate. I'm in agreement with you on this. I just also think that Gase had more of an impact than he gets credit for, sometimes.
  7. Likely, no way. But possible. If I was betting money, I agree I don't think he ever turns into what he was expected to be. I do think he will be better than he was here, though.
  8. I'm enjoying the fact that he said it but man, if there was ever a more empty statement than this. Easy to puff your chest out and say this now. If 2 years from now Sam is an above average starter who solved Car QB problems and Wilson can't read an NFL defense or stay on the field... Oh, believe me, you're gonna give a sh*t, Joey.
  9. I tend to think that if a trade up to 8 was realistic, it probably would have happened in the deal for Sam. I guess you can make the case that they would wait until draft day and see who falls to 8 before pulling the trigger. Idk. Like I've said before, I just can't picture JD trading up until I see it happen.
  10. Not sure that I would go that far, but there is definitely reason to believe that it could very well be higher than their pick this year.
  11. @Patriot Killa That being said... When it comes to JD giving up picks in a trade, I'll believe it when I see it. Even if its a realistic trade that makes all the sense in the world (as opposed to the insane Madden trades we talk about here) I just can't picture JD pulling the trigger. Every single move he has made the last 2 years has been to collect more draft capital. I think JD has the philosophies that he believes in and he is going to live and die by them. I think he believes in his drafting ability too much to pursue trade ups. We would all love to get back into the top of the 1st r
  12. I'm not against it at all in order to provide the new QB with as much talent around him as possible. As of now we've upgraded a WR spot, but as a unit its still not a strength by any means, and our oline as a whole is still a huge weakness. Right now we are still looking at a roster where at the end of the year, the talking point is going to be how the rookie QB was thrown on the field with no protection and subpar weapons. I know we still have the draft, but that's my point. Right now we aren't much improved from what Sam had to work with. That puts a ton of pressure on these draft pick
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