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  1. 11 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    I’ll be interested to see what Anderson could get on the open market. He’s been available at the trade deadline for the past two years and the best offer we’ve heard about both years was a fourth rounder, which seems odd considering the stats. Either he’s an outright jerkoff off the field, or he’s just so unreliable on the field (in terms of running routes) that teams don’t want him as anything more than a #3. Remember, he’s a 6’3” dude with sticky hands who runs a legitimate 4.3/40, and he still went undrafted. There’s something not right with the guy

    An IQ south of a illiterate, empty jar of mayo will give anyone the sense of "something not right"

    (Yeah, illiterate empty jar of mayo. Not just an empty jar)

  2. Okay, where to start...

    Mentions focusing on protecting the QB and getting to opposing QB. Well said, sounds great to me. Except he advocates giving 15mil/yr avg to Adams, while sitting out on Scherff, who will then be too expensive for Jets. Wants to give Adams this contract because he is the best player on the team, and coincidentally doesnt (Can't?) advocate the signing based on his impact and contribution to wins. He pretty much loses me there. Not to mention, I honestly don't think Adams will be satisfied with "only" a few million more than Collins. I think he wants highest paid Dback money, not safety.

    He is correct that the Jets have huge needs at Oline, edge, and CB. If the Jets can trade Adams and potentially address two of those positions in the first round, and consequently have more money to put towards Oline and WR in free ageny ... I'd go that route. 

  3. 5 hours ago, JTJet said:

    You are 100% right. This is exactly when smart teams strike. How many times did we see Belichick deal a player at this exact moment? 

    Drew Bledsoe for a 1st - Drafted Ty Waren, won 2 Super Bowls with him. 

    Deion Branch for a 1st - Drafted Brandon Merriweather, went to a Super Bowl with him. 

    Richard Seymour for a 1st - Drafted Nate Solder, won 2 Super Bowls with him. 

    Logan Mankins for a 4th - Drafted Trey Flowers, won 2 Super Bowls with him.

    Chandler Jones for a 2nd - Drafted Joe Thuney, won 2 Super Bowls with him.  

    Jamie Collins for a 3rd - Flipped it for Brandin Cooks, went to a Super Bowl with him... THEN got Jamie Collins back lol. 

    Everyone of those guys was a Pro Bowler in their prime or at very least close to it, every one played a more important position than safety, and every one netted a more important position at the time. 

    But yes... you cant trade Pro Bowlers and be successful...

    Great post, love the research. I guess the argument to the last line is that its easier to do that when your team has OTHER probowlers, not to mention a competent coach and GOAT QB lol

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  4. 5 hours ago, slats said:

    If this is the case, it’s definitely Mehta. 

    The other thing, though, is that it would seem to be completely unlikely that an account coming from the PR department would try to frame Mehta with that post & delete maneuver. 

    So I’d guess it’s either Mehta (my preference, lol) or someone outside legitimately wanting to defend Gase and happy to peg Manish in the process. 

    This entire thing is nonsense, but the whole Jets PR/Intern narrative is REALLY nonsense, imo. If Gase wanted/needed this burner account, and the Jets were in on it, they are handing this over to a temp intern? Additionally, again imo, the whole use of Gase's son's name in the twitter handle SCREAMS someone other than Gase intentionally using that name in the handle in order to have an extra "got ya!" to point to when making the argument that this is Gase account - i.e. Manish. 

    If Gase makes this account, the goal is to prop him up on social media, completely anonymously.  You want this to look like a Jets fan and have nothing that would EVER suggest it was actually Gase because of how pathetic it would look if it came to light. 

    If Manish makes this account with the eventual intention of first "discovering" this burner account and then breaking the news that it belongs to Gase himself, using his son's name is a convenient, albiet transparent, piece of evidence to point to when claiming its Gase. 

    Manish, who lives on twitter and does anything/everything to have attention on himself has also been dead silent on the likely only time in his life he trending and being mentioned on a national level. 

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  5. 11 hours ago, Dinamite said:

    I don't understand how this proves it is Manish for sure.  Couldn't someone just copy and paste that information on a tweet?  Then if you want to frame Manish you delete it and make it seem like it is him.    

