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  1. You're onto troll level now, great job
  2. This guy's been starting all summer across from Hall, no? You'd think if there was any chance of him getting cut we would have seen him slip down the depth chart. Don't understand this move right now. This guy has been out #1 corner for over a year - Granted that isn't saying much on this team but nonetheless, wtf?
  3. Glad to see you've already got your excuses ready. Enjoy paying Sam the next 2 years. We're more than happy with your second. Thanks again!
  4. I wish their was a reaction to a post. Up vote just doesn't touch this post. This thread has far exceeded my entertainment expectations.
  5. Okay, yes - Poorly worded on my part, I stand corrected. Yes, walking off is better to see. What I meant is that when it comes to injuries involving muscles/ligaments (not bone) it's not uncommon at all to see players walk off the field to later find out they suffered a serious injury. Plenty players who end up losing a season to a torn ACL can walk off the field. Again, I don't know a thing about his actual injury. I was just saying that there is a flaw in the logic of stating the injury won't be serious because he walked off the field.
  6. Walking off the field literally means little to nothing with ligament/tendon damage. You break something badly and you get carted off. Players with torn ligaments/tendons/muscles or severe strains walk off the field themselves all the time. I'm hoping for the best and have no clue how bad his actual injury is. I'm just saying walking off the field on your own means nothing.
  7. FU*K!!!! It's so damn sad that I've literally been anticipating this day since camp started. Every single day a report comes out about Moore looking great at practice, without fail my immediate first reaction is "Welp, he's definitely going to be the first WR hurt". I've been so excited to see him actually play, I'm counting down every practice that goes by where he didn't get hurt before the giants game. And of course, 1 practice before the game, what happens?! I swear nothing can ever go this teams way. I'm instantly half as excited for the game as I was just 10 hours ago
  8. I don't suppose anyone knows if a VPN will work around the needing to be in NJ to place a bet requirement? I'd love to get in on this, but not enough to take an hour+ drive and pay tolls to place the bet lol BTW @bla bla bla, love how you hedged your Moore bet with Wilson Although, not to be negative because I have a ton of faith in him, but you might have gotten better odds on Wilson after the preseason
  9. I literally Googled 2021 NFL OROY odds and clicked the first link lol.. it was on oddsshark, It says updated daily I apologize if I posted inaccurate information. I'm not really a gambler, I was just looking up for my own curiosity.
  10. It's awesome the way Brown and Metcalf talk this kid up. Even if it's just talk and Moore flashing at practice every single day, I expect he'll be backing up all the hype on game day. I can't wait for Saturday. It's great to read, but I kinda doubt Brown will be making that bet lol. At least not with a year's salary. Someone made a great point last time OROY was discussed - QBs always have the edge. If Moore is a legit candidate than it would likely mean that Wilson would win. But if you're a gambling man, now would be the time to make that bet. Take advantage of the odds while the
  11. I've liked his articles (more or less) but the more I read his tweets the more I'm convinced Hughes is a hack. He either loves or hates a player and has zero problems with flipping his opinion around. He's been trashing Mims like crazy lately. Mims deserves fair criticism but the way the way Hughes is ripping into him you'd think Mims slept with the guys wife or something. You're absolutely right, context is incredibly important and something that we rarely get in these play by play tweets during camp. Let the guys play the game.
  12. I can't believe this thread is still going. This fan base can get ridiculous but this is another level. Even the reporters are sounding as irrational as the fans are. Connor Hughes has already decreed that Mims isn't a fit for this offense and will be the 6th WR, if he makes the team at all. Can we let these guys play a game? Or, God forbid, even give them a chance to develop? Smdh. Seriously, how does any player stand a chance on this team?
  13. Christ. Sometimes I hate this fan base more than this team
  14. Thank f'ing christ. Even if I was a little late, I won't delete my previous post because if he is banned it still took far too long lmao
  15. Oh awesome, the Trolls have threads going now. I'll say it again, why is this crap fine okay? Some legit posters get banned all the time but someone not even hiding the fact that they are nothing but a troll is totally fine... Sh*t makes no sense
  16. My eyes go wide everytime there is one of these new contracts. It's hard to imagine how you'll be able to build a really good roster around your QB when they make that much, but I'll be thrilled if the day ever comes when the Jets give a QB a contract like that. If these contracts keep going up like this, I don't see how the league can avoid making some kind of cut out in the salary cap for the QB contract. Unless the cap is going to increase every year, significantly, I'm not sure how teams are going to manage when you have to pay your QB such a big slice of your cap. Drafting is
  17. Mayfield and Jackson must be doing backflips today. Whoever gets paid last, gets paid most. Bills fans probably feel fine paying Allen whatever it takes. The guy has gotten significantly better every year in the league and seems to have solidified himself as a top 3 in the league If you're the Browns or Ravens (or their fans) do you feel great about giving that kind of money to Mayfield or Jackson? Jackson especially would be tough for me. Despite his MVP season, imo, he hasn't showed that he has been able to develop the part of his game needed to win in the playoffs. I suppose at this p
  18. Was watching the TC Live video and every single RB is using this visor. Not sure if there is more flexibility for stuff like that in practice or if half the team is going to be wearing these on game day. Seems like every player on the team has a visor now. Not sure if it's become something functional, like preventing getting poked in the eye or if it's just the cool thing these days.
  19. I don't fault anyone else for any opinion they want to take of this kid... But personally, I'm going to keep hyping him and I just ordered his jersey I love everything about this kid more and more every day and I couldn't be more excited! https://twitter.com/Connor_J_Hughes/status/1423255307308965888?s=19
  20. I honestly don't understand why BS like this is fine. When some new account isn't even attempting to hide the fact that they're just trolling and saying nonsense. Someone that got banned or some poster that went into a dramatic self imposed exile comes back to be an a$$clown lol. This is a fantastic site and from browsing boards of other teams lately I can say that its (by far) more active than any of the other team forums I've looked at. You've built a really great community here, why allow trolls to hang around that are only trying to f*ck with it? And I'm not talking about legitimate
  21. Hey, at least that wonderful Jets fan irony seems to be producing something positive this time
  22. Exactly. As a fan base we do tend to overhype some players pretty quickly (some posters more than others!) Quinnen compared to Warren Sapp, Michael Carter compared to Dalvin Cook, etc etc. I'm not sure it's fair to say that in this instance though. Everyone is excited as hell about Moore but the legitimate reasoning for it is there! This kid done something to wow literally at every single practice since he stepped on the field at rookie minicamp. We definitely tend to jump and overhype players on JN, but you read anything from reporters at camp and Moore is all they are talking about ev
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