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  1. No, I don't. Actually, there is very little I care about when it comes to an internet website.
  2. Anytime someone wants to revisit a post minimum for starting a new thread...
  3. Oh the pain podcast. Spotify, Apple music, etc
  4. Didn't think you were going to top your Zach thread, but here we are. Top notch insight, well done.
  5. Nostrils does something for EA Sports, I think. I've seen people post her tweets back when Manish was losing his mind/job
  6. Back when you couldn't register for it without a .edu email address. I was a freshman in undergrad in 05. People forget it was originally designed for people to keep in touch with HS classmates after they went off to college. Come a long way to... Whatever tf it is now
  7. Really pumped I got the Ravens @ -6.5 before it moved to -7! PVO LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  8. Okay, so you're not exactly wrong but the inherent problem with this argument that continues to give it no validity whatsoever is that you can say this about every single team that doesn't have this player. You can't point to the best player in any given draft and say, "our GM sucks because we don't have that player" because by that logic, 31 GMs in the league suck every single year.
  9. How has JN survived without this?
  10. They also hated Joe Judge. It can go either way. Just win. If you win and your players hate you, they'll still respect you and buy into your system. If your players love you and you win, that's the best of both worlds. Bottom like is just win and your personality doesn't matter. Rex was a players coach. Run through walls for him, rah rah rah. That was great when he was winning with Mangini's roster. When his drafting input inevitably ran the team into the ground, players loving him didn't mean anything.
  11. That's fair. If they keep 4 RBs and Coleman and Bam make it, I'd feel a lot better about it. Bam could very easily be another in an endless list of no name guys that flashed in preseason and turned into absolutely nothing but I like taking a swing on those guys, when possible. I'd certainly take Bam based entirely on flash and POSSIBLE potential over a Ty Johnson
  12. I think Perine needed to go either way. I want that draft class to have a redemption story as much as anyone but Perine has shown nothing the entire time he's been here. As someone else mentioned, there isn't a single thing about him or his thats special (or that he even does well). I was just never as hopeful for him as you were. With Carter's emergence last year and Hall this year, I didn't see any possible chance he was making this team. Now Bam intrigues me. He showed some flash in his short time on the team. I'd much rather take a chance on his potential over Coleman who, like I mentioned in a previous post, I feel brings nothing to the table at this point. If Bam gets cut, I'll be pretty disappointed. If he gets cut and Coleman stays, I'd be very disappointed.
  13. If Shepard makes the cut over Anae, I think I'd be a little disappointed. Anae at least flashed this offseason. How Shepard has lasted on the team this long kind of astounds me . Whatever, the Jets know way more about this roster and what these guys bring to the team than I do. And, frankly, I'm not even that smart when it comes to things I actually do know about.
  14. Wasn't he originally with the Lions before us? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  15. Agree. Besides that good old "veterance presence", I don't see what Coleman brings to the table at this point. On top of that, and I could be wrong, but I feel like if there is a position where that veteran mentor is less/least important it might be RB. TBH, with the little that Coleman brings to the table at this point, I'd rather take a flyer on someone young with potential, like Bam. But mostly I'd rather not have a way past his prime veteran taking any snaps away from Hall/Carter. Those two can be a great tandem and should be taking the VAST majority of snaps, if healthy.
  16. Noooooooooooo @Joe W. Namath say it ain't so!!
  17. 11 is the going rate in the NFL for 20+ assaults. He might get suspended for warms ups for his last preseason game.
  18. Asking "why" to any of his posts will not lead you anywhere. They are rarely rational or based in reality.
  19. Selling my tickets for the Mia game to a Dolphins fan lol
  20. This team looks great. Ready to turn it off less than 5 minutes in. This team's already got me in mid season form
  21. I hope the league fines him for that hit. Or even better, I hope the Jets fine him. No excuse for that hit.
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