    Now, it might be Manish, but I am not sure it is just some troll rilling everyone up.

    Because the "accidental post" and subsequent delete came right before Manish posted his article from his legit account

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  6. 11 hours ago, TNJet said:

    We don't have to draft a single, DL, S, or MLB thanks to Macc. In all reality we are set there. We have depth out the arse for next season at these positions. DL could be ignored for a couple years easily. That said, it will help us stock pile on (3)athletic offensive linemen which we are in dire straits for. (LT, C, G)TE is set as well with Griffin, Herndon, and Wesco.We will also be able to draft a starter at CB, OLB, WR, and scat back. If Douglas plays his cards right our whole team can be fixed by the start of next season. Macc gets a lil credit for log jamming the big uglies on D. Quinnen, Foley Fatukasi, Shepherd, H.Anderson, McClendon, Kyle Phillips, Basham. Mosley, Williamson, Burgess, Cashman, Hewitt. Adams, Maye, Miles, Middleton. Good solid depth.

    "Credit" and "Q Williams" in the same sentance is some twilight zone sh*t. Unless by "credit" you're talking about the earning of life long hate and disgust from anyone thats a fan of this team... Then yes, credit due. 

  7. On 12/9/2019 at 10:27 AM, Jetsfan80 said:

    Joe Dogulas has a ton of decisions to make with the roster this offseason.  Let's try to help him out, shall we?


    UFA's to allow to walk

    • LT Kelvin Beachum
    • OT Brandon Shell
    • C Ryan Kalil
    • OLB Brandon Copeland
    • G Tom Compton
    • RB Ty Mongtomery
    • OT Brent Qvale
    • TE Daniel Brown
    • ILB James Burgess
    • ILB Paul Worrilow
    • ILB B.J. Bello

    UFA's to re-sign

    • WR Robby Anderson:  4 years, $40M with $8M guarantees  (Contract comparison:  Tyler Boyd, Bengals)
    • OLB Jordan Jenkins:  3 years, $19M with $9M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Kareem Martin, Giants)
    • CB Brian Poole:  3 years, $19M with $7M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Bryce Callahan, Broncos)
    • WR Demaryius Thomas:  1 year, $5.5M with $4M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Danny Amendola, Lions)
    • RB Bilal Powell:  2 years, $4.5M with $2M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Adrian Peterson, Redskins)
    • S Rontez Miles:  2 years, $3.5M with $1.5M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Terrence Brooks, Patriots)
    • ILB Neville Hewitt:  2 years, $3M with $1M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Julian Stanford, Bills)
    • OLB Frankie Luvu:  2 years, $3M with $1M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Aaron Lynch, Bears)
    • P Lac Edwards:  3 years, $7.5M with $2M signing bonus (Contract comparison:  Michael Palardy, Panthers)
    • K Sam Ficken:  3 years, $8M with $1.2M signing bonus (Contract comparison:  Dustin Hopkins, Redskins)
    • G Alex Lewis:  1 year, $1.8M with $750K in guarantees
    • QB David Fales:  1 year, $800K

    Key Cuts

    • RG Brian Winters (Cap Savings:  $7.3M)


    • Jamal Adams and 5th round pick (from Giants) for 2020 1st round pick (# 21), 2020 3rd round pick (# 85), and 2020 4th round pick (# 127)

    Key Free Agent Signings

    • OLB Bud Dupree (Steelers) OR OLB Markus Golden (Giants):  4 years, $58M with $16M signing bonus (Contract Comparison:  Za'Darius Smith/Melvin Ingram)
    • CB Ronald Darby (Eagles):  5 years, $56M with $20M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Stephon Gilmore/Malcolm Butler/Janoris Jenkins)
    • RG Michael Schofield (Chargers):  4 years, $36M with $18M in guarantees (Contract comparison:  Ronald Leary, Broncos)
    • LT Jason Peters (Eagles): 1 year, $9M with $4M in guarantees
    • QB Mike Glennon (Raiders):  2 years, $7M fully guaranteed   @Villain The Foe

    Draft Picks

    • 1.9:  OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia OR OT/G Alex Leatherwood, Alabama OR Trade Down
    • 1.21:  C Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
    • 2.40:  CB Jeff Gladney, TCU
    • 3.66:  WR Sage Surratt, Wake Forest
    • 3.75:  EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee
    • 4.111:  G Kevin Jarvis, Michigan State
    • 4.127:  OT Yasir Durant, Missouri
    • 5.152:  RB Lamical Perine, Florida
    • 6.206:  QB Shane Buechele, SMU

    2020 Roster entering camp

    • QB:  Sam Darnold, Mike Glennon, David Fales, Shane Buechele
    • RB:  Le'Veon Bell, Bilal Powell, Trenton Cannon, Lamical Perine, Josh Adams, Jalin Moore
    • WR:  Robby Anderson, Jamison Crowder, Demaryius Thomas, Quincy Enunwa, Sage Surratt,  Josh Bellamy (ST)
    • TE:  Chris Herndon, Ryan Griffin, Trevon Wesco
    • OT:  Jason Peters, Andrew Thomas/Alex Leatherwood, Yasir Durant, Chuma Edoga
    • G:  Michael Schofield, Alex Lewis, Kevin Jarvis, Connor McDermott
    • C :  Tyler Biadasz, Jonotthan Harrison
    • DL:  Quinnen Williams, Henry Anderson, Steve McLendon, Nathan Shepherd, Folorunso Fatukai, Kyle Phillips
    • ILB:  CJ Mosley, Avery Williamson, Neville Hewitt, Blake Cashman
    • OLB:  Bud Dupree/Markus Golden, Jordan Jenkins, Darrell Taylor, Frankie Luvu, Tarell Basham, Harvey Langi
    • CB:  Ronald Darby, Brian Poole, Blessuan Austin, Trumaine Johnson, Jeff Gladney, Darryl Roberts, Nate Hairston, Arthur Maulet, Kyron Brown
    • S:  Marcus Maye, Rontez Miles, Blake Countess, Matthias Farley
    • K:  Sam Ficken
    • P:  Lac Edwards
    • KR:  Vyncint Smith
    • PR:  Braxton Berrios

    I like this for the most part, although I do think some of those resignings are unnecessary; i.e. Powell, Edwards(maybe), and Ficken. I also think, although I have been a huge fan for years, its time to cut Enunwa unless he wants to restructure his contact in some way that makes his salary completely dependent on time on the field. 

    While I dont have a problem with devoting most/all of the draft to oline and I do recognize  JD can't fix this entire dumpster fire in one year but my biggest issue with your offseason is at WR. If we go into next year with the same WR unit as this year, thats a big issue for me.

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  8. Is Vic Beasley playing on his 5th year option this year or have Falcons extended him? 

    I remember him being the pass rush option some were yelling for over Leo that year. Even In hindsight, its a little hard to argue that Leo was a horrible pick that year, given Beasley never developed  into a stud, although has more impact that Leo.  Its the Q Will (over Allen) pick that is going to drive me insane for years, driven by the insanity of repeating the same mistake we were getting rid of this year 

  9. On 12/2/2019 at 2:14 PM, GREENBEAN said:

    Yeah. I suppose. It’s a pretty significant swing though. Not just wine to losses. Blow outs to laying eggs.

    Either way I’ve been enjoying the wins. It sucker to lose like we did yesterday.

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

    The back and forth is driving me nuts. If the roster was completely talentless and we just got out played every game, or if our coaching staff was just completely inept and we were out coached every week, at least I would know how to feel about this team. But to go from looking like a team on the rise while beating up on The Raiders or Cowboys one week and looking like a high school JV team and getting handled by ANOTHER winless team the next week... They look like completely different teams week to week and I have no idea what to make of it. 

    What the hell is causing this? Has to he coaching, no? How does Gase look like he might know something about offense and be getting something out of Sam one week, then look like he didnt even have a game plan and doesnt make a single half time adjustment the next week .

    No inbetween whatsoever. They either look like a team thats a few pieces away from competing or a team thats a year late on another total blow up and rebuild. 

    God damn Jets. 


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  10. On 11/27/2019 at 3:16 PM, Beerfish said:

    "At least one organization made multiple offers for New York’s 2019 first-round pick, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. An unnamed team “refusing to take no for an answer” offered a “blockbuster package of picks” for Williams, but the Jets ultimately said no. "

    Another trade we will seriously regret passing on. 

    Im sorry, I understand the argument for not judging a player after half a season but, in my mind, if QW really was the player he was touted to be and expected to be, he would at least he flashing. Look at Josh Allen, who we should have taken. I believed prior to the draft QW would be LW(mistake)2.0 and he has thus far done nothing but prove that theory correct. Actually, I think Leo actually showed more potential his rookie year. 

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  11. On 11/11/2019 at 1:02 AM, kelticwizard said:

    News flash:  I'll talk whenever I damn well want.  That's what this board is for.


    Refresh my memory-how did Adams make All-Pro by being a lousy player?  He's surrounded by mediocrity or worse, and yet he makes plays.  That's what you haters don't realize.

    Possibly directing "then talk" towards Adams?

  12. On 11/12/2019 at 3:08 PM, Raideraholic said:

    Trent Brown has battle numerous injuries this year, but when he’s in there he one of the best Rt’s in the game.  ( thanks to trade of Osemele - they were able to target him day one in Fa .The Raiders need a healthy Trent Brown down the stretch .   They were beating the chiefs 10-0 when he went out with an injury .    Richie Incognito - another Fa o lineman been a big addition to their offense line.   C Rodney Hudson was also a Fa addition a couple years earlier .

    You have to do both build through the draft Lt K Miller( 1st round pick)  , Rg Gabe Jackson ( third) , Swing Tackle D Sharpe ( 4th) Brandon Parker ( Third round- eventually will be guard).    Center Andre James - undrafted Fa who was a Lt, and Rt in college.  Will be Hudson eventually replacement at center), and in Fa ( Rt Trent Brown, C R Hudson,  and Richie Incognito.     G Denzel Good they picked up on waivers - been a God send coming from the Colts who offense line coach  cut him last year because he went to a funeral.

    No matter what position is discussed, this guy breaks out some no name Raider anyone else has never heard of, but they are the absolute best. 

    When is the last time anyone mentioned the Raiders oline as a stand out unit? 🤔 

  13. 12 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    So your defense is basically he's only human and he's doing the best he can. I guess that's something.

    I honestly don't believe he is even trying. I'm not speaking in hyperbole, I genuinely think he is mentally weak (see inability to handle criticism during press conferences, and COMPLETE inability to make eye contact when defending himself) and I believe he isn't even trying to coach this team. 

  14. I'm very concerned about the possible long term damage Gase is doing to Sam. 

    I'm not sure Sam's biggest strength is mental toughness. I'm worried the negative play and growing criticism is going to snowball. We all joked about McCown as a 10mil mentor, but I genuinely think his absence is being felt by Sam big time. Think about it, with Gase being the disconnected useless clown that he is, who is Sam turning to after games like these?

    Josh would be a tremendous help right now. 

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  15. 19 hours ago, RVAJet815 said:

    Isn’t Chris Moore the guy who up and decided he wasn’t a jets fan last week and jumped on the packers bandwagon? Yeah, I’ll take that guys opinion seriously...

    Honestly, the talent level is average to a little below. That’s what happens when your drafting is crap for the better part of a decade. If Joe D can do better, the team will rally a bit. If he can’t, well we know the rest.

    I turned on the fan today (I never listen on weekends) and heard this guy for the first time and he just happend to be saying how he quite the Jets and changed teams. Yeah, right. 🙄

  16. 7 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    If only our ownership group had ignored Mehta from the start.  We'd have Doug Marrone as our HC right now.  

    But not Tom Coughlin. If we had Marrone along with the GM's we've had in that time, I really doubt he would still be here. 

    But better than Bowels either way, so your point still stands lol

